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“It really is him.”

“Yes, it is!”

“I didnt expect to meet him here!”

Together with Sword Heart, the elders sighed with emotion.

The little boy did not quite understand why the people in the race were so surprised.

Was there something special about this person He felt that since the world was so vast, there would always be one or two strange people.

This should not be surprising.

“Whats wrong”

“Was there a problem with what I did Why are you so impressed by this man”

The little boy was quite puzzled.

He felt that he should be commended.

After all, he was also preserving the dignity of his artifact spirit race.

The leader walked over to the boys side helplessly.

He really wanted to rap the boys head with his knuckles.

‘Just look at the little girl beside you.

Shes the same age as you, but she has already realized that somethings wrong.


‘Child, when will you grow up

The leader finally said, “Do you still remember the Senior that Sword Heart mentioned”

The little boy immediately nodded.

“Yes!” That senior is a great figure that I want to emulate!”

Of course he knew about this!

Everyone in the artifact spirit race knew about this, and they were deeply grateful for that Seniors grace.

However, what did this matter have to do with that

It was inexplicable.

The leader sighed.

While the little boy was still in a daze, the leader said slowly and seriously, “If our judgment is correct, the Senior you two just saw is actually that great benefactor of our artifact spirit race!”

After saying that, the other members looked at each other with mixed feelings.

Despite how vast the world was, they still chanced upon this encounter.

“He is the benefactor of our artifact spirit race”

The little boy and little girl stood there in a daze.

That Senior was actually their artifact spirit races benefactor!

If the elders and the others were really not spouting nonsense, then let alone sitting on the ancestors grave and fishing, even if he had looted the ancestors grave, they would not be able to pursue the matter.

“I actually used that kind of tone to speak to the benefactor of our artifact spirit race, gulp!”

When he thought of what he had done not long ago, he had goosebumps all over his body.

The little girl was even more so.

When she saw Yuchi leave quietly, she had thought that Yuchi was a very kind person.

However, this very same kind person had slaughtered so many of the myriad races, including the chief of the Tiandu division!

The little girl had already thought that Yuchi was a relatively strong person, but she had not expected Yuchi to be that person her clansmen always talked about.

‘I actually just watched him drive away the benefactor of our artifact spirit clan, the little girl thought to herself.

She could not blame the little boy entirely for this matter.

She was also at fault.

She could have done a better job and should have asked about the other partys background and identity.

That way, this could have been avoided.

The leader patted the little girl and little boys heads.

He could sense their frustration and regret.

“You two, dont take this matter to heart.”

“You cant be blamed for this matter.

We didnt tell you about Seniors appearance.”

“For Senior to be so kind to you two, it can be seen that Senior is not angry at all.

Moreover, from your perspective, you two did not do anything wrong.”

After the leader finished speaking, the little boy was still trembling with fear.

“Will that senior really not get angry”

He still could not figure out if it was their clansmen consoling them or if it was the truth.

“If that senior is angry, you wouldnt be here right now,” the leader said.


The little boy and little girl did not know what to say.

It was true though.

“Did you guys see which direction Senior went”

Sword Heart spoke up hesitantly.

The little boy and little girl were momentarily stunned before quickly pointing in a direction.

The elders also understood Sword Hearts intentions.

They knew that Yuchi had said that he would stay in Hanjiang for three years.

However, Hanjiang was vast, so it was difficult to find him unless one had sufficient strength.

Yuchi had thus waited for those big shots to appear.

However, they did not show up because they did not want to fight him.

On the other hand, the artifact spirit race really wanted to thank Yuchi, but were unable to find him.

However, now that they knew that he was in this general area, things would be easier.

If they could find him, they hoped to be able to invite him to their artifact spirit race as a guest so that they could express their gratitude.

“Ill be right back.”

During the sacrificial ceremony, Sword Heart played an important role.

Anyone given the title of Sword Heart was considered a pillar of the race.

However, this situation was special, so no one had any complaints about Sword Heart leaving halfway through the sacrificial ceremony.

Their ancestors would probably approve of this as well anyway.

After all, the artifact spirit race always repaid kindness.

Sword Heart followed the river path.

‘Senior, youre very fond of fishing, so you must be somewhere next to the river.

‘Its only been 30 minutes since you left.

I should be able to find you!

As the Sword Heart went down the river, she spotted the fishes again.

These fishes were really following something.

Curious, she continued her search along the river.

Then, when Sword Heart arrived at the front of the school of fishes, she found Yuchi there as well.

She was shocked to find that these fishes were actually following Yuchi!

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