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Neon lights flickered across the dreamlike giant human city; just this one city had 10 billion humans living in it.


Given such a terrifying number, it was only natural that many powerful families would appear.

At this time, in a mansion, a gentleman was sitting on a leather sofa, sipping tea and reading an old scroll in his hand.

“The decline of martial arts was destined.

Martial arts pursued the Heavenly Dao, but the Heavenly Dao is not the Dao of benevolence, but rather ones own Dao.”

“Martial artists are too violent and hard to tame.”

“In addition to that, the rate of deaths and injuries among martial arts warriors who fought monsters has always been quite high.

The rise of beast tamers was inevitable and undeniable.”

When he read that certain masters analysis regarding martial arts and beast taming, he found himself agreeing with that masters judgment.

Martial arts and martial arts warriors; these were just the dregs of a bygone era.


Although there were some highlights during that period, no one today would say that they would walk the martial path.

Martial arts was a choice forced upon failures.

It was just like how people often said that suffering was great, but if suffering and pleasure were placed in front of them, the choice they would make was obvious.

This scenario operated by the same principle.

Just as the man was flipping through the scroll, a butler came in.

The butler was also dressed in professional attire.

He was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, a black vest, a pair of neat trousers, and a pair of exquisitely shiny leather shoes.

His face was adorned with a small mustache.


He appeared to be very calm.

“Whats wrong” the man asked, looking up from the scroll he had been reading.

“Master, do you still remember the soul beast you kept under the Netherworld Sea prison” the butler asked.

“I remember,” the man said, “It was for Fengyi.”

The butler nodded.

“Its about time to retrieve this soul beast from the Netherworld Sea prison.”

“The soul beasts strength should at least have reached C-grade.”

“The young miss will be very grateful to you when she finds out about it.

Perhaps it will improve your relationship with her.”


The man nodded without changing his expression.

“Alright, you can talk to Fengyi and ask her to tame it at the Netherworld Sea prison.

I will make the necessary arrangements.”

The butler nodded and turned to leave.

The man glanced at the butlers back and suddenly added, “You dont have to worry yourself over my relationship with my daughter.

I have my own plans.”

“Remember this.”

“Dont let me hear you mention it again.”

The butler immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

He did not dare to speak and only nodded a few times.

He then quickly left the luxurious living room.

After a few days, a helicopter painted with blue and white stripes quickly flew through the sky above the Netherworld Sea.

An 18 or 19-year-old girl in the cabin fell silent as she looked at the dark green Netherworld Sea down below.

Her eyes were beautiful.

Her brows were gentle and her almond eyes were charming.

Her delicate features highlighted her uniquely youthful aura.

Her face was fair and pretty.

However, her eyes seemed to be clouded by emotions.

There were a few other people with her, and Captain Chen was one of them.

“Young miss, we are about to reach the Netherworld Sea prison.

Once we reach the prison, please follow us.”

“Your father has already made the specific arrangements.”

“You can go and explain the situation to this soul beast directly.

If the soul beast doesnt agree to become your soul beast, the powerful beast tamer beside you will suppress it,” Captain Chen said.

In fact, he was quite disdainful about this whole matter.

Why had the hunters come to the Netherworld Sea prison before It was because they had discovered that there was a soul beast hidden under the prison!

This was a little disgusting!

Could soul beasts be placed directly under the prison Their disregard had caused the prison to be directly involved in a fatal disaster!

Still, the others did not seem to care.

Yes, it was unfair.

Those people had a solid family background and possessed power, influence and authority.

Under such circumstances, who would bother caring about the life and death of these prisoners

As for why the soul beast was placed underneath the Netherworld Sea prison, the reason behind it was simple.

It was simply because this area was relatively quiet and would not disturb the soul beasts cultivation.

The girls name was Fengyi.

She slowly nodded.

“Ill have to trouble everyone.

“Its no trouble at all.”

Not far away from the girl sat another beast tamer, and in the cargo hold of the helicopter was his soul beast, a giant eagle with pale golden wings!

The giant eagles bright red eyes masked its ruthlessness.

It wanted to eat people!

This beast tamer was a B-grade tamer! His strength was terrifying!

He was a guest guardian of this family, and it cost them more than 5 million to maintain this guest guardians services each year!

The beast tamer was calm.

He hid his desire for Feng Yi and added, “Your father has prepared a C-grade soul beast for you this time!”

“With this soul beast, youll be able to graduate from the academy in an open and aboveboard manner!”

“Your future ahead will be brilliant.

Youll be more outstanding than all of your classmates.”

Feng Yi smiled bitterly, but did not answer.

Her life seemed to be bright and brilliant but, in fact, she was just living according to the arrangements of her family.

Even if her biological father had a high position and power, so what

In the end, despite their seeming power and influence, they were mired and chained below the murky waters of this world.

‘If possible, Id rather be a dirty and despicable martial arts warrior.


Of course, she only thought that in her heart.

That was something that could absolutely not be said out loud.

If the beast tamer heard it and told her father about it, she would likely be punished severely!

Forget it.

After taking this C-grade soul beast, she would quickly leave the prison.

There was no way she could become a martial arts warrior.

30 minutes later, all of the prisoners in the Netherworld Sea prison were cheering.

The prisoners in the Netherworld Sea prison were all men.

As such, the sudden appearance of a beautiful girl would definitely cause a great uproar.

“That girl is so pretty.”


“Whats her name”

“I dont know!”

“Why dont you go up and ask”

“I dont have the guts.”

“Look at Captain Chen, although he can still be considered to have some status, hes like a pug right now, staying by this girls side.”

“Yes, he is!”

“Theres a beast tamer next to the girl.

His Golden Eagle looks really terrifying.”


“It would be great if I could become a beast tamer.

Unfortunately, I dont have the talent.”

“All that talk about talent is nonsense.

Even if you dont have talent, you can still forcefully increase your talent.

The main thing is that we dont have money or power.”


“Lets not talk about this matter.”

“If I can take a picture with this girl, Ill remember this for the rest of my life.”


“She looks like she just walked out of a painting.”

The prisoners in the entire Netherworld Sea prison were talking to each other excitedly.

They even whistled when they saw Feng Yi walking past them in a hurry.

The B-grade beast tamer frowned and covered his nose!

He was disgusted by the prisoners behavior.

To be honest, if he was not the guest guardian of this family, he would never come to this place.

Even breathing the same air as these prisoners was making him feel a little disgusted.

“Who knows what kind of human scum is hiding in a prison like this.”

“How unlucky.”

“This entire set of clothes will need to be burnt after this trip.”

His disgust overcame his fondness for the luxurious custom-made clothes he was wearing.

He decided to quickly deal with this soul beast, and then immediately leave this place.

There should not be any problems with retrieving this soul beast, right

After all, it was right below the prison.

The small group made their way toward the basement of a particular prison building.


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