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“Alright, alright, Ill be back soon!”

“Dont spout such nonsense.

How can I throw away these beacons I worked so hard to get”

In the Black Mountains, a group of people were flying in the sky.

They had acquired 12 beacons, which far exceeded their initial target.

These would be exchanged for many rewards!


However, just now, their clansmen had actually contacted them, telling them to throw away three beacons and to keep the number of beacons they possessed below two digits.

They had said that two-digit beacon counts would attract the covetous eyes of the god of death.

When the clansmen heard this, they almost laughed to death.

Attract the covetous eyes of the god of death

How could they make such a ridiculous joke in such a situation

Therefore, even though this group of people received the warning from their clansmen, they simply laughed it off.

How could they give up on these precious three beacons They had killed at least 30 people to get these, so throwing them away would be akin to throwing away their hard-earned money.

As for the god of death, if that was even true, what did it matter They were ten minutes away from the 10,000-meter-tall building and safety.

What could go wrong

Even if that god of death appeared in front of them, they would just kill him.

“I dont even know what theyre afraid of!”

“Im dying of laughter!”

In the ten-thousand-meter-tall building.

The leader of the support team of that race was anxiously looking at the jade tokens that belonged to his clansmen.

He kept looking at the beacon flames floating around the jade tokens.

Every three seconds, he had to count how many flames there were! Every flame represented a beacon, and no matter how many times he counted, the number of beacons remained at twelve.

He was really scared now!

This was definitely not something he had deliberately exaggerated or heard from others.

This was the final conclusion of all of the leaders of the myriad races present, which was…

To never allow their teams to have ten or more beacons.

Having ten or more beacons would make them a target of that god of death! This was something someone had suddenly discovered ten minutes ago.

They discovered that the teams that had less than ten beacons could return safely.

As for those with ten or more, not a single one of them came back alive!

The god of death would descend upon those teams without exception!

Therefore, the support team leader had immediately contacted his clansmen and asked them to discard three beacons.

Even though it was a painful decision, at least they would survive.

In the end, his clansmen did not listen to his suggestion, preferring to believe that there was nothing to fear.


Very quickly…

Those few jade tokens in front of him shattered in rapid succession.

The ground was filled with shards, and the god of deaths beacons increased by 12.

He knelt on the ground and punched the ground again and again.

“I already found the solution, but why didnt you guys listen to me”

He let out a long sigh.

It was pure chaos.

Andrew, on the other hand, was quite relaxed.

He calmly looked at these anxious people.

This was interesting.

Such a scene had never been seen in previous editions of the hunt.

The sight of participants discarding beacons like hot potatoes was not something he had ever imagined he would see.


It was really interesting.

“Its because hes too terrifying.

If I was a Dao realm cultivator, I would also be frightened out of my wits by this guy.”

Thinking back to when they had asked him if all of the participants were under 1,000 years old, Andrew smiled.

1,000 years old was the watershed, and the benchmark by which the myriad races measured their strength.

There were no Dao realm cultivators under the age of 100.

There were no Dao essence realm cultivators under the age of 1,000.

There were no Dao heart realm cultivators under the age of 10,000.

Dao, Dao essence, and Dao heart; the cultivation of these three great realms was strictly related to time.

It was like the life of a plant.

It would break out of the soil in 30 days, grow into a plant in 60 days, and bloom and pollinate in 100 days.

Without enough time, ones experience would be insufficient.

Without enough experience, it would be very difficult for ones soul to mature, and it would be difficult for one to comprehend the Heavenly Dao.

The premise of enlightenment was to encounter problems and resolve them.

Therefore, the hunt was limited to those under the age of 1,000 years to ensure that those who participated were Dao realm cultivators, and not Dao essence realm cultivators.

Otherwise, it would be a one-sided slaughter.

To a Dao essence realm cultivator, killing Dao realm cultivators was as easy as breathing.

After the Tiandu division collected data, it was basically proven that almost no one in history could reach the Dao essence realm before the age of 1,000.

Therefore, there was no need to change the rules.

This guy was definitely a descendant of a major race, and definitely honing and polishing the limits of his first-grade Dao realm cultivation, complementing it with his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao and powerful techniques.

“His age should be around 900 years old,”

“In this hunt, this guy is practically invincible.”

As Andrew thought about it, he could not wait to see who this mysterious person was.

It seemed like the Tiandu division was going to suffer a huge loss from the rewards they would have to give this guy for the massive number of beacons he obtained.

How interesting!

Andrew was looking at this matter with the attitude of a superior.

As for what Yuchi was doing now, he did not see any problem with it.

It complied with the rules, and was completely reasonable.

As long as Yuchi did not break the rules, it did not matter what he did.

After all, everyone had acknowledged the rules before the hunt had started.

They had chosen to gamble their futures and lives on the results of the hunt.

They had just chosen the wrong time to take this gamble.

It was a dog-eat-dog world.


It did not truly exist.

In any case, peace would breed complacency, which would give rise to internal problems.

Therefore, it was better to be open and aboveboard about these matters and tackle them head-on.

This was also the reason why so many races would rather die in the war than rot in some remote corner of the great wilderness.

It was a great taboo to hide ones race away, and most who did ended up weak and useless, like the human race.

The world was so vast, so why not go take a look

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