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“Of course.”

Yuchis answer was quite straightforward.

Yu Shengyun was quite surprised.

Before she came, she had already heard Yu Huaqing conclude that Yuchi would agree.

Yu Shengyun, on the other hand, felt that he would hesitate, and perhaps even reject the invitation..

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this was a kind of trap, a death trap even.

It was impossible for the other party to not notice such a thing.

The hunt was just a place for the strong to bully the weak!

Yuchi did not bother explaining his decision to Yu Shengyun.

Before she could say anything, he asked her a very simple question.

“Where is the angel race located”

Yu Shengyun was slightly confused, but she quickly gave her token to Yuchi.

Using this token, Yuchi would be able to find the angel race.

When the appointed time came, Yuchi would head over to the angel races headquarters, and the angel race would bring Yuchi along to the hunt.

Then, before Yu Shengyun was about to leave in a daze, Yuchi asked her one last question.

Yuchis face had a hint of a smile.

His lips slowly curved upwards, revealing rows of white teeth.

Yuchi asked rather teasingly, “Will the dragon race be there”

Will the dragon race be there

Yu Shengyun was momentarily stunned, and then a trace of anger appeared on her beautiful face.

She said, “Senior, dont worry, the dragon race will also be participating in the hunt!”

Yuchi nodded his head.

Then, before Yu Shengyun could come back to her senses, he suddenly walked over and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer.

Then, he stared at Yu Shengyun with a pair of indifferent eyes.

“Although I dont know who the leader of the angel race is, I am well aware of what hes thinking and planning.

Help me pass a message to him.

If he wants to kill me now, he probably can.

However, if he lets me grow and develop, it wont be just him.

Your angel race will suffer a major blow.”

“When the time comes, the angel race itself might be exterminated.”

After he finished speaking, the crazy expression on Yuchis face quickly faded away.

He returned to his usual calm state and released the dazed Yu Shengyun.

While Yu Shengyun was filled with shock and anger, Yuchi gave her one last parting remark, “Youre not much better than Fan Yuhe.

A few words is all it takes to mess with your mind.

You angels are really easy to provoke.”


He could not stop laughing.

Yuchi returned to the pavilion and continued fishing.

The fish in the water also welcomed his arrival, jumping for joy.

After some time, Yuchi turned his head to look at Yu Shengyun, who was still standing there.

“Why are you still here”

Yu Shengyun bit her lips tightly.

The other party actually wanted to exterminate the angel race

What was he thinking

The other partys way of thinking and his actions were unpredictable.

As the Saintess of the angel race, how could she admit defeat

She looked at Yuchi in front of her and, before she left, she said angrily, “Senior, dont be complacent!”

“This time, the myriad races are not the only ones participating in the hunt!”

“Ill be participating too!”

“When that time comes, Ill fight you with the other members of the angel race!”

After she finished speaking, she regained her composure and prideful demeanor.

She spread its wings and its body returned to its previous three-meter height.

She leapt high into the sky, and amidst the falling snow, quickly left the Hanjiang area without looking back.

Yuchi actually did not have a chance to reply.

The other party had left so quickly.

He shook his head and sat alone in the pavilion, staring at the endless river in front of him, and then at the playful fish in the water.


“This hunt is more interesting than I expected.”

“Ill go and have a look after a year and a half.”

In the sky.

Yu Shengyun flew forward at a furious speed..

She was in a very bad mood right now.

When she was talking to Yuchi, the proud blood flowing through her veins made her feel like she was in a superior position when she talked to him, which stemmed from a pride that was engraved in the bones of the entire angel race.

After just a few words, she had insulted the angel race.

He had even defiled her Saintess body by touching her and holding her so closely.

He was bullying her for no reason!

This kind of thing could not be allowed to see the light of day, otherwise, her status as Saintess would be affected!

A saintess could not be tainted or defiled by anything or anyone.


“If you encounter you during the hunt, I will definitely make you pay for what you said and did today!”

“Im definitely going to get much stronger before then.

Just you wait!”

The more Yu Shengyun thought about it, the angrier she became.

In the end, she took out her anger on these mountains! Her continuous attacks landed on the mountains, shattering them!

Finally, after venting her anger, she left, leaving behind a trail of destruction in her wake.


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