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The old man from the artifact spirit race was at a loss for words!

Although they had not participated in the hunt for a long time, he still knew how the hunt results should play out..

It was already quite impressive if a race could obtain more than five beacons.

Only the major races would be able to obtain more than ten beacons.

However, this mysterious person had actually obtained 364 beacons alone!

How terrifying was this

It felt like a dream…

No, scratch that.

It felt like a nightmare!

It was too scary!

Almost all of the beacons were in that mysterious persons hands.

Moreover, this person did not show any mercy whatsoever!

“Sword Heart, it really was not easy for you to leave the hunt alive this time!”

The old man was very emotional now.

Before the hunt began, he had been worried about the number of beacons they would obtain.

However, as time went on, it became less about the beacons and more about survival.

In the end, not only did Sword Heart survive, but she also obtained a very respectable number of beacons.

This made him relieved.

The ancestors had truly blessed them this time.

Sword Heart could sense the excitement in the old mans heart when she heard him say those words.

She thought about her experience in the hunt, and how she had tried her best to avoid being hunted down.

She had almost died twice, but managed to pull through with Yuchis help and successfully collect five beacons.

Compared to this mysterious person, her abilities were indeed rather lacking.

“I wonder who this mysterious person is.”

Sword Heart frowned slightly.

After some thinking, she chose to tell the old man about Yuchi.

Sword Heart did not tell him about Yuchis identity or appearance.

She only said that there was a powerful person who protected her twice and saved her from being killed during the hunt.

After the old man learned from her that she had almost died twice, his eyes were filled with lingering fear.

Sword Heart had truly been lucky to survive.

When the murloc and dwarf approached him back then, he felt that the artifact spirit race was going to plunge into the abyss.

However, Sword Heart inexplicably survived.

Now, he discovered that she had been saved by a mysterious expert!

This was truly unexpected.

This was the hunt!

“To be honest, its hard to believe that such a kind-hearted expert existed in this place!”

As the old man spoke, he gritted his teeth and sighed.

He had lived his entire life and had seen many things.

However, this was something new.

While he was talking to Sword Heart, two more jade tokens shattered.

“The expert who saved you must be a benevolent and righteous person.

If we have the chance to meet that expert in the future, our artifact spirit race must do its best to repay him.”

“In contrast, the expert who is slaughtering everyone in the Black Mountains right now is a ruthless and ambitious person.”

Jianxin immediately nodded.

Subconsciously, the thought of both people being the same person did not cross her mind.


How could a cold and heartless person have a soft spot in his heart

At this moment, as she looked at the complicated expressions of the other races, she wondered if she would have the chance to meet Yuchi in the future.

If she did, she would definitely think of a way to make him a guest of honor among her artifact spirit race!

Just as the old man had said, they had to find a way to repay him.

“I wonder if that Senior has left the hunt safely yet.”

“Thinking about it carefully, when Senior helped me escape earlier, he also said that this place was not safe.”

“Perhaps with Seniors strength…”

“He had already sensed that mysterious persons killing intent.”

“In that case, I hope that Seniors life wont be in any danger.

I hope that Senior can return unscathed.”

Then she remembered something.

Her gaze quickly flitted through the remaining jade tokens.

Yuchi had helped her kill those people, and those people must have had a lot of beacons.

Based on her previous judgment, they should have had around 50 beacons..

After Senior killed them, he should have at least 50 beacons with him.

By searching for that number of beacons among the jade tokens, she might be able to discover which race he was from.


Sword Heart realized that something was wrong… There were no jade tokens with 50 beacons at the scene!

The only one with more than 50 crystals was the one with 360 beacon flames floating beside it…


A strong sense of foreboding suddenly arose in her heart.

“Its impossible that Senior is the same person as that mysterious person, right”

The moment this thought appeared in her mind, she could not shake it off.

It was too terrifying!


The God of Death who was killing everyone in the Black Mountains had actually taken the time to save her


What was going on

His mind was in a mess.

Sword Hearts gaze landed on the old man.

It seemed that the old man had also thought of the same thing.

His legs felt weak.

He held onto the armrest of the stool beside him and slowly sat down.

“If our speculation is true, then Im afraid that a formidable person has emerged in this world!”

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