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Yinguan Luoying!

Compared to Medusa, who was the master of the Netherworld Sea, the Yinguan Luoying was the master of the Eye of Black Ice!

The memories of the past lingered within her soul.

When she was awakened again, her eyes were full of hatred and ecstasy.

“Ive finally broken free.


Her excited laughter echoed in the air.

Blood started to flow on the surface of the lake.

The originally pitch-black lake was now boiling like a pool of blood.

Bubbles rose from the bottom of the lake.

An intensely red blood mist covered the entire lake.

Yu Shengyun immediately put down the green plant in her hand and left the wooden house in a daze.

Although she did not know what had happened, she knew that something extraordinary must have been awakened.

She and Yuchi had already stayed by the lake for a year.

In this one years time, she had gained a relatively good understanding of some things about Yuchi.

Yuchi could use a special method to awaken ancient dead souls.

These dead souls were quite brutal.

She could sense the cruelty engraved in each of the dead souls.

This cruelty was a side effect of being constantly tortured after death.

However, throughout the past year, she had never felt viciousness to this extent, which almost seemed to be innate and ever-growing.

Even from a distance, it assaulted Yuchis soul, making her feel as if she had descended into hell.

When the three-meter-tall figure with blood-red hair and a scarlet mask slowly rose to the surface of the lake, she instantly recognized it.

It was the legendary ghost king of the Ghost Parade, Yinguan Luoying!

Yu Shengyun did not know about Medusa, but she had heard of Yinguan Luoying.

This person was something that should only have existed in legends!

It was said that during the ancient era, a witch had appeared among the sorcerer race.

Witches had the ability to awaken the dead.

Even the members of the sorcerer race were worried about the witch as she grew up, especially when she turned the dead chief into a ghost soldier.

They were afraid of her existence.

This witch had a crazy obsession with dead people.

She would use the power of darkness to strengthen these dead people, so much so that they became unrecognizable.

The saying “rest in peace” was not unique to the human race.

Many other races also respected the dead, as well as their ancestors.

It was also one of the ways they propagated the glory and unity of their race.

Therefore, after death, no one would be allowed to defile the grave of an ancestor by digging it up.

However, the witchs actions ran contrary to that, which infuriated the sorcerer clansmen.

The sorcerer clansmen tied the witch to a wooden stake and bound her body with thick iron chains.

Then, they oil on her body, burning her to death on the wooden stake.

It was said that on the day she was burned to death, the sky was filled with bloody mist.

Her black hair turned red, and she looked like a demon from hell.

She cursed viciously, laughed, and disappeared in front of the sorcerer clansmen.

After that, the witch disappeared and, when she reappeared in front of everyone, she had completely changed.

Her body was immune to all the attacks of cold weapons like swords, spears, and halberds.

She was also carrying a silver coffin on her back.

The coffin landed on the ground.

When the coffin opened, they knew that she was no longer obsessed with turning the dead into monsters.

Instead, she was more interested in turning living people into mutants.

The later generations had long forgotten the name of this witch.

Just by looking at the name Luoying written on the side of the silver coffin, she had determined that this witch was indeed the Yinguan Luoying from those legends.

Yinguan Luoying was not the name of the witch, but rather a reference to the coffin behind her.

During the ancient era, her appearance would cause a bloody storm.

Her name was synonymous with disaster.

She took her revenge on the sorcerer race, completely eradicating them from the face of this world.

They were replaced by the ghost parade, which included demons, ghosts and monsters.

The witch had turned her former clansmen into these creatures, and forced them to serve her.

However, no one knew why the ghost parade suddenly disappeared.

It was so long ago that hardly anyone even remembered their existence.

The question on Yu Shengyuns mind now was…

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