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This was Yuchis first time meeting an invincible opponent.

No matter how brutal the previous battles had been, his opponents back then had not been able to completely restrict Yuchis movements.

However, the monster in front of him could easily do this.

The moment the monster appeared, Yuchis body was already smashed into pieces.

He forcefully stabilized his body, after which he realized that the entire desert had disappeared.

All that was left was a huge crater.

Ten thousand miles of desert had been destroyed by a single attack.

“What a familiar technique.”

“Did it use my previous technique to attack me ”

Yuchi had been fighting with this thing for five minutes.

The other party either did not use any techniques, or used Yuchis own techniques!

Even so, its power was terrifying.

His sea of consciousness was damaged, but the situation was not as pessimistic as a certain witch believed it to be.

The battle had only just begun.

It had not reached the point of life and death.

Just as Yuchi was looking around, trying to find out what his opponent looked like, or what it was, he was stunned.

After fighting for such a long time, he had yet to catch a glimpse of it.

Suddenly, a womans voice rang out from behind him.

The tone of the voice was indifferent, “You should beg me to spare your life.”

You want me to beg you to spare my life


You want me to beg for mercy

Yuchi did not turn his head to look behind him.

He just lowered his head and began to laugh.

At first, his laughter seemed quite normal, but the more he laughed, the crazier he became.

The shadow of his past self was raising its head once more!


His entire body had been shattered into thousands of pieces, and then pieced together again by his Dao aura.

He looked like a clay figurine who had just walked out of a fire kiln, whereby the gaps between his joints were still fiery red.


The scattered flying swords on the ground were pulled up from the ground, and Yuchis palm suddenly smacked the space behind him.

The power of this palm strike was terrifying, and it covered the sky and the sun.

It was like Buddhas Palm, and it slammed into this things body with extreme speed!

Even Heaven and Earth groaned.

However, this thing had actually taken the attack head on!

What followed were the flying swords, which criss-crossed in formation, dazzling the eyes.

However, his attacks were unable to cause the slightest bit of damage.

With a gentle flick, this thing shattered the flying swords into Heavenly Dao fragments, and swallowed them in front of Yuchi.

Yuchi squinted his eyes.

He was not in a hurry.

“Thank you for your meal.”

“As your senior, Ill give you a chance.”

“Ill give you the chance to attack me.”

“When youve given up, tell me, and Ill give you the final blow.”

At this moment, he finally saw the woman.

Her skin was sickly pale, her clothes were tattered, and her eyes were burning with blue flames.

Her hair was mottled and lifeless..

She was a dead person… a living dead person.

Her frail body was in stark contrast to her power.

Her body exuded coldness, and it seemed like she was an ancient being that had existed for tens of millions of years.

The corners of Yuchis mouth were already curled up into a smile.

He pulled out the dragon spine from his back and swung it violently at the woman.

The powerful blow was aimed at the womans head, and huge cracks appeared on the ground.

The woman caught the dragon spine with one hand and casually disarmed Yuchi.

She then put the dragon spine into her mouth, which was lined with dense, sharp white teeth.

The woman calmly said, “Please continue.

Give it your all.”

Yuchi laughed.

The heart in his body was beating rapidly, and his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was imbued into his fist.

He punched the womans face.

The clouds behind the woman were blown away by this punch, but in the end, her head only tilted slightly from the blow.

“Youre nothing special,” she said.

“How about this Dont you like to play coin games”


“Ill give you a chance.”

“You should know your rules better than I do.”

“Choose the heads or rails.”

After saying that, a cold and wet silver coin appeared on her palm.

Her thumb gently flicked it up, and the coin flew into the air.

Yuchi caught it with one hand, smiling widely the entire time.

“You seem to understand me very well”

“Hmm, interesting.”

“But Im not interested in your mercy.”

He temporarily accepted the coin, and then launched his most brutal attack.

The Hellfire flames covered the sky and the earth.

Yuchi grabbed the womans neck, and launched an attack that would kill them both.

She extinguished the Hellfire flames in passing and completely suppressed them.

His Hellfire Dance skill was also stripped from his sea of consciousness.

Then, she used the Hellfire flames.

The flames on her fingertip were as bright as the sun.

His other hand held Yuchi firmly in place.

Then, she leisurely swallowed the Hellfire flames into her mouth.

She stretched her neck slightly and transferred the flames into Yuchis mouth, and Yuchis body turned into ashes and smoke.

When he reappeared, his body had so many cracks that he looked like a volcano that was about to erupt.

He could no longer reform a leg, and his Dao aura was depleted.

The woman was not taking him seriously.

As for Yuchi, he was not attacking seriously either.

The reason why he had not launched an effective attack before was because he had not understood his opponents weakness.

However, he had already deciphered her secret.

Yuchi stretched his neck and shook his right hand.

A dark flaming halberd slowly appeared.

When the woman frowned, he said, ” Im sorry.

Ive already seen through you.

Youve only used what you stole from me.”

“Unlike me, when it comes to the comprehension of the Heavenly Dao, you have no attainments at all.”

He laughed.

Yuchi had comprehended an extremely profound technique on the spot.

As soon as the technique was used, he cut open the womans neck with a backhanded slash.

With the halberd in hand, flames rose up, and the surroundings burned red with flames.

It was like the scene of an apocalypse.

Yuchi looked at the woman who was supporting her head and recovering her body.

He kept laughing, “Hey, do you really think Im a lunatic”

Then, he threw away the halberd and went over to the now silent woman.

He turned his hand and pressed the flames on her face.


“Shatter my Heavenly Dao!”

“Come on!”

“Do it!”

“Why arent you doing it”

“This is a Dao heart realm technique, can you learn it”

The flames burned brightly!

The power that far surpassed the Hellfire Dance skill instantly burned the womans head!

When the womans body turned mottled, Yuchi could feel her life force fluctuating.

So, he took out the coin from before unhurriedly.

“Come, its your turn.”

“Toss the coin and Ill give you a chance to live.”

“This coin doesnt have a front or a back.

If you dare to toss it, you can win.

Yuchi placed the coin in the womans hand.

The pictures on both sides had already been erased by Yuchi, and both sides were flat.

Yuchi patted the womans shoulder and stared into her eyes.

Then, he nodded his head like a senior.

“Come, make your choice.

Ill give you a chance.”

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