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The fishes really were following Yuchi.

Anyone with a discerning eye could conclude this from a glance.

However, there was a problem.

Why were these fishes following Yuchi

It did not make sense.

These fishes should not have any relationship with Yuchi.

Furthermore, why were they staring at him so intently

She did not know.

She took a deep breath, and when she reached Yuchis side, her tone was full of respect, “Senior, Im Sword Heart.

Its an honor meeting you again.”

Yuchi nodded in response.

After that, Sword Heart suppressed the excitement in her heart and extended the artifact spirit races invitation to Yuchi.

Yuchi now had a choice.

Should he accept Sword Hearts invitation, or should he refuse and stay here and wait for the Tiandu division people to attack

Naturally, he would choose the former.

Yuchi agreed.

Sword Heart could not believe that Yuchi had agreed so easily, and felt really touched.

A mighty Dao essence realm expert had actually agreed to accept her invitation.

Actually, Yuchi had chosen to visit the artifact spirit race for a reason.

He had come to this vast world alone, so he still had to take a look around to gain an understanding of how these myriad races functioned and thought.

Currently, he was only an outsider, staring and judging things from his own perspective.

In any case, under normal circumstances, Yuchi was still a very normal person!

“Senior, please!”

Sword Heart said respectfully.

The leader of the artifact spirit race and the other elders were still worried about whether Yuchi would accept Sword Hearts invitation.

When they saw Yuchi appear in front of them, they were stunned.

The excitement in their hearts was indescribable!

For most of the myriad races, if they invited an expert who was far stronger than them into their own territory, it was a huge risk.

After all, if that expert harbored any ill intentions towardthem, would they not have invited a wolf into their home

However, they were not worried about Yuchi.

After all, he had helped them before, and had not even asked for anything in return.

The little boy and little girl naturally also saw Yuchi.

They immediately rushed over to Yuchi and respectfully knelt down to pay their respects.


The two children shouted excitedly as they knelt in the snow.

Yuchi kindly helped the two children up from the ground.

His eyes indicated that Sword Heart and the others could continue to worship their ancestors and pretend that he did not exist.

Sword Heart and the others immediately did as they were told and paid their respects to their ancestors in the most solemn way.

Without the sacrifices of their ancestors, they would not be where they were now.

Their current achievements were built on the constant sacrifice of their ancestors.

Of course, Yuchi was also recognized by another little boy and an old man.

This little boy and the old man were the ones Yuchi had met when he went to pay his respects back then.

The old man was startled when he saw Yuchi among their crowd.

On one hand, the old man was extremely excited, but on the other hand, he was quite puzzled.

“Senior is so powerful, but why did he specifically come to our artifact spirit races sword cemetery to pay his respects”

“He even prepared two leaves.”

“The fallen leaves return to their roots.”

Back then, Yuchi had placed the two leaves in front of the tombs of Qingzhu and Taoyao.

The old man had taken the two leaves back to their camp and told the other clansmen the news.

The two fallen leaves that appeared in Sword Hearts hands during the hunting competition were naturally the two leaves that Yuchi had placed in front of their tombs.

The little boy looked at his grandfather questioningly.

He wanted to ask his grandfather whether they should ask Yuchi why he had gone to worship the ancestors of their artifact spirit race and whether there was anything special behind his actions.

The old man naturally shook his head.

How could he ask such a question, and what was the point of asking

“Dont spread this matter to others.

Its enough that you and I know about this matter.

Dont associate Senior with that mysterious person from back then,” the old man whispered to the little boy.

Although the little boy could not quite understand his grandfathers intentions, he still chose to obey.

He then looked at the young man in front of him with admiration.

He thought that if he could reach the height of this senior one day, they would grow into a rather powerful race.

Then, they would not have to hide themselves in such a small city.

‘Senior, youre truly amazing.

‘Perhaps Senior has some sort of relationship with our artifact spirit races ancestors.

‘Since Senior is so powerful, he must have lived for thousands, or even ten thousand years!

The little boy thought with envy.

In the end, the sacrificial ceremony ended within three days.

Yuchi followed this group of people and headed back in the direction of the artifact spirit races territory.

When they arrived at the city, Yuchi was slightly surprised.

The artifact spirit race was built around a blast furnace.

Although they did not have a lot of high-tech equipment like the humans, they still had a basic level of technology.

At the very least, electricity and some ordinary electrical appliances were not uncommon.

The blast furnace itself was 300 meters high, so it was likely that the artifacts refined by the artifact spirit race were all cast in this blast furnace.

The blast furnace was now emitting a white cloud of smoke formed by the boiling water vapor, which curled up in the sky above the entire city.

The buildings were generally not tall, about three stories.

Many neon signs could be seen on the walls of these buildings.

The population of the city should be around 30 million.

It was much higher than the population of the angel races city, but still lacking compared to the population of a human city.

After all, a human city already had ten billion people.

‘The emergence of beast tamers indeed caused the human race to regress for many years, this thought appeared in Yuchis mind.

The living conditions of the artifact spirit race were not good.

Even so, they still had the determination to climb up.

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