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A few days later.

Yuchis life had been relatively easy over the past month after those people left the Netherworld Sea prison.

Now, no matter what kind of monster he encountered while fishing, he was too lazy to tangle with through the fishing rod.

If the difference in strength was not too great, he would simply dive into the Netherworld Sea and engage in battle with his opponent.

This was a form of combat training for him.

Though it was rather dangerous, he also benefited greatly.

It had to be said that these ancient existences were quite powerful.

Even if their physical strength was not very strong at times, their fighting styles and abilities were quite impressive.

Yuchi had encountered several fierce battles during this period of time.

He had crawled out with numerous injuries from these battles, but he firmly believed in one thing, which was that what could not kill him would make him stronger.


As for the new prisoners who had been sent over in the past month, the other prisoners had taken the initiative to welcome the new prisoners like family.

There were two parties in the Netherworld Sea prison, them and him.

Of course, Yuchis side was always absent.

He did not want to hurt others, so he thought it best not to interfere with other peoples lives.

He would just stay by the shore and slowly increase his strength.

Today, he had just finished a battle with an ancient demonic beast, and was sitting on the shore and meditating to recover his qi and blood essence.

At this moment, he looked up.

Another helicopter had appeared over the horizon not far away.


“Helicopters have been coming quite frequently recently.”

Given his current strength, he was quite calm.

When the helicopter approached, Yuchi squinted his eyes and took a closer look.

The words “Netherworld Sea prison” were clearly printed on the side of the helicopter.

“Is there another prisoner coming, or is there another prisoner leaving”

Yuchi remained relaxed.

In a courtyard inside the prison, the helicopter landed.

As the helicopters whirring blades gradually slowed down, the door of the helicopter was pulled open, and a familiar person walked out.

He took off the noise-canceling helmet, put on a hat, and lowered his body while holding the hat with one hand to keep it from blowing off.

He then stepped off the helicopter.

The prisoners were quite curious.

Why did the person-in-charge come over again


“Its like this…”

“Everyone, please gather round.

We have something to discuss with you.”

The person-in-charge spoke awkwardly.

After he came out, a few more fully-armed soldiers stepped off the helicopter beside him.

These soldiers were carrying shiny firearms on their shoulders.

The prisonersexpressions immediately turned ugly.

What was going on

Why was the person-in-charge of the prison, who they could previously speak to with a smile, now here with these armed guards

Did this mean that they were now enemies

“Im sorry, everyone.”

“The reason were here today is very simple.

We need to find out who was the one who defeated the hunters back then.”

“We dont intend to threaten him.

We just want to talk to him.”

“Please inform everyone to gather around this courtyard in 30 minutes.”

“We have also prepared a lot of good wine for you guys to drink after weve settled this matter.”

“Take this as my apology to you.”

The person-in-charge finished speaking.

To be honest, he was quite apprehensive.

Many of the prisoners in the prison had been falsely imprisoned.

As a staff member of the Prison Department, he was well aware of these things.


Still, what could he do about this

If they had no money, no power, no influence, and even lacked the right to speak in their own defense, it was a given that they would be sent directly to prison.


He had no other choice in the matter.

Two months seemed like a long time but, in fact, there were various tasks and processes that had to be completed along the way, which made this a really urgent matter.

The prisoners were a little upset.

One of the scar-faced prisoners walked out and stood in front of the slightly embarrassed person-in-charge.

“I dont understand the point of investigating this matter.

He helped us kill the hunters, which means that he saved our lives.

Does it really matter who he is”

After the other prisoners heard this, they frowned and walked up.

“Dont go too far.

He didnt hurt us.

He protected us.”

“We dont know who he is, but even if we did, we wouldnt rat him out.”

“Were already losers, but we still understand the meaning of the word gratitude.”

“Im begging you.

Give us prisoners some basic dignity.”

“Were not asking for much.

In an instant, many prisoners started chiming in one after another, and the entire scene started getting out of hand.

At this moment, an ape-like soul beast squeezed its way out of the cabin while holding onto the helicopter!

Its huge and terrifying pectoral muscles and its ferocious appearance were tell-tale signs of its brutal temperament!

After seeing this ape-like soul beast appear, all the prisoners could not help but retreat.

Even so, the ape-like soul beast still grabbed a handful of sand and threw it at the prisoners!

The prisoners hit by the sand were injured, blood immediately appearing on their skin as they screamed in pain.

The scar-faced man was shocked.

Who was the villain now At this moment, he could not understand why this was happening.

Another thin middle-aged man came out with the ape-like soul beast.

He was wearing gold-rimmed glasses, a suit, and a pair of shiny leather shoes.

“Captain Chen!”

“If I didnt come with you today, you wouldnt know how to deal with this matter.”

The thin middle-aged man said in a weird tone.

His voice was very sharp, almost like a rooster that had its neck pinched.

The person-in-charge, Captain Chen, became even more embarrassed.

The beast tamer in front of him was not from his department, but rather from another department.

His strength was rather terrifying, and this ape-like soul beast of his had even reached the peak of Grade-C Class, which was C !


As for why he followed him here, it was because their Department had taken the initiative to ask for help.

He had given his bonus to the people in this Department directly, which was why that Department had sent a beast tamer here!

On the way here, he had explained the situation to the beast tamer again and again.

He had told the beast tamer not to come out of the helicopter before he asked for help, so as to avoid incurring the prisoners dissatisfaction!

Yet in this situation, the other party had acted as if he had not heard any of his explanations.

He had not even asked for help, yet the beast tamer had already appeared!

His soul beast had even directly attacked the prisoners!

The middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses did not care at all.

He glanced at the prisoners who were groaning in pain and said, “We are the people from the city.

We are representatives of the Department of Inspection.

In this case, we dont need to negotiate with the prisoners.

As prisoners, they must listen to our orders.”

“Captain Chen, could it be that youre going soft on us”


“If thats the case, then this matter can be left to me.”

“Ill help you find this hidden person.”

“It wont even take long.”

“Ill definitely settle this matter within 60 minutes!”

“Just you wait and see.”

He had no intention of seeking Captain Chens permission.

After he finished speaking, he brought the terrifying ape-like soul beast closer to the prisoners, step by step.

The prisoners were forced back by the apes powerful aura!

He then displayed a horrifying and devious smile.

“Despicable prisoners, how about we play a game”


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