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Yuchi looked at Fan Yuhes dead body.

He could sense that the latter had transmitted some information before his death.

The information was integrated into the Heavenly Dao and wrapped in a small bubble.

It streaked past his face as it flew into the sky.

He could easily intercept and destroy the bubble, so no one would know that he had killed Fan Yuhe.

However, he was not interested in doing that.

Even if the angel race knew that he had killed Fan Yuhe, so what

Yuchi did not always offer his opponents the chance to flip a coin at the end of a battle.

Every time he did, it meant that he was more emotional at that point, perhaps either consumed by anger, joy, or resentment.

This was not a simple game, but a gamble that involved his life.

Different opponents would respond differently to this game.

A few years ago, when he was in the Netherworld Sea prison, he had tried the same game on a human.

The human had chosen to flip the coin, but had failed to get the desired result in the end.

However, today, Fan Yuhe had declined to flip the coin.

Because of this, Yuchi felt that he needed to re-examine the angel race.

“The angels are actually very concerned about their dignity and pride,” Yuchi muttered to himself.

He stood amidst the fog quietly, staring at Fan Yuhes corpse that was gradually disappearing.

He remained silent for quite some time.

He did not know much about the angel race, and this was the first time he had seen one.

The other party had waltzed over and told him that he had killed Prometheus.

He had originally thought that Fan Yuhe was just someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Perhaps he was just a little stronger than the other myriad races he had encountered, that was all.

However, Fan Yuhe had made such a choice despite being in a life-or-death situation.

He must have had his reasons

In fact, it was not just this angel.

It was the same for the dragons.

Death seemed a trifling matter compared to having their ancestor insulted.

They would rather die than let their race suffer humiliation.

The obsession with bloodlines seemed to be very narrow-minded, but in fact, it was the only way to preserve ones bloodline in this cruel world where countless races fought.

If they did not care about their own race, did not respect their own race, and did not think that their race was noble and superior to others, then the race itself would find it difficult to survive.

They would be like stray dogs.

If they did not respect themselves, who would respect them

Judging from the current situation, the battle between the various races was hidden beneath a veneer.

On the surface, things seemed calm and everyone was living in harmony.

However, in reality, everyone wanted to kill each other and enjoy this vast world for themselves.

This was not selfishness, but rather just the natural way of the world.

In the water, big fishes ate the small fishes.

On land, lions ate gazelles.

In the forest, the big trees kept the sunlight from reaching the smaller trees.

No matter how vast the worlds resources were, it would not matter if the race was limited to a certain territory.

To expand ones territory, it was necessary to attack others.

Defending ones territory and making it impregnable was in fact irresponsible to all the people of their own race.

The energy of the entire race should be focused outward to avoid meaningless internal conflicts.

This was how a race could make themselves strong.

If they were hidden deep in the mountains and forests, they would eke out an ignoble existence and would forever be weak and cowardly.

Ones vision determined ones attitude, and ones attitude determined ones future.

“The angels have their own unique points, and the same goes for the dragons.”

“Compared to the angel race and the dragon race, the pufferfish race and the human race havent developed to such a level yet, especially in terms of mentality.”

Although fake pride was a stupid, if the race truly felt that the blood flowing in ones bones was the most noble in the world, they would fight to the death safeguard the nobility and dignity of their race.

This actually made them quite terrifying opponents.

In that sense, the war between the myriad races centered around racial pride.

Those who discarded their dignity would be looked down upon and discarded.

As for this battle, Yuchis harvest had been quite astonishing.

Just as Fan Yuhe had said, Yuchi had indeed grasped a Heavenly Dao that belonged to him.

The exact direction of this Heavenly Dao was still quite hazy, but he had already caught a wisp of it.

Even if Yuchi had yet to reach the Dao essence realm, he had already mastered some abilities unique to the Dao essence realm.

He was already able to decipher the Heavenly Dao skills of others and make them his own.

In this regard, it was somewhat similar to the fishing rods function.

The fishing rod could communicate with the existences from the ancient era.

After Yuchi killed these ancient monsters, he gained their Heavenly Dao skills as his own.

In the past, Yuchi could only do this with the fishing rod, but now he could decipher Heavenly Dao skills by himself.

The remaining function of the fishing rod was to help him communicate with the ancient era, which he was still unable to do.

This was a terrifying result of him sitting by the sea day in and day out, meditating, cultivating and fighting.

He did not just idly while fishing; he analyzed and gained a deep understanding of every skill in his mind.

“Those countless skills and countless Heavenly Dao elements fused together.

In the end, I unlocked some of the mysteries of the Dao essence realm in advance.”

“Countless battles and countless life-and-death situations have allowed me to figure out my own Heavenly Dao in advance.

In other words, Ive touched on the secret of the Dao heart realm!”

“Therefore, there should be no problem with the path I have chosen.

I should work hard and continue down this path with determination and perseverance.”

Yuchis current strength was about to reach the second-grade of the Dao realm.

However, in truth, his combat power had already reached the peak of the Dao realm thanks to his comprehension of his own Heavenly Dao, and the ability to decipher Heavenly Dao skills.

Now …

It was time to leave…

He had stayed in the Vast Sea for a long time, and there was nothing left to do here.

He would leave and go to a new place.

This new place was calledHanjiang!

However, before he left, there were some things he had to deal with.

“Might as well get to it.”

Yuchi then left the island.

His body had recovered quickly after the battle with Fan Yuhe.

“I defeated him, but he did not sacrifice his soul.

Angels do have their merits.”


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