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“Are we really going to tell Senior about the predicament were in Senior might not be able to help us solve this problem, and if we tell Senior about this, what if he gets annoyed After all, Senior is our great benefactor.

It wasnt easy for us to invite Senior to our city, so we should just simply express our gratitude.

We shouldnt make any demands or requests.”

“I know what you mean.

Theres nothing wrong with this line of thinking, but have you ever thought about what would happen if our artifact spirit race were to encounter danger tomorrow Would you still make the same decision”

“Tomorrows matters are tomorrows matters.

We cant bring the dangers that might happen tomorrow into today.

After all, Senior is not a member of our artifact spirit race, so how can we make such a presumptuous request of our benefactor If you were in Seniors shoes, wouldnt you think poorly of the artifact spirit race”

“But what if Senior doesnt take this matter to heart at all Not to mention, if Senior can help us solve this problem, then we can really save a lot of time, and avoid going down the wrong path! Perhaps a few words of guidance from Senior will help us greatly increase our races understanding of artifact spirits!”

In the city, two groups of people were arguing intensely in a room.

These two groups of people held high positions within the artifact spirit race.

Usually, they got along quite well and were able to work together for the development of their race.

But now, a matter was placed in front of them, so they had already begun to argue.

The subject matter in question was very simple.

It was about Yuchi.

They had arranged a resting place for Yuchi for the time being, and there would be some excellent performances for him tomorrow.

Then, they started debating on something, which was whether or not they should ask Yuchi about some of the problems that their artifact spirit race was currently facing.

After all, Yuchi was very powerful, and although they might be on different paths in terms of their martial Dao, he would still likely be able to provide useful advice, which would save lives.

Even Sword Heart did not have two or three years to live.

Sword Hearts body had rotted quite seriously.

She had used her clothes to cover the blood clots on her neck during the sacrificial ceremony.

As a result, the two sides fell into an argument.

However, no matter what, both sides were still thinking for their own race.

This kind of quarrel would probably not come to a conclusion in a short time, and the exact results were still unknown.

Yuchi stood in the room and looked at the city around him.

The city was equivalent to the olden cities of his previous life, perhaps from the 1980s or 1990s.

It was not considered particularly prosperous, but it had a warm feeling about it.

‘Thinking about it, Ive been in this world for more than 10 years.

10 years have passed in the blink of an eye.

‘I seem to have drifted further away from my past self.

Yuchi observed everything around him calmly.

He was just a passerby.

It was just that the artifact spirit race had brought back some of his memories from the past, making him feel like he was still a human from that era.

‘When did I become like this

‘Ive unknowingly changed so much that I dont even recognize myself.

‘Wheres that funny guy from back then

Yuchi stood there and sighed softly.

In the end, he could not watch Sword Heart die.

He saw a few similarities between himself and Sword Heart.

Originally, Yuchi did not want to interfere with Sword Hearts matter.

From his understanding, the artifact spirit race was indeed in trouble.

However, what about the other races

Would the other races be any better Definitely not.

Just take Prometheus and the pufferfish race for example.

It wasnt easy for Prometheus to become the sect master of the Black Heaven sect.

However, he had not even been the sect master for long before he was killed by Fan Yuhe.

After that, the pufferfish race, which had finally gotten a chance to come to the Black Heaven sect to develop properly, was once again kicked to the curb because of the sudden arrival of an expert.

Therefore, in terms of their current situation, the pufferfish race was in a much worse state than the artifact spirit race.

Back then, Yuchi had indeed wanted to take revenge for Prometheus, and had even played this coin flip game with Fan Yuhe.

However, he still did not really interfere with the future of the pufferfish race.

He still felt that the future of the pufferfish race was still in the hands of the pufferfish race.

After all, he could only help for a moment, not forever.

Once he left, they would suffer even more.

Peace was earned by ones own efforts, not by him, or by the charity of others.

‘As for Sword Heart, if I can help her, Ill do it.

‘Otherwise, she really wont be able to live for more than a few years.

‘Im still rather soft-hearted after all.

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