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Yuchi was basically a walking skeleton.

He looked like a dead person who suddenly climbed out of a coffin.

The battle with Andrew was not as easy as it seemed on the surface, in fact, it was not much different from his fight with the Vast Sea Dragon King back then.

However, even in this state, his killing intent made everyone at the scene tremble in fear.

Andrews remnant Dao aura made it difficult for Yuchi to recover and heal quickly.

His body was in a constant state of regeneration and destruction, which was shocking to see.

Yu Shengyun felt a sense of inexplicable heartache when she saw him like this.

He had fought all the way up to this point by himself, unlike the rest of the people present, who had their races backing them up.

Her own achievements were all thanks to the support of the angel race.

Without them, she would not have reached this level.

However, Yuchi had defied all logic to grow to this extent.

This battle gave her a glimpse into what he had to accomplish alone in order to get this far.

Did he feel lonely

Did he feel alone in this vast world where every race lived in groups

She did not know.

If he had been from the angel race, he would have been treated like a hero upon his return.

Yet there was no one to do so at this moment.

Some of the myriad races actually had the urge to go over and help Yuchi.

These were from the smaller races who had benefited from Yuchis actions in killing the powerful races.

Their rankings would rise because of this.

Although it was only temporary, the benefits were still substation.

However, when they saw the remaining hellfire flames burning on Yuchis body, they did not dare to do so.

Sword Heart could not bear to see him like this either.

Yuchi had saved her twice, and his help had allowed her to obtain the beacons necessary to strengthen the artifact spirit race.

Even if her help was unneccesary, it was still something she had to do.

Just as Sword Heart was about to go over and help Yuchi, Yu Shengyun had already arrived beside him, using her body to support him.

Yu Shengyun had made her choice, a choice that she would never have dreamed of making previously.

Her body was burning with extreme pain from the remnants of the hellfire flames, so much so it seemed to be scarring her skin.

Yu Shengyun ignored the pain.

She stood there firmly and looked at the man beside her.

After seeing Yu Shengyuns actions, Sword Heart took a step back.

Since the Saintess of the angel race was there, she did not need to interfere.

She would repay Seniors kindness some other way in the future.

Then, while everyone was still shocked and speechless, Yuchi spoke up.

“Ill wait for you in Hanjiang for three years.

In these three years, no matter who comes to fight me, I will accept the challenge.”

Yuchis tone was very calm when he said this.

How could he have made such a terrifying oath so calmly

However, recalling Yuchis previous words and actions, none of them doubted him.

The other party was really not afraid of the Tiandu divisions revenge.

Somehow, this seemed right.

Only a person like Yuchi would be able to say such shocking words at this time!

Yu Shengyun did not say anything after hearing that.

She vaguely understood what Yuchi wanted to do, but had she guessed correctly She was not too sure.

If it was correct…

Then she, Yu Shengyun, would be willing to call Yuchi king!

At this moment, Yuchis gaze met hers.

Yu Shengyuns pale lips trembled slightly.

She was looking forward to what he would say, but she was also a little nervous.

“If you ever want to leave the angel race, you can come and find me.

However, the time limit is three years.

After three years, I will leave this place.” Yuchis finger bones, which had been destroyed beyond recognition, were placed on Yu Shengyuns warm face.

Yu Shengyun nodded instantly.

She did not answer, and did not need to euther.

Her actions had completely exposed her inner thoughts.

At this moment, her heart already belonged to this person.

She let go of his hands and watched as Yuchi disappeared into the sky.

This was the first battle in which Yuchi had made a name for himself among the myriad races.

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