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Over the years, Yuchi had communicated with and killed many ancient beings, but all of them, without exception, fought with him in the soul state.

Although they were still dangerous as remnant souls, they were undoubtedly dead.

Medusa was the same.

She was indeed dead, and her physical body had been reduced to ashes.

She would need a long time to fully recover.

Yinguan Luoying was different.

She was alive.

Even though her body was in pieces, and even though one could still see that her body was on the verge of death, the fact that she was alive was undeniable.

She was only seriously injured.

If she wanted to fully recover from such a serious injury, she would need at least half a years rest.

This was very strange.

Fishing could only communicate with ancient dead souls, so how did Yinguan Luoying

Yuchi pondered for a moment.

Before Yinguan Luoying could speak, he stood up and asked, “How did you survive that war”

The war Yuchi was referring to was the one that destroyed many experts of the ancient era.

He did not know the specific, but he did know that such a war took place.

When the other ancient beings had fallen, leaving only their remnant souls, why was this woman able to survive with her physical body


Yinguan Luoying did not answer Yuchis question.

Who was she

Would she answer the question of an ant

The wind was cold and the sky was filled with blood.

He looked at Yinguan Luoying.

Her body turned into a black mist and flew into Yu Shengyuns head.

Her soul was pushed to one side as she lost control of her own body, which could be seen fleeing into the distance.

Yinguan Luoyings plan was very simple.

She had just been resurrected, and her strength had not fully recovered.

She needed to buy herself some time to recover.

During this time, she needed a relatively safe environment.

The man in front of her was very powerful.

Although she did not know if he was the one who woke her up, nor did she know what motives he had, it was not the best time to fight with him.

Furthermore, she was very good at judging people.

There was a woman beside this man, and this woman was obviously in love with this man.

Seeing this, she immediately decided to drill into that womans soul and use her body to escape.

She wanted to use Yu Shengyuns body to prevent Yuchi from harming her..

After she left, she would naturally abandon this body in the wilderness.

Yu Shengyun would be able to recover from this.

It would not be a big problem.

Therefore, Yinguan Luoying was confident that Yuchi would understand her intentions and let her go.

While doing this, Yinguan Luoying was also a little confused.

She did not know what year, month, or day it was, and she did not know what the situation was like in this world.

She did not even know how or why she had suddenly appeared here.

After all, she had been imprisoned in her own memories for a long time.

It was as if she had been sealed, and it was quite painful.

However, no matter what, it was better to leave this place for the time being.

Everything else could wait.

“Leave that man alone first.

I dont have a good feeling about him.”

Yinguan Luoying rapidly sped away.

The God of Disaster, Yinguan Luoying.

In the ancient era, anyone who heard her name would feel fear.

When they saw the blood-red moon, they would know that something was approaching.

Now, she was back.

The blood-red moon hung high in the sky.

The surroundings were enveloped in a bloody mist.

Yuchi stood at the edge of the lake, frowning and thinking.

From the current situation, Yinguan Luoyings actions were completely different from other ancient beings.

She was alive, and had a very strong will to live.

This was very strange.

There were so many experts in the ancient era, but all of them had fallen in that battle.

How did she do it

What was the battle like back then

Yuchis original plan was very simple.

After Medusas soul was completely restored, he would ask Medusa what had happened in the past.

He was quite interested in the mysterious ocean of the ancient era.

However, Yinguan Luoying had now appeared.



Furthermore, there seemed to be something inside the silver coffin.

Yu Shengyun stood beside Yuchi in fear.

She looked at Yinguan Luoying, who was in front of her.

It was as if a spell had been cast on her.

She did not know what had happened either.

She only briefly sensed Yinguan Luoying rushing toward her.

However, as soon as she did, Yuchi had casually suppressed her.

It looked like he had used the Heavenly Dao to cast an illusion over her.

On Yinguan Luoyings face, her emotions were evident.

The joy of successfully escaping danger was written all over her face.

“Shes still unaware that shes in an illusion”

Yu Shengyun was still sweating though, at the thought of what could have happened.

In any case, how could Yuchi allow Yu Shengyun to be controlled by Yinguan Luoying

She might have been very powerful in the past, but in the present, her strength was lacking.

Then …

10 seconds later.

Yinguan Luoyings form changed.

She could tell that she had been deceived.

She had tried to leave this area several times, but Yu Shengyuns body could not move too far away under her control.

Once she moved too far away, she would be pulled back to her initial starting point.

Everything was illogical.

She was not a fool, so she naturally realized that this had all been done by the man in front of her.

All of this was just an illusion.

After she came to his senses, she saw that he was still standing by the shore, motionless.

“Hes very strong!”

Yinguan Luoyings arrogance dissipated.

She turned calm and observed Yuchi, who was quietly thinking not far from her.

She could feel that her life was completely under the others control.

If the other party wanted to kill her, then she would die for sure..

The atmosphere became deathly silent.

After a long time, Yuchi spoke up, still puzzled, “I still dont understand how you managed to survive.

After all, youre not that strong.”

Yinguan Luoying was speechless.

‘Im not that strong

‘What do you mean by that

‘Have you not heard of my title of God of Disaster

This ant!


It was so funny.

She was being looked down upon.

Yuchi, on the other hand, ignored Yinguan Luoyings anger.

His gaze was locked on the coffin behind her.

He said calmly, “The reason why youre still alive is because your body is in that coffin, right Youre just a puppet now.”

Yu Shengyun looked at Yuchi in surprise.

Could it be that the Yinguan Luoying was not this three-meter-tall creature Was her true body hidden in the coffin behind her

Yinguan Luoying fell silent.

Yuchi went one step further, “I want to see whats in the coffin.

Dont you even have the courage to show your true self And you still call yourself a god of disaster Dont make me laugh, its not funny.”

Yinguan Luoying instantly turned ferocious!

With a violent blow, her Dao aura swept toward Yuchi.

The surroundings seemed to freeze, as if obeying the will of an evil god.

Even the blood rain stopped at this moment!

However, she clearly was not Yuchis match.

Yuchi did not move.

With a simple glance, the blood-red moon disappeared, and the blood rain with it.

The Black Mountains returned to its calm state.

Then, when Yinguan Luoying stood up again, Yuchi appeared in front of her and calmly looked at her.

“You should feel lucky.

After all, Im not a good person.”

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