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“Respected Lord Andrew, chief of Tiandu division, in front of you, our strength is definitely not worth mentioning.”

“In front of you, were just one of numerous hunt participants.”

“In the eyes of your Tiandu division, were nothing more than children fighting tooth and nail over a few beacons.

Now that theres a conflict between these children, as an adult, shouldnt you do something about it”

Yuchis words sounded respectful on the surface, but after he finished speaking, the other races were extremely frightened!

What was this lunatic doing

Why was he speaking to the chief of the Tiandu division in such a tone

Did he not know what the Tiandu division is

Every 100,000-kilometer region would have a Tiandu division overseeing it!

It was a terrifying, legendary and powerful force!

What was a human doing speaking to the chief of the Tiandu division in such a tone

He was not pretending to be crazy…

He was crazy!

Andrew frowned.

He could not understand what the young man in front of was trying to get at.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Yuchi.

“What are you trying to say”

“Nothing complicated…”

“I just wanted you to participate in this battle and attack me with the others.”

After he finished speaking, Yuchi also felt quite embarrassed.

He touched his forehead and said, “I have no intention of forcing you to participate in this battle.

Its just that, as the chief of the Tiandu division, its probably been a long time since youve had a life-and-death battle.”

“So why not join in the fun”

“In any case, Ill be honest…”

Yuchi looked around, his words becoming more and more arrogant.

His tongue licked his upper lip as he said, “Ive always felt that the chief of the Tiandu division was just a big bully.

Youre no different from me in nature.”

“Now is the time to prove your strength.”


“No one here will think highly of you.”

Yuchi patiently waited for Andrews answer.

“You dare to talk to me like this!”

Andrews body stiffened up, and his face was full of anger.

“Youre an ant trying to shake a tree!”

“An ant trying to shake a tree overestimates itself, but how many people cant even compare to an ant”

“Im not very good with words, and have offended you, Lord Andrew.

Still, I hope you can answer this ants question and give me a clear answer.

Will you join”

The conversation between Yuchi and Andrew took some time to register in the minds of those present.

There was only one word in their minds though…


The man in front of them had definitely gone crazy.

It was as if this man no longer cared for his own life or death.


Why would a man in his prime provoke death

He was obviously trying to goad Andrew into action.

However, it so happened that goading was a very effective method to deal with those in power.

Andrew did not have a choice.

Under such circumstances, if he rejected Yuchis battle invitation, what would the other races think

He, a chief of the Tiandu division, had actually chosen to back down when faced with a young mans challenge If word of that got out, would he still have the face to remain the chief of the Tiandu division He would become a complete joke.

Yu Shengyun could not restrain herself anymore, and was completely lost in her emotions.

Yu Shengyun walked to Yuchis side and reached out to hold his arm.

Then, she raised her tear-streaked face and looked at the mans slightly confused expression.

She then said, “Yuchi, didnt you ask me before what I would name our child if we had one in the future”


Yu Shengyuns gaze was pleading,

“I can give you a serious answer now.”

“Ill name it whatever you want to name it.”

“So dont go on like this.

Lets go back first.”

Yu Shengyuns words stunned all the other races.

Yu Shengyun was the Saintess of the angel race!

Under such circumstances, she had actually said such words to a young man from a foreign race.

These words could not be misconstrued.

They clearly expressed her feelings to Yuchi in front of everyone present.

Under such circumstances, she had actually tied her fate directly to Yuchi.

Could such a thing even happen

Why would a Saintess choose to support a dying person in such a situation

The reason was simple.

As the Saintess of the angel race, Yu Shengyun knew that she was responsible for the revival of the noble bloodline of the angel race.

However, her noble bloodline meant that she had to have the courage to face her own feelings.

In addition, Yuchi was her benefactor!

She did not know if it would work, but it was the only thing she could do.

Yuchi was quite surprised.

The crazed look on his face faded a little.

He remained silent, but held Yu Shengyun in his arms in front of everyone…

And then passionately kissed her.


In the end, he gently loosened his hand and looked at the blushing and dazed woman who was looking up at him and trembling.

Yuchi laughed.

“My plan might not make sense to you.

Im crazy, but in a sense, Im also not crazy.”

“Ive seen more than you.”

“Go back for now.”

“This place doesnt suit you.”

The myriad races were speechless.

While they were dumbfounded, Yuchi said to the 22 participants, “Now, please let us head to the Black Mountains.

The moment we enter the Black Mountains, the hunt will officially begin.”

“The rules for this hunt are very simple.

Please allow me, as the initiator of the hunt, to quickly take everyone through it again.”

“First, everyone has to attack me.

No infighting is allowed.”

“Second, those among you who survive will get a share of my beacons.”

“Third, if the chief of the Tiandu division participates, the above two regulations also apply to him.

He can also take a share of the beacons.”

After he finished speaking, Yuchi turned and left, entering the cold and bleak Black Mountains.

Behind him, the 22 participants looked at each other, and then nodded heavily.

They were now challengers, and had to join forces to deal with a human.

Even the chief of the Tiandu division had become a challenger.


Andrew laughed out loud.

His body trembled violently and he immediately flew toward the Black Mountains.

“Yuchi, right Since you want to die, then Ill fulfill your wish! Do you really think you have the right to take me on”


Yu Shengyuns face blushed like a peach flower.

She bit her lip.

She did not know what to say.

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