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“Senior, thank you!”

“Youve saved me again.

Ill always remember your kindness!”

These words were spoken by Sword Heart of the artifact spirit race!

She had been about to leave the Black Mountains after obtaining five beacons.

Five beacons could be exchanged for very, very good items.

At the very least, this trip was definitely not in vain!

However, just as she was about to return, she encountered an attack midway!

She was naturally extremely unwilling to hand over the beacons she had!

Hence, she attacked the other party.

However, in the end, she was still too weak.

The other party had the advantage in terms of numbers, so they were able to turn it into a battle of attrition.

Had it not been for Yuchis arrival, Sword Heart would definitely have been killed by these people.

In other words, Yuchi had once again saved her.

Jianxin was quite touched.

When she first met Yuchi, he was still fishing.

Back then, she had actually shamelessly told the other party to leave quickly to escape danger.

Thinking back, this was a very ridiculous thing!

After all, Yuchi was immensely powerful, and had casually killed two first-grade Dao realm participants.

Now, he had casually wiped out an entire team.

The strength Yuchi possessed was beyond her imagination, like a huge mountain standing on the horizon that was impossible to climb!

As for Yuchi himself, he did not bother to explain himself.

He calmly accepted Sword Hearts gratitude.

Then, he nodded slightly, indicating for the other party to leave this place quickly.

“This place is not safe,” Yuchi said.

“Yes, Senior!”

She nodded her head seriously and then etched Yuchis face into her memories.

Although she did not have much longer to live, she hoped to be able to repay him during her next life.

All debts and favors had to be repaid.

This was the basic principle of their artifact spirit race.

However, Sword Heart did not know that Yuchi was referring to himself when he said that this place wasnt safe.

Yuchi was gradually pushing himself into the abyss.

He was gradually giving in to his will to fight and pushing himself toward the edge of the cliff.

He could not wait to welcome the next battle.

“Its not enough!”

“I dont have enough beacons.”

“Its still not enough to incite everyones anger,” Yuchi muttered.

He did not have enough beacons to force the Tiandu Division and the others to completely break the rules they had set for this hunt.

If they did not go that far, then would he not have made the trip here for nothing

That could not be allowed to happen!

Not enough…

Not enough beacons.

Gotta collect more!

After Sword Heart received Yuchis help, she quickly left the Black Mountains without slowing down.

After an hour, she had safely left the hunt.

After arriving at the 10,000-meter-tall building, she saw the old man.

A smile that had not been seen for a long time appeared on her face.

Her strong smile concealed a lot of bitterness.

However, no matter what, this matter was finally over.

In the future, the artifact spirit race would finally recover and rise up.

She touched the two green leaves in her sleeve.

“Ancestors, please bless the artifact spirit race with prosperity!”

However, just as she was about to show off the beacons on her jade token, she suddenly realized that the atmosphere around her seemed to be a little off.

It was not just the other myriad races, but also the old man.

When the old man saw her return, he was only momentarily surprised.

Then, his facial expression turned to one of surprise and fear.

What exactly had happened here

Why was everyone staring in one direction Did something happen there

She followed their gazes and looked in that direction.

When she saw a few jade tokens shatter in front of her, she finally understood why everyone present had such terrified expressions.

This was because the speed at which the jade tokens were being shattered was shocking and terrifying!

As the person-in-charge of this branch of the Tiandu division, Andrew was usually quite dignified, as exemplified when he had first appeared at the start of the hunt.

However, Andrew could no longer maintain that image of dignity.

Over the course of the past two hours, the atmosphere here had become more and more strange.

At first, someone realized that the speed at which the jade tokens were shattering seemed a little unusual.

The hunt was about to end.

Logically speaking, everyone should have been paying attention to their movements while trying to avoid detection as they tried to bring the beacons out of the Black Mountain.

Under such circumstances, the number of deaths should be very low!

It had been this way in the previous hunts as well.

However, the way things were unfolding currently were completely different.

Why was the number of deaths increasing now It had even surpassed the period when the hunt was at its most intense!

Then, when Andrews gaze focused on a jade token, everyone was enlightened!

Their faces were filled with fear!

So it was the guy who had annihilated the giant god races team.

This guy was now starting a massacre!

This fellow was chasing after those races that wanted to leave the hunt and killing them like cutting grass!

He would kill these teams and obtain their beacons!

His beacon count went from 68 to 78, from 78 to 130.

In the next hour…

This number had already reached 364!






The number ofbeacons kept climbing!

In tandem with its rise, the number of shattered jade tokens also increased.

The scene was filled with the sounds of jade shattering, hearts breaking, and pained and shocked gasps.

The myriad races were already praying to the heavens to bless their clansmen so that they would return safely!

Andrew was dumbfounded!

He had never been so flustered!

They had all thought that the other party was an enemy of the giant god race..

Including the giant god race themselves!

However, the current situation proved that this was not the case at all.

The other party had not only attacked their teams, but the teams of all of the other races indiscriminately!

No one knew what was going on inside, so they could only watch the jade tokens shatter continuously…

They were on the brink of despair!

The sky was dark and the ground was covered in frost.

The clansmen of the myriad races fled into the darkness in fear!

Behind them…

A gluttonous devil…

A devil was hunting them down with a sinister smile.

It was constantly harvesting their souls and snatching their beacons.

How terrifying was this

This mysterious person was…

God of Slaughter!

The God of Death!

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