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A few days later, the beacon exchange was completed, and the myriad races left the venue.

The outcome of the hunt was something no one had expected.

Before participating in the hunt, all of the races were focused on getting a better ranking.

However, this hunt had been completely up-ended by a human youth, and 22 of the strongest races participants had been completely decimated.


Not only that, but the chief of the Tiandu division had also fallen in the hunt.

The organizer of the hunt had become the prey.

In the angel races territory.

When Yu Huaqing heard about the outcome of the hunt from Yu Shengxuan, he almost fell off his throne.

It was absolutely impossible for any normal person to remain calm after hearing about Yuchis feats.

Yu Huaqing had regarded Yuchis death in the hunt as a foregone conclusion, and expected him to die isolated and helpless.

However, Yuchi had completely changed the narrative.

Disregarding the countless participants who died at his hands, even the team leaders of the 22 powerful races met their end at his hands.

As well as the chief of the Tiandu division!

Yu Huaqing looked at Yu Shengxuan, who had a complicated expression, “Youre not trying to mess with me, are you”

This was the first time Yu Shengxuan saw Yu Huaqing in such a state of fear, “No, and Im not the only one who saw it.

All of the races that participated in this hunt were witnessed.

Yuchi killed the chief of the Tiandu division, Andrew!”

Yu Huaqing was speechless.

He was afraid.

The whole situation had changed abruptly.

Although the angel race had Dao essence realm cultivators, he did not know how they would fare against Yuchi, who had killed 22, no, 23 Dao essence realm cultivators.

He was a one-man army!

Furthermore, the angel race was not on good terms with Yuchi.

Now that the angel race had offended such a terrifying expert, their fate would definitely be bleak.

At this time, should he go to Yuchi and apologize to him in person

Or should he ask Yu Shengyun to go over instead

From what Yu Shengxuan had said, Yu Shengyun had a good relationship with Yuchi.

Perhaps Yuchi would give Yu Shengyun some face and not pursue the grudge with the angel race.

Was this really possible

Would Yuchi really consider Yu Shengyuns request

Someone who could kill the chief of the Tiandu division did not seem like such a person!

How could Yu Shengxuan not know what Yu Huaqing was thinking

Before Yu Huaqing could ask for Yuchis location, she added, “Dont worry, leader!”

“The other party doesnt have a grudge with our angel race!”

“Or perhaps its more accurate to say that he doesnt care about us.”

When Yu Shengxuan said those words, she felt embarrassed.

They had never taken Yuchi seriously, and had treated him as an afterthought.

However, one day, they suddenly discovered that the tables had turned, and that they were the ones unworthy of his attention.

In that sense, they were lucky.

Since he was basically ignoring them, there was no need to go to Yuchi to apologize, nor was it necessary to send the Saintess to beg for mercy.

It was better not to complicate the relationship between the two parties.

Yu Huaqing was momentarily stunned.

He looked like had suddenly aged many years.

“So its like this”

“I was stupid.”

Looking at how much older her leader looked, Yu Shengxuan could only sigh.

They had made their own decisions, and would have to live with the consequences.

Still, they had gotten off lightly, and had even benefited from this incident somewhat.

Yu Huaqing turned to Yu Shengxuan and said, “As for the saintess, let her make her own decision.”

“Our angel race are not ungrateful people.”

“Since she was given this opportunity, if she wishes to leave the angel race and become a free person, she doesnt need my permission.

As the angel races leader, I can only wish her a safe journey.”

It was hard to imagine that Yu Huaqing would say something like that.

Yu Shengxuan was also dumbfounded.

This was a turning point for the angel race.

Perhaps this would herald the start of a change within the angel race.

However, no one knew what the future would hold for them.

After all, the Heavenly Dao was ever-changing.

Compared to the angel race, the artifact spirit race was clearly much weaker.

Sword Heart had already returned with the old man.

Sword Heart and the old man also told the leader of the artifact spirit race about what had happened during the hunt, leaving the latter dumbfounded.

Even the explanation they gave was utterly shocking.

He found it difficult to envision what had taken place there.

It sounded unbelievable.

However, he was thankful that Yuchi had saved Sword Heart.

Thanks to that, maybe, just maybe, the artifact spirit race could rise up.

There were some pavilions next to Hanjiang, which were used by the artifact spirit race to worship their ancestors.

Buried under each pavilion was their leader for an era.

Of course, one of these was the one Yuchi was currently living in.

Yuchi obviously did not know that he was living in someone elses grave.

He only felt that this place was still suitable for him to stay.

Sword Heart examined her physical condition and found that it was not good.

She had at most four years left.

After four years, her soul would be completely devoured by the artifact, and she would become a true artifact spirit.

However, it was fine.

All of their predecessors had gone through the same thing..

Although it was painful, this was the fate of the artifact spirit race.

Perhaps one day, someone would find a solution to their problem.

“In half a year, it will be the artifact spirit races sacrificial festival.”

“Senior said that he was originally in Hanjiang.”

“I wonder if Ill be able to meet Senior there.

Would Senior have been attacked by the people of the Tiandu division by then”


Sword Heart did not know.

She could only silently pray for Yuchi.

That was all she could do.

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