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Yu Shengyun was very happy.

She felt that she should be able to adapt quickly after being separated from Yuchi for three years.

However, the longer they had been separated, the more she missed Yuchi.

She did not know when, but her soul had already been conquered by this man.


However, it was all good now.

Three years had passed, and she was ready to leave the angel race to find Yuchi.

Before she left, Yu Shengxuan found her.

Seeing how happy her disciple was, Yu Shengxuan felt happy for her from the bottom of her heart, “Disciple, once you leave the angel race, youll have to learn how to deal with many things on your own.

Not to mention, youre staying by such a powerful mans side.

Dont rely on your appearance, you have to work hard to improve your strength.

You have to find a way to become an able helper, and not just a flower vase.”

Yu Shengxuan took out a jade hairpin after she finished speaking.

The jade hairpin was put on Yu Shengyuns head, making her look even prettier.

Yu Shengyun blushed.

Although she agreed with her Masters words in her heart, she still responded coquettishly, “Master, what do you mean by that I dont like him.

Im only staying by his side to cultivate because I think hes strong.”

Inwardly, she was thinking…

‘Even if he has many beautiful women around him, I will definitely be the strongest one!

‘I wont just be an able helper.

I want to conquer his heart too!

She still had some pride in herself as the Saintess of the angel race.

Yu Shengxuan looked at Yu Shengyuns blushing face and smiled, “Its good that you have the confidence.

If you encounter problems in the future, you can come back to the angel race.

We will always welcome you.

However, theres one more thing you need to understand.”

Yu Shengyun was glad to have such a master.

But what did her masters last sentence mean

She was curious, “What is it, Master”

Yu Shengxuans palms were already holding Yu Shengyuns cheeks.

Her tone was much more serious.

“Silly child.

While youre with the rest of the angel race, those with grudges wont dare to take action openly, but while youre out there alone, these people will likely come knocking on your door.”

“The journey of adventuring is always accompanied by a lot of blood and pain.”


“You have not experienced the dangers of being alone, so you need to remain vigilant at all times.”

What Yu Shengxuan said was the most simple yet harsh truth of this world.

Back then, Prometheus had been killed by Fan Yuhe, while Long Fengyun was killed by Yuchi.

In the eyes of some people, this was immoral.

After all, they had no grudges with each other.

However, reality did not really operate on morals.

Life in this chaotic was as such.

You could not rely on morals to protect yourself.

You had to have the strength and fight to protect yourself.

In fact, Long Fengyun and Prometheus had trampled on their fair share of opponents in this way in the past as well.

Morals only worked to maintain order within ones own race.

On the battlefield, everyone and everything was fair game.

There was no such thing as an innocent participant.This was reality.

Yu Shengyun nodded seriously and walked to her masters side mysteriously.

She whispered teasingly in her masters ear, “Master, why dont you replace me and leave the angel race to go to Yuchis side you should be more suitable to become his wife than I am.”

Yu Shengxuan looked at Yu Shengyun in shock.

When she saw the smile on her disciples face, she heaved a long sigh of relief.

She paused.

“Since you can joke around like this, thats for the best.”

A trace of reluctance appeared on Yu Shengyuns face.

“Im definitely not afraid of the hardships of the world out there.

After all, if it wasnt for Yuchi saving me during the hunt, I would already be dead.

So to a certain extent, my life is no longer my own, but his.”

“In that case, whats the harm in me following him, even if I have to endure disasters with him ”

“Im just feeling a little reluctant that I wont be able to see Master in the future, and wont be able to serve you tea.

This is my biggest regret.”

Yu Shengxuan did not say anything else.

The master and disciple pair hugged each other inside the room.

Everything could be conveyed without words.

People had to be separated eventually.

They did not know when they would meet again.

Finally, Yu Shengyun said, “Master, Im going to find him.”

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