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A woman usually took care of Sword Heart.

She had just finished some things and had been extremely tired, so she took a nap.

While she did, she vaguely heard some noise upstairs, and it seemed to be the sound of something hitting the ground.

She walked up the stairs, feeling even more puzzled.

Sword Hearts status in the artifact spirit race was very high, not to mention that she had brought back a lot of resources from the hunt.

Although this was achieved with Yuchis support, no matter what, if it was not for Sword Hearts courage to participate and fight in the hunt, it would not have happened anyway.

The woman quickly came to the door of the room.

She knocked on the door.

“Lord Sword Heart, did something happen Is there anything I can help you with”

She was extremely nervous.

Everyone knew that Sword Hearts condition was getting worse and worse.

Although the woman was not an artifact spirit herself, she had lived with the artifact spirit race for such a long time, so she had witnessed the sorrow of having ones body corrode and collapse.

There had even been artifact spirits that had gone mad at the end of their lives.

This came from their unwillingness of having ones life end like that, and the sorrow of reaching the end.

A person who was usually quite calm might still exhibit hysteria when faced with a helpless situation.

Many artifact spirits had tried their best to fix their lifespan problem, but each had failed time and time again.

It was a sorrow that plagued their entire race.

Then, would Sword Heart succumb to the situation like them

The woman had no idea at all.

She could only pray that Sword Hearts inner self was still relatively calm.

While she was busy worrying, the door to Sword Hearts room was finally opened.

However, what appeared in front of her was not an extremely weak Sword Heart, but one whose body had been reborn.

She was no longer just Sword Heart.

She now had a rather nice name, Jiuye, the name of the flower that saved her life.

The woman rubbed her eyes, and opened her mouth wide as she looked at the girl in front of her.

She could not believe what she was seeing!

Sword heart was actually glowing with new life!

How did it happen

The woman asked tentatively, “Lord Sword Heart, could it be that youve already broken through your shackles!”

At present, this was the only explanation.

Sword Heart must have broken through the shackles of the artifact spirit race.

Otherwise, it was impossible for such a scene to have occurred.

This was absolutely impossible.


Then the artifact spirit race could be saved

Just as the woman was about to say something, Sword Heart said in a rather serious tone, “This is thanks to Seniors help.

Where is the clan leader and the Grand Elder now I have something to say to them.”

The woman was stunned.

A senior helped


What senior

That human youth named Yuchi

It was impossible.

Sure, Yuchis strength was extremely terrifying, and he had reached the Dao essence realm, and even killed the chief of Tiandu division, Andrew.

However, he was a human!

How could a human understand the artifact spirit races problems with their bodies and souls

However, now was not the time to ask about such things.

The woman forcibly suppressed the ecstasy in her heart and brought Sword Heart to the building where the clan leader and the others were.

On the way, the other clansmen were stunned when they saw Sword Hearts current state.

They were shocked!

“Guys, look! Lord Sword Heart seems to have recovered.”

“Yes, the bruises on Lord Sword Hearts body have disappeared.”

“Whats going on”

Very quickly, the news had already spread from one to ten to a hundred!

After a short half an hour, everyone in the artifact spirit race knew about this matter, and without exception, they all sighed with heartfelt emotion.

If this was true, then there was hope for the artifact spirit race, right

The clan leader knelt down!

He knelt down in the direction of Hanjiang, and the other elders were beside him.

The elders all did the same thing as the clan leader.

They all knelt down deeply in the direction of Hanjiang, expressing their gratitude sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.

They already had a rough idea of the situation after hearing Sword Hearts explanation.

They were deeply moved by Yuchis terrifying attainment in terms of the Heavenly Dao, as well as by the fact that an outsider had chosen to help their race solve the problem that had been plaguing them for generations.

In a world rife with conflict, such kindness was almost non-existent, and every race would only think about what was best for themselves.

Everything was driven by profit.

Yet, in this situation, Yuchi had actually helped them unreservedly.

This matter was simply unimaginable!

It was hard to believe.

If they were to tell the other races about this, they would be laughed at for telling a fantastical story.

He had offered them great kindness, and there was no way to repay him!

Senior really was kind-hearted!

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