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Yinguan Luoying had entered Yuchis sea of consciousness.

She let out a long sigh of relief.

‘It really wasnt easy.

Were it not for the fact that he wasnt paying attention, I definitely wouldnt have been able to enter his sea of consciousness!

‘I havent recovered my strength yet, and I am no match for him.”

Yinguan Luoying had tried something similar with Yu Shengyun earlier, but she had been holding back at that time.

This time, she had used her full strength…

And she had succeeded!

“So this is his sea of consciousness.”

Yinguan Luoyings soul wandered around Yuchis sea of consciousness.

The corners of her mouth revealed a smug smile.

She was completely sure that she was safe now.

This was the logic of a dove occupying a magpies nest.

Could he destroy her inside here

It was impossible…

Unless he killed himself.

Yuchi would be her souls host until she recovered, and once she did, she would kill Yuchi.

“You wanted to fight me You wanted me to submit to you”

“On what basis”

“Dont you know who I am”

Yinguan Luoying was satisfied with her cunning.

“He must be furious.”

“Hmm, how come his sea of consciousness is different”

Yinguan Luoying was puzzled.

She was now standing in a dark area.

In this dark area, she could only see the sky, which was tinged blood-red.

Was this his sea of consciousness

Why would his sea of consciousness be like this

From her many years of experience, ones sea of consciousness should not be so dark.

As Yinguan Luoying was deep in thought, a giant door appeared in front of her.

There were many demons imprisoned on the door.

These demons were still wriggling and writhing, which shocked her.

“What the hell is this” Yinguan Luoying could not help but cry out in alarm.

She had never seen such an exaggerated thing.

How could there be a door in this persons head Could it be that this door was his sea of consciousness defense mechanism

It was possible!

Just as she was about to attack the door, it slowly opened by itself.

It was as if he was taking the initiative to welcome her arrival.

As the door gradually opened, Yinguan Luoying caught a glimpse of Yuchis sea of consciousness.

There was a moment of silence.

Yinguan Luoying came up with her own explanation.


I havent even attacked him, yet hes already given in”

“Hes afraid of me.”

“This is an obvious act of begging for mercy, but its too late.

You should have let me go when I first took over that womans body.

Its useless to say anything now.

There can be no reconciliation between us.”

Yinguan Luoying calmly walked through the door.

As the door closed behind her, Yuchis sea of consciousness appeared in front of her.

She could see the mountain, which should be the core of his Dao essence.

Although it looked magnificent, and was a reflection of the strength of Yuchis sea of consciousness, Yinguan Luoying did not care.

“So what”

“Am I not here now”

“Thats what happens when you look down upon the techniques of an ancient witch!”


Yinguan Luoying laughed coldly.

The feeling of returning to life was wonderful.

When she arrived at the mountain and saw Medusa, she was quite surprised.

“I didnt expect this mans mind to be occupied by another soul.”

“As expected, no matter how many times this man tries, he cant defend himself properly.”

“He has probably already learned his lesson.”

With that thought in mind, Yinguan Luoying said to Medusa, “Swear on your soul that you will submit to me, and I will not kill you.

In the future, you will become one of my clansmen and I, Yinguan Luoying, will bring you on my journey to glory.”

When Yinguan Luoying spoke, one could clearly see her excitement.

It was refreshing to be in control again.


Where did this silly child come from

What kind of nonsense was she spouting

Medusa did not even bother to pay attention to Yinguan Luoying.

She simply thought that Yuchi had found another ancient existence to resurrect, and had sent her into his sea of consciousness to recover.

She was not bothered by this.

Since Yinguan Luoying could enter Yuchis sea of consciousness, it meant that she had been let in.

Yinguan Luoying was displeased.

“Ill give you one last chance.

Although you were the first to snatch this mans body, strength is always the most important factor in this world.

Even if youre one step ahead of me, Im still stronger than you!”

“If I take action, you wont have the chance to leave.”

“Your soul has not fully recovered yet.

Once you leave this mans body, you will be reduced to ashes.

I advise you to submit to me immediately.

Otherwise, dont blame me for killing you for my own benefit.”

Yinguan Luoying had just arrived in this world and was not very clear about the current situation.

She thought that Medusa would make a pretty good subordinate.

Otherwise, she would have made a move long ago.

Would she have waited for the other party to take the initiative to attack She was definitely not such a soft-hearted person.

Medusa was quite helpless.

She asked a question, “Could it be that you forcefully broke through that mans defenses and entered his sea of consciousness”

“What do you mean”

“Alright, it seems you really are deluded.”

Medusa looked at her as though she was looking at a fool.

“I dont think youve figured out your current predicament.

Given your current strength, its absolutely impossible for you to break through this mans sea of consciousness.”

Yinguan Luoying was silent.

Medusa stood up in a noble manner and walked over to her.

“The reason why youre here now is not because youre powerful, but because this man let you enter.

He definitely did it on purpose.”

Before Yinguan Luoying could reply, Medusa placed her hand on Yinguan Luoyings head, as she stared down at her.


“You want me to submit to you Arent you overestimating yourself I am the master of the Netherworld Sea, Medusa!”

“In addition, I didnt steal this mans body.

Im just a chess piece of his.

I dont know what his plans are for me either.”

“In any case, you should take stock of your current predicament and avoid making a fool of yourself.”

“Hes probably laughing at your naivety!”

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