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Fan Yuhe thought that he had already tried his best.

He could not understand why he could not defeat a human who had only reached the third-grade of the Dao realm despite him now having reached the second-grade of the Dao realm.

Fan Yuhe was also unable to comprehend how this human had managed to decipher the angel races Heavenly Dao skill within such a short time.

The skill contained numerous Heavenly Dao elements!

Yet Yuchi had completely mastered the skill so quickly, and even made it compatible for human use!

Why was this human so terrifying!

“Damn it!”

“Damn it!”

“Ill willingly admit that he is more talented than I am, and that his understanding of the skill exceeds mine…”

“But why is he able to overpower me I should be stronger than he is!”


When Fan Yuhe was smashed into the Vast Sea, he suddenly realized that his opponents attack actually contained dragons might!

This was no ordinary palm technique.

It was remarkably similar to the dragon races Dragon Palm Strike!

That being said, how could a human master Dragon Palm Strike!

He tried his best to escape the depths of the Vast Sea, but every time he tried to escape, he was pushed back down.

His body was being continuously damaged!

Even though his body could recover quickly, the speed at which his opponent was damaging his body was gradually exceeding his recovery speed.

Then, a very frightening thought appeared in his mind.

“Im going to die.”


“I want to escape!”

“Im going to die!”

This was completely different from what he had expected!

He was supposed to kill Yuchi easily!

How could an unparalleled genius like him die in this remote place

This should never happen!

However, he was being suppressed and beaten up!

He tried to escape again and again, but he was dragged into the depths of the Vast Sea again and again!

“I cant escape!”

Fan Yuhe could not understand where the other partys monstrous fighting spirit came from!

It was this manic and completely crazy fighting style that was suppressing him.

Layer after layer of golden light was shattered by Yuchi.

Then, Fan Yuhe suddenly realized something.

“The other partys comprehension of the Heavenly Dao is not limited to the Dao realm!”

“In fact, its not just limited to the Dao essence realm either!”

“Hes already starting to condense his Dao heart!”

Fan Yuhe was panicking.

He could barely move his limbs, and he was fighting back tears.

Was Yuchi a human or a ghost

The Dao realm allowed one to pry into the Heavenly Dao and visualize its elements and secrets.

A Dao realm expert could kill anyone who had not reached the Dao realm with a simple snap of their fingers!

This was the realm Fan Yuhe and Yuchi were in.

In the Dao essence realm, one could fuse the Heavenly Dao elements in ones sea of consciousness and condense ones Dao essence.

With the Dao essence, a cultivator could comprehend the Heavenly Dao elements used by others.

This was the only explanation Fan Yuhe had for Yuchis ability to decipher his Heavenly Dao skill.

He had already entered the Dao essence realm.

Perhaps his strength had yet to reach that level, but his comprehension had!

This allowed him to completely decipher Fan Yuhes skill and make it his own within a short period of time.

After the Dao essence was condensed, then came the Dao heart!

Prying into the Heavenly Dao, comprehending the Heavenly Dao, fusing the Heavenly Dao, and finally condensing ones own Dao heart, which was also ones own Heavenly Dao!

When that happened, he would no longer be bound by the worlds Heavenly Dao, nor would he be bound to the Heavenly Dao of others!

Through constant research, comprehension and battle, he would create a Heavenly Dao that belonged to him!

He would control his own Heavenly Dao, and his own will represented Heavens will!

Dao realm, Dao essence realm, and Dao heart realm.

These were three major realms for cultivators.

99% of the people in the world would never exceed the SSS-grade, fated to never catch a glimpse of the Heavenly Dao.

Of those that reached the Dao realm, 99% would not be able to comprehend the Heavenly Dao and fuse the Heavenly Dao elements.

Of those that reached the Dao essence realm, 99% would not be able to fuse the Heavenly Dao elements and their own will to create their own Dao hearts.

Only one in a billion people could reach the Dao heart realm!

Even though Yuchi had not yet formally reached the Dao essence or Dao heart realms, he had already begun to condense his own Heavenly Dao in the Dao realm!

Even though his Heavenly Dao was still extremely weak, this wisp of Heavenly Dao was enough to raise his battle prowess to a terrifying level!

“What a terrifying monster!”

“Is he a god!”

With this, it was easy to understand why Fan Yuhe had been suppressed and beaten up so badly.

This was the wisp of Yuchis own Heavenly Dao at work.

Fan Yuhes speculation was was right.

Right now, Yuchis comprehension of the Heavenly Dao had already reached a level that was difficult to imagine!

Fan Yuhe was so frightened that his eyes were filled with tears.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but he could not open his mouth.

He wanted to kneel down, but he could not move.

He had thought that reaching the second-grade of the Dao realm would allow him to crush Yuchi, but reality played out differently.

At this moment, the angel race and his family appeared in his mind.

The ground quaked and the mountains shook, and bright red lava could be seen everywhere.

In the sky, Yuchis immense figure was doling out palm strikes repeatedly, bombarding Fan Yuhe.

Water splashed everywhere, clouding his sight.

Still, he could hear the sorrowful cries from the below!

“Mother, save me! Hes a god!”

Fan Yuhe had been beaten to the point of a mental breakdown!


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