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Yu Shengyun was very unhappy now.

She had no idea what the relationship between Yuchi and this woman was.

She did not even know who this woman was or what race she was from.

When she saw the woman leaning on Yuchi, she could not help but want to stomp this woman into the depths of the Netherworld Sea.


‘Cant you be a little more reserved

‘Are you a girl

‘Do the people in your race know how shameless you are

Yu Shengyun had no idea what was going on between Yuchi and Medusa at all.

She simply felt that Medusas behavior was not desirable.

Why did a woman appear in front of Yuchi out of nowhere and behave so intimately with him

If Yuchi was not by her side at this time, she probably would have made a move.

How could she let this woman behave like this

Yuchi, on the other hand, pulled Yu Shengyun to his side and gestured to Medusa.

He took a step back and said, “I forgot to introduce this beautiful lady.

Her name is Yu Shengyun.”

Yu Shengyun stayed in Yuchis arms.

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, and her mind was filled with many thoughts.

She looked at Yuchi in disbelief.

What did that mean

So fast

Why would he suddenly say such things

This had completely exceeded her expectations.

Why was he telling this to another woman Was he making their relationship public

This was too embarrassing!

She was at a loss, but also very satisfied.

You should have said so earlier.


‘As for you, a woman whose name I dont even know, no matter how hard you try, Yuchi doesnt have any interest in you at all.

Dont you feel embarrassed Dont you think that what you did just now was shameless

‘Did you really think that there was no connection between me and Yuchi

Yuchi had no idea what Yu Shengyun was thinking about at this moment, and continued speaking to Medusa.

“Our relationship is more or less like this.

I will still keep my promise to you and resurrect you.

As for what you want to do after that, that will be up to you to decide.”

Medusa looked at Yu Shengyun, who was blushing, and her sharp eyes narrowed.

She did not say anything.

It was considered a silent agreement.

Next, Yuchi took Medusa to the mountain in his sea of consciousness.

Medusa sat on the top of the mountain without saying a word.

Currently, Medusa was in a state where only her soul existed.

Her spirit had not been completely destroyed, but it would take some time for it to slowly recover and form a new body.

As for whether this period of time would be one year, ten years, or a hundred years, it was unclear.

Therefore, the current situation was a bit special.

Medusa was temporarily staying inside Yuchis sea of consciousness as a soul.

Under such circumstances, Medusas every move was under Yuchis observation.

Yuchi could even kill Medusa easily.

However, he would not do such an absurd thing.

One day, when Medusa began to condense a body around her soul, she would leave Yuchis sea of consciousness.

With Yuchis help, Medusa should be able to resurrect herself in this world.

Yuchi looked at Yu Shengyun, who was still blushing, and shook his head.

Was this still the same Saintess from back then Why does she look so out of sorts.


As they continued on their journey, Yu Shengyun gradually regained her composure.

She looked curiously at Yuchi.

There were too many questions in her mind right now, but if she were to ask them one by one at this time, would that not make her seem too ignorant

Yu Shengyun was in a dilemma.

On one hand, she really wanted to know about that woman, but on the other hand, she was considering whether it was really appropriate to ask

“If you have any questions, just ask me directly.

Is there really anything to be afraid of”

He was really straightforward!

This man was really straightforward!

‘Alright then!

‘If I ask too many questions, then dont call me a busybody or ignorant.

Yu Shengyun then asked, “So, who is that woman”

Yuchi looked at the curious Yu Shengyun.

“Her name is Medusa.

Im not sure what race shes from exactly, but she used to be the master of the Netherworld Sea.

She seems to be a legendary figure.”

Medusa was currently in Yuchis sea of consciousness, so she could not hear the conversation between Yuchi and Yu Shengyun.

Yu Shengyun nodded slowly.

As expected…

She still did not understand.

The master of the Netherworld Sea

Was that a rare race among the myriad races She had never heard of it before.

Yu Shengyun continued to ask, “Then, where is Medusa now I saw her suddenly appear, and then disappear.”

“Shes currently recuperating in my sea of consciousness.

Once her soul has recovered, we can proceed with the matter of her resurrection.”

Yu Shengyun was momentarily stunned.

Her body fell from the sky and into a mountain.

Then, she rushed over to Yuchis side and asked in disbelief, “Resurrected She can actually be resurrected”

Yuchi nodded.

“Of course.

Do you want to try too”

“Can I I also want to see whats in your sea of consciousness!”


This Saintesss brain was probably not working well.

After explaining the situation to Yu Shengyun, Yu Shengyun finally understood the reason why Yuchi had returned to the Netherworld Sea.

It turned out that Yuchi was strong enough to resurrect the dead.

Was this really the Dao essence realm

Although she was not at the Dao essence realm, her clan leader was.

However, she had never heard of her clan leader being able to resurrect anyone.

In fact, this was not because Dao essence realm cultivators could not do it.

Any Dao essence realm cultivator with a little bit of strength could do this.

However, the caveat was that the soul of the resurrection target had to be complete.

The souls of people who died in battle would definitely be damaged.

There was no way to resurrect after the soul was damaged.

Moreover, there were high requirements for the quality of the soul itself.

It required the soul to be extremely powerful.

Otherwise, he would not be able to ensure the stability of the soul.

This could be seen from the ancient existences that Yuchi had encountered.

Only a small number of them could communicate normally.

Most of the ancient existences had barely managed to protect the integrity of their souls, but had already lost the ability to think.

As such, it was absolutely impossible for them to be resurrected.

Therefore, it was not difficult to resurrect, but the difficult part was finding someone who could be resurrected.

After she understood, Yu Shengyun thought about something else.

If this woman named Medusa was really resurrected, would this impact the current world

Perhaps it would, but perhaps it would not.

While Yuchi was flying over a mountain, he said to Yu Shengyun, who was deep in thought beside him, “Lets go down and take a look.

These mountains are covered with fresh flowers, which are quite beautiful.”

Yu Shengyun was shocked!

Was this really Yuchi

Who are you

Where did that crazy man go

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