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One month later, in a very luxurious super-large human city, there was a unique-looking skyscraper that towered above everything else.

This skyscraper was more than 600 stories high!

The building seemed to touch the sky, which made it look quite spectacular.

It could be seen from the logo at the highest point of the building and the giant text on the side that…

This building belonged to the Department of Inspection!

The Department of Inspection was in charge of many things.

In the entire city, anything related to the government was handled by the Department of Inspection behind the scenes.


It could be said that, from the various assessments and gradings of beast tamers, to the various management of roadside stalls, this department was the one that did everything.


The Secretary of the Department of Inspection could be said to possess power and influence to shake the world.

He was the true overlord of the city!

It had been a month since we left the prison, and the person-in-charges face was dark.

“Why are they so inefficient”

“Its been a month since we returned from the Netherworld Sea prison!”

“Weve already reported the happenings in the Netherworld Sea prison, but we barely have any leads today.

“This lack of efficiency is simply mind-numbing!”

The person-in-charge was mumbling to himself, and his companion beside him immediately covered his mouth.

He did not dare to say such things.

They were inside the territory of the Department of Inspection, so who knew if there were any bugs planted in this place

However, even though he had covered the other partys mouth, he was quite angry himself.


Their small department was in charge of all manner of prisoners.

Their entire Department could be said to be pitifully small, and the various benefits they had were quite poor.

A month ago, they had returned from the Netherworld Sea prison and immediately reported the news of the Netherworld Sea prison being attacked by the hunters, and those hunters being completely defeated by some unknown party.

He had thought that they would be able to get an answer in a day or two, which meant that he would receive the instructions and arrangements from the top on how to deal with this matter.

In the end, it had been a month since then, but they had still been left hanging.

“Theres nothing we can do.

Nobody likes prisoners in the first place, so no one will care if all these prisoners die.”


“Not to mention that its probably a conflict between hunters.

The Department of Inspection probably doesnt even care about such things.”

“If it wasnt for the fact that the reporting process requires them to give us an explanation, they wouldnt even bother with us.”

When the two of them realized this, their expressions were quite ugly.

It was not because they were biased toward the prisoners, but rather mainly because they were in charge of the prisoners, so the higher-ups neglecting the prisoners was equivalent to neglecting their small department by proxy.

Naturally, they were quite indignant.

After that, they walked around the luxurious and magnificent building.

After taking several elevators, they arrived at the 122nd floor of the building.

They then entered room 12213 on the 122th floor.

After entering the room, the two of them immediately took off their hats and pressed them against their chests.

They even bowed deeply on the spot.

Although they had been cursing this person behind his back, on the surface, he was their superior, so they had to pay their respects.

“Hello, Sir.

You asked us to come over.”


A man with a big belly and round waist was sitting on the chair.

He had a thick cigar in his mouth and was squinting at a screen on the table.


The screen was displaying some news.

“Im already aware of what happened at the Netherworld Sea prison.

Ill tell you what to do next.

Just follow my instructions,” he said.


The two of them immediately nodded again.

The fat man did not even look at them.

He kept staring at the beautiful news presenter on the screen as he took the cigar out of his mouth.

“You have to drag the person behind this out.

Under the jurisdiction of our Department of Inspection, all beast tamers have to be registered.”

“I dont care what methods you use, but this person must be brought before me.”

“Also, dont say that I didnt give you enough time.”

When the man said this, he rolled up the sleeve of his suit and took a look at his exquisite watch.

“Its October 15th today.”

“15th of December…”

“Youve got two months.”

“Bring this person to me.

He has to report to the department and tell us why he did not register as a beast tamer.”

He sniffed before continuing.

“If you cant do this well, just resign.

Dont let me see you again.”

After he finished, he waved his hand impatiently.

The two of them did not dare to say a word.

They nodded and left the office one after another.

After leaving the Department of Inspection, and while walking on the busy street, the two started venting their dissatisfaction.

“I really hope that guy dies soon!”

“Yeah, its really disgusting.

I wonder whos supporting him from behind.”

“How are we supposed to investigate the Netherworld Sea prison” he asked.

“We dont have any official beast tamers in the Prison Department.

We only have some conventional weapons and equipment.”

“I dont think that firearms are useful against beast tamers…”


“How are we going to find the person behind this matter”

“The other party is someone who could kill a C grade beast tamer!”

“If we go over rashly and start investigating and torturing people for details, we will definitely be the ones who end up dead!”

The two of them understood the situation clearly.

Their report had indicated Yuchis strength.

The other party was clearly an existence who was at least as strong as a C grade beast tamer!

Given such circumstances, the higher-ups did not provide us with any help, but still wanted us to investigate the matter.

Did they want their small department to die

“So what do we do now We only have two months.”


“I dont know!”

“No matter what, we still have to go back to the Netherworld Sea prison.”

“Yes, we have to at least ask and see if the person is willing to reveal himself.”

“Eh, Im sure he wont be willing to.”


“There are many hidden masters in this world, and none of them want to be monitored by the Department of Inspection.”

“Thats why the other party is hiding in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Its obvious that he doesnt want to be disturbed by others and only wants to increase their soul power.

In this case, if we try to drag the other party out directly, isnt that the same as going against him”

When the two of them finished conversing, they sighed.

They thought that the higher-ups would just brush it off the incident and pretend that it had never happened.

In the end, the higher-ups seemed to have gone mental and wanted them to find out who was behind this.

It was simply disgusting.

The person did not harm the Netherworld Sea prison and even protected many prisoners.

Yet somehow, they were tasked with dragging the person out.

The big boss even wanted the person to report and explain himself

If they really behaved like this, in the future, who would help them The hidden experts out there would just watch from the sidelines when trouble arose.

“So there was a reason behind the decline of our human race.”



“Its been a long time since weve seen a hero.”

“Whos going to save us now though”


“This sucks!”


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