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Under the surface of the water, there were 10,000 fishes.

They were one meter apart, and lined up in an orderly fashion as they traveled down the river.

It was as if they were following something.

Even if the number of fish was not particularly large, the little boy felt a strong sense of confusion at the sight of this.

“Whats going on”

“What are they following”

The little girl shook her head.

How would she know that

“They dont seem to be like the other fish we encountered along the way.

They seem to have their own intelligence and consciousness.”

The little boy stood at the edge of the cold river in a daze.

He did not think that the little girl was exaggerating, because these fish were too strange.

They were not ordinary fish.

They definitely were not!

While they were deep in thought, the rest of the artifact spirits arrived.

The people who came to pay respects to the ancestors were not random people.

There were about 100 people.

Sword Heart was naturally one of them.

She was dressed very elegantly.

She usually wore ordinary clothes, but at this time, she was garbed in a bright red dress, which stood out amidst the white snow.

She also wore a flower crown on her head, a flower sword on her waist, and a pair of thick-soled flower shoes.

This was the attire for the sacrificial ceremony.

When the little boy and girl saw their clansmen arrive, they immediately reported what they had seen to them.

The members of the artifact spirit race immediately went over to the shore to check it out.

The situation was just as the children had said.

These fish were a little strange.

“They are indeed following something,” one man said.

“The way theyre acting is really surprising,” another man said.

“How many years has it been since something like this has happened in Hanjiang” an elder asked.

“Perhaps it has always existed, but we have never seen it,” another elder said.

Sword Heart suddenly said, “Everyone, dont you feel that these fish are like a race that has just gained intelligence consciousness”

It really felt that way.

These fish seemed to be able to think for themselves.

This might be the birth of a new race.

All of the races had gone through something similar, but seeing it playing out in front of them was still very shocking.

They did not know why the fish were behaving like this, but they also had no intention of interfering.

These fish had some level of basic intelligence, similar to a one or two-year-old child.

Just as everyone watched the fish gradually leave, the little girl told Sword Heart about Yuchi.

There was a mysterious young man fishing

When the few great elders heard this, they seemed to vaguely recall something, but it was at the tip of their tongue.


Yuchis figure had already appeared in Sword Hearts mind.

When Yuchi was in the Black Mountains, he had been fishing there too!

Fishing itself brought back her memories of Yuchi.

“It cant really be Senior, right”

While the elders were whispering to each other, a question immediately came out of her mouth, “Did this Senior wear shoes”

Why did Sword Heart suddenly ask them such a random question

Did it matter whether or not that man had worn shoes

As for the other elders who knew about Yuchis existence, they instantly understood the meaning behind Sword Hearts question!

One by one, they looked at the little boy and girl with serious and excited gazes.

One elder said to the little girl, “Try to recall if that senior was wearing shoes, or what that senior looked like.”

The little girl suddenly felt that things had taken a strange turn.

However, since the elder and Sword Heart had asked, she quickly described Yuchis appearance.

“He was wearing old and tattered clothes.

It looked like they were torn and dirty.

His skin was pale, and he was unkempt.”

“His hair is very long and messy, and his eyes are quite kind.

He should be about as tall as some of the adults in our race.”

“He wasnt wearing shoes, but he was holding a blood-red fishing rod.”

“When we found him, he was sitting on the pavilion fishing.”

After the little girl finished speaking, she looked around at everyones reaction.

Since not much time had passed, the little girl was easily able to recall what had happened earlier.

After all, a person like Yuchi gave her a somewhat special feeling.

The little boy was not sure what was going on.

Since everyone was silent, he quickly added, “I didnt bring shame to our artifact spirit race.

I couldnt stand him fishing on the grave of our ancestor, so I drove him away!

After he finished, he puffed out his chest with confidence.

Everyone was speechless.

The elders looked at Sword Heart.

It was him!

It was Senior!

It was definitely Senior!

Senior usually wore rather tattered clothes, and from the looks of it, he was not bothered with his appearance.

Not to mention, he was not even wearing any shoes!

He walked barefoot all year round!

Other than Yuchi, who else would sport such an appearance.

As for why he was that way, no one knew, or tried to understand him.

After all, who could understand the mind of a lunatic

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