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The ocean was the origin of all things, and there were many unknown things hidden in the depths of the ocean.

It was not hard to believe how powerful the monster from the ocean was back then, especially given how dense the spiritual energy had been in that era.

Yuchi turned around and stared at the Eye of Black Ice.

“Whats at the bottom of this lake”

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 15.52 million]

[Strength: 14.13 million]

[Speed: 20.15 million]

[Dao essence realm: Second-grade (16%)]

[Skill 1: Dragon spine (Level 10).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your spine is extremely strong, and can disperse the soul of the opponent!]

[Skill 2: Netherworld bloodsucking (Level 10).

Like a Nether Swordfish, when you kill an enemy, you can extract the blood essence from your enemys body to increase your own strength!]

[Skill 3: Hellfire Dance (Level 10) Like a Nether Swordfish, you can summon a hellfire tornado to attack the enemy.]

[Skill 4: Dragon Palm Strike (Level 10).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your fists possess extremely immense physical strength.

A single palm strike can destroy a city.]

Yuchi briefly examined his attributes.

In the one year he had been fishing in this lake, his cultivation had increased from 98% of the third grade of the Dao essence realm to 16% of the second grade of the Dao essence realm.

“According to how things are progressing, it will take another ten years for me to reach the peak of the first grade of the Dao essence realm.”

“After that, once I break through, I will have reached the Dao heart realm.”

“However, I dont really feel much of an increase in strength.”

It had been a long time since Yuchi had experienced a life-or-death battle.

The last satisfying fight he had was with Andrew.

Before that, it was the fight with the Vast Sea Dragon King.

That battle had also been extremely satisfying, and it could have gone either way.

Thinking this, he turned his gaze to the Eye of Black Ice again.

There was something in the depths of the Eye of Black Ice!

Its existence was something that he had sensed several times.

Back when Yuchi had just broken through to the Dao essence realm, he had sensed a malicious gaze.

However, it came and left quickly.

Later on, when he was fighting Andrew, he once again felt the same gaze.

This time, the gaze lingered for about ten seconds before disappearing.

During that time, Yuchi became certain of one thing…


When he sensed this gaze, he trembled with excitement and fear.

In the past year, as his strength gradually stabilized, especially after he broke through to the third grade of the Dao essence realm, he had sensed this gaze multiple times.

It was as if a demon was secretly smiling at him.

At first, Yuchi thought that the gaze belonged to Yinguan Luoying.

However, this was not the case.

Even after he trapped her in his sea of consciousness, the gaze did not disappear.

It was still hidden at the bottom of the lake.

It was waiting for Yuchi.

As long as Yuchi dared to dive into the depths of the Eye of Black Ice, it would definitelyrespond.

This battle was different from the previous ones.

Even before the battle, Yuchi could already deeply sense how difficult this battle would be.

He might even be killed by the other party right off the bat.

This was an unequal battle, and one which he had almost no chance of winning.

This was something he could sense intuitively.

At the Dao essence realm, Yuchi could sense his own fate to a certain extent.

Although it was somewhat hazy, he could distinguish what was dangerous and what was not.

Whatever was down there gave him a sense of great crisis.

An extremely terrifying gaze was staring at him from the depths of the darkness.

Greed! Avarice! Death!

All kinds of wicked elements seemed to be fused into that malicious gaze.

This was a battle that seemed to be avoidable, but to Yuchi, it was one that was inevitable.

He did not know who his opponent was, and he did not know what would happen next.

The one thing he did now was that he had to dive into depths of the lake to find out.

Considering this…

Yu Shengyun definitely could not stay here.

Once this battle began, he would not be able to keep her safe.

His gaze turned to her.

“Shengyun, return to the angel races territory for now.

I have something to deal with in the human races territory.

Im not sure when Ill be done, but Ill look for you once its settled.”

Yu Shengyun was originally in a good mood.

She was still thinking about what new lake Yuchi would take her to.

She was still thinking of building a more beautiful little house when she arrived at this new lake, especially the bed.

Otherwise, after a year and a half of “activity”, the bed would obviously not be strong enough.

However, hearing these words, her eyes were filled with confusion.

“Its fine.

I can go with you.

Ive never been to the human races territory before.

I can go sightseeing there.”

She felt that it would be nice to visit Yuchis birthplace.

Yuchi shook his head.

“I have to settle a personal grudge.

I dont want to show that side in front of you.”

“A personal grudge Thats fine.

It doesnt matter.

Im already yours anyway, so I dont care about such things.”

After she finished speaking, her smile was bright and warm.

Yuchi said, “Lets go then.

Ill send you back to the angel races territory first.

The outside world is very dangerous.

After Im done, Ill come back and find you.”

Yu Shengyun nodded, but then asked cheekily, “Will we have a chance to have a child in the future”

Yuchis pupils shrank.

After a long time, Yuchi said seriously, “There should be.”

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