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Yu Shengyun understood that there was no right or wrong in this kind of battle.

Everyone was just seeking benefits for their own race, and were willing to undertake the forthcoming risks.

Risk and opportunity coexisted.

Nothing was absolute, and there was no black or white in the world.

In fact, the chaotic state of this world was quite prone to producing lunatics.

He fought against the heavens, comprehended the Heavenly Dao, and defied the heavens.

If he died, he died.

This act of madness was puzzling to everyone, but if someone had experienced a despondent and sorrowful life, they would probably try to live life to the fullest, without regrets, after being reborn.

After all, dying in a spectacular manner was not something a fool would do.

“But how strong is Yuchi”

“A year and a half ago, he could only kill Fan Yuhe!”

One and a half years ago, he had definitely not reached the Dao essence realm.

Disregarding the other 22 participants, Andrew himself was a fourth-grade Dao essence realm cultivator.

That itself was a realm that Yu Shengyun did not even dare to think about.

If she could reach the ninth-grade Dao essence realm in her life, she would be very happy.



So how strong was Yuchi now

She did not know!

However, it was absolutely impossible for him to have reached the fourth grade of the Dao essence realm.

Yu Shengxuan said, “He will die.”

Yu Shengyun went silent after hearing that.

She looked to the side with a worried gaze.

The people from the myriad races beside her had the same expression…

Which was confusion…

They simply could not understand the rationale behind Yuchis actions.


They had tried their best to groom geniuses within their own races, so they knew how hard it was.

It would be lucky if they had one or two in a generation.

Yet why did such a terrifying genius choose to oppose the chief of the Tiandu division

The Tiandu division was a rather dark and terrifying force that even the dragon race and the giant god race did not dare to challenge.

The Tiandu division had been in existence for as long as they could remember.

How could a single person oppose them

However, they admitted that they were lacking compared to Yuchi in this regard.

They did not dare to challenge the status quo.

Of course, this courage could also be called recklessness.

In this world, it was common to bully the weak, but fear the strong.

After all, behind all that talk about the purity of their bloodlines and the glory of their race, in the face of something as terrifying as the Tiandu division, survival was more important.

“What a pity!”

“Such an interesting genius is going to fall here.”

“Why did he have to pick a fight with the Tiandu division”

“He should have slowly increased his strength before challenging Andrew.”

“He was too hasty.”

In the end, they hoped that Yuchi would die in the battle with their clansmen.

After all, that was the most beneficial conclusion to them.

Meanwhile, the bright flames of battle had already erupted over the horizon.

The originally pitch-black night sky had been set ablaze by a dazzling fire tornado, which engulfed everything in sight!

All kinds of techniques could be seen blossoming around the fire tornado simultaneously.

As the sparks of those techniques faded, it represented the fall of its user.

At a certain moment…

A sword formation appeared!

Ten thousand swords!

One by one, the weapons whistled through the sky.

The sword formation twisted and criss-crossed and, with an explosion, blood splashed everywhere.

The lives of living beings were harvested like wheat.

His swordsmanship was godlike, and there were unparalleled flashes of sword qi.

Within the first 10 seconds of the battle, all of the 22 participants were killed.

Now, it was a battle between the sixth-grade Dao essence realm Yuchi versus the fourth-grade Dao essence realm Andrew.

This was a battle where one side was completely suppressed.

However, it was not Andrew who was beating up Yuchi, but Yuchi who was beating Andrew up.

Although he was weak, his understanding of the Heavenly Dao was superior.

Coupled with his marginal comprehension of the Dao heart realm, Yuchi was beating Andrew black and blue.

Andrew trembled in fear!

“Are you a human or a devil”

The other party was clearly not as powerful as him, but the power of the Heavenly Dao contained in the other partys attacks was terrifying!

No matter how many techniques he used, no matter how he tried to use his cultivation level to his advantage, he was unable to get the better of Yuchi.

The thought of running away appeared briefly, before being banished shamefully.

How many years had it been since he had such a thought, and how many years had it been since he felt afraid

Then, he looked at Yuchi, who was hovering amidst the raging fire tornado, launching endless attacks at him.

Yuchi was laughing wildly.

He was like a child playing with his favorite toy.

His joy was undisguised.

Yuchis attacks were even more frenzied.

Each of his attacks pursued mutual destruction, each of his attacks was imbued with his fighting spirit.

The earth trembled.

Lava flowed freely, and the ground seemed to groan in pain.

The sword qi around him intertwined and attacked Andrew.

Andrews blood splattered everywhere.

Layer upon layer of barriers were erected in front of him, but they were completely shattered by Yuchis wanton attacks.

When Andrews body fell from the sky, Yuchi laughed wildly and chased after him.

At the same time, the Heavenly Dao elements in his body erupted.

The world rippled with a lingering purple aura.

The shockwaves flattened the mountains and dispersed the fog.

The 10,000-meter-tall building shook, and the windows shattered.

Everyone could hear Yuchis crazed roars.

Everyone was shocked.

Andrew had been slain!

In the end, Yuchi was left standing next to the latters broken corpse, still laughing wildly.

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