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The hunt finally ended.

The 30-day period finally ended when the countdown timer ended and chimed.

The Black Mountains were now completely empty, other than the signs of battles and countless corpses lying everywhere.

However, by the time the next hunt commenced, this place would look no different than when the hunt had first started.

To most, the hunt this time was a tragedy that could not be described with words.

The first 29 days added up were not as terrifying as the final day.

Those final 24 hours had been absolutely nail-biting!

Those who survived had followed the orders from their clansmen to discard their beacons.

When they arrived safely and heard the conversation going around the venue, they realized that they had actually walked past the gates of hell!

That day, not a single team with ten beacons had been able to leave the Black Mountains!


It was utterly brutal and devastating!

There were supposed to be no grudges between the races, but after experiencing this, those who had lost their teams were filled with resentment.

This was especially so for the races who were supposed to emerge victorious in this hunt; the dragon race, the giant god race, the blood spirit race, the dwarf race, the murloc race, and many more.

There were too many victims!

They were helpless in the face of despair.

However, these surviving participants were now relieved.

The hunt was finally over.

They were safe.

After arriving at the 10,000-meter-tall building, no one was allowed to engage in any kind of fighting.

All the grudges from the Black Mountains would end here.

What happened inside the Black Mountains would stay in the Black Mountains.

Those were the rules set out by the Tiandu division for this hunt.

Now, everyones eyes were glued to a single jade token, which had 544 beacon flames floating around it.


544 beacons.

Those 544 beacons represented the lives of thousands of people!

Currently, those who had survived were feeling very lucky.

In fact, the smaller races were even thanking this god of death secretly.

Thanks to this god of death, the balance of power that had been in place for so long was shattered.

Although this was different from robbing the rich to help the poor, the result was almost the same!

This had turned out pretty well for them.

“Did he really do it”

Sword Heart, Yu Shengxuan and Yu Shengyun all looked at Yuchi.

If they did not know any better, who would believe it

Yuchi, who had returned with the others, acted as if nothing had happened.

He stood alone at the edge of the hall and looked up at the ornately-decorate pillars.

He circled the building like a tourist, taking in the sights and sounds.

Yu Shengxuan and Yu Shengyun, “He didnt choose to leave secretly.

He came back with the jade tokens.

When the beacons are counted, his identity will be revealed to everyone.

Sword Heart pondered inwardly,Isnt Senior afraid Senior, are you really that formidable person”

They all had their own thoughts and perspectives on the situation.

Then, as everyone was holding their breath, the time to conclude the hunt arrived.

The participants who had returned were asked to check how many beacons there were in their jade tokens.

In fact, as long as one wore the jade token on their wrist, they would be able to probe how many beacons the other party had.

However, none of the participating races dared to do so! This kind of behavior could easily be identified as malicious!

It would not have been a big deal in normal hunts, but this time, there was a devil among the participants.

If they ended up angering the other party, would that not be inviting a disaster They had already survived with great difficulty, so there was no reason to court death now.

All they had to do was to wait for the Tiandu divisions assessment.

Andrew came in person.

He stood there with a smile plastered on his face.

He wanted to see just who this mysterious person was and what race he was from.

When the Tiandu division announced the start of the test, none of the participants went up.

They were waiting.

They were all waiting for “that” person to go up.

They did not want to steal the limelight from this powerful expert.

Yuchi seemed to realize this as well.

He turned around and shifted his gaze away from admiring the architecture.

To be honest, the workmanship that had gone into constructing this building was indeed worth checking out.

The patterns, designs and engravings used allowed him to sense a little bit of the ferocity of the ancient era.

His sudden actions attracted everyones attention.

Most of the myriad races did not know much about the human race, but those that did scoffed at him.

What was this human doing

Did this man not feel any fear

Was he not afraid of stealing that powerful experts limelight

Andrew watched as Yuchi walked over.

Yuchi also saw Andrew, and then Yuchis expression gradually became animated.

Then, amidst the pin-drop silence, Yuchi placed his jade token on the table.

“Please check it.” Yuchis words were still quite polite.

Andrew gave Yuchi a meaningful look, then placed the jade token in the array next to him.

The array examined the beacons contained in the jade token, after which, the 544 beacons appeared in front of everyone.

The moment the 544 beacons appeared, the entire hall was basked in brilliant light.

The interior of the hall looked as brilliant as the galaxy.

None of the myriad races present were able to remain calm in the face of this scene.

The 544 beacons had set a new record for the hunt.




As for the other races that had completely disdained Yuchi just now, when they saw the 544 beacons, they trembled with fear and their bodies went cold.

Fear instantly gripped their hearts.

Why did they have such foul mouths!

When did the human race become so powerful

How did this even happen

It was utterly ridiculous!

They looked at each other.

Yu Shengxuan and Yu Shengyun held each others hands tightly.

Even though they knew about this in advance, they still could not maintain their composure when the cat was let out of the bag.

Was this really Yuchi

Was this the man who had been fishing silently in Hanjiang

It was difficult to believe.

Andrew also looked at Yuchi in surprise.

He had originally thought that Yuchi would be one of the terrifying geniuses of the myriad races that he knew of.

However, he now saw that Yuchi was actually from the human race.

As expected, nothing was absolute.

No matter how small a race was, sometimes, they could also bloom with brilliance.

He just did not know when such a small races genius would be killed.

He was looking forward to it.

Then, just as Andrew was about to say something, Yuchi, who had a smile on his face, slowly opened his mouth and asked, “Respected chief of the Tiandu division, may I ask if these beacons belong to me May I ask if I have the right to do with these beacons as I wish”

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