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Those few humans wanted to show off in front of Fan Yuhe to cement their status as his lackeys.

However, before they could say anything further, they started exploding one after another.

“Lord… no!”

“Lord, please dont!”


Fan Yuhe ignored their screams.

“Our battle doesnt need pointless spectators, so its better if I get rid of these pieces of trash.

You should probably thank me, haha.”

Yuchis brows gradually relaxed, and the corners of his mouth gradually began to rise.

He felt that this guy in front of him was indeed a little interesting.

The blood in his body, which had not boiled for a long time, finally began to churn with monstrous fighting spirit.

Fan Yuhe sensed the rising pressure Yuchi was emanating.

This guy was not a run-of-the-mill genius.

This brutal pressure could only be emitted by someone who fought on the battlefield many times.

However, why would a human possess such pressure This should not have happened…


So what

Fan Yuhe suddenly moved, and his palm fiercely struck Yuchis chest.

When he was facing Yuchi, he did not let his guard down at all.

He could sense that Yuchi had also reached the third-grade of the Dao realm, and he believed that Yuchi had already sensed his own strength!

“I cant underestimate him!”

“I have to give it my all.

The noble blood and prestige of the angel race is on the line!”

Yuchis chest instantly caved in, and Fan Yuhes Dao aura flowed into his body.

A one-kilometer-wide chasm opened up in the middle of the Vast Sea.

The sea water was evaporated by the residual heat.

The strong winds blew the clouds away, leaving a blank blue canvas up above.

However, Uuchi just stood there calmly!

He stared at Fan Yuhe without moving, completely ignoring his injuries.

Then, his white teeth showed themselves in the form of a manic smile!

It was his turn to attack.

His figure flashed, and appeared behind Fan Yuhe, grabbing him from behind.

Then, he placed one hand on the latters shoulder, and used the other hand to tear off one of his wings and threw it aside.

The bloodied wing trembled as it floated on the surface of the sea.

The other wing was not spared either.

Another snow-white wing fell on the surface of the sea, stained with blood.

Fan Yuhe was in pain!

He was furious!

With a backhanded grab, he clutched the back of Yuchis neck and hurled him off his body.

His Dao aura was channeled into Yuchis neck, separating his head from his body in an instant!

However, Yuchis body soon reformed and he flew back into the fray.

He was just warming up.

The smile on his face kept growing wider.

“Hes so powerful!”

Since that was the case, then watch this!

As Fan Yuhe spread his recovered wings again, his body exuded an extremely terrifying aura!

His brilliant feathers covered the sky!

Each feather fell from the sky and grew larger as they did, like giant stalactites!

The feathers crashed into the Vast Sea, causing the sea water to flow backward.

Though these feathers did not cause any significant damage to Yuchi, they planted themselves on the seafloor, creating a strange formation.

if any angel saw this formation, they would immediately recognize it…

It was the angel races Heavenly Dao skill!

Once the formation was activated, Fan Yuhes body leapt up!

In the sky, his body rapidly expanded from its original three meters to 300 meters!

His body now exuded a sense of majesty and immense power!

As the golden wings gently flapped behind him, the surrounding world changed color.

The white feathers that filled the sky swirled around like a storm.

There was no way for Yuchi to avoid this attack.

In an instant, his body was pierced by at least 1,000 finger-length feathers, like a sieve!

However, his eyes were fixed on the three-hundred-meter-tall figure in front of him.

He was able to see some of the power of the natural laws gathering around Fan Yuhe.

This power originated from the fusion of Heavenly Dao!

“I understand now!”

Yuchi bared his teeth and laughed madly.

Fan Yuhe was confused!

What did he understand

Then, right in front of his eyes, Yuchis body began to gradually expand, from the height of a normal human to five meters!

From five meters to ten meters!

From 10 meters to 100 meters!

Finally, his height reached 1,000 meters!

Yuchi was actually more than twice as tall as Fan Yuhe!

The Dao aura that gushed out of his body shook the world.

It was then that Yuhe understood!

The human in front of him had completely understood the Heavenly Dao skill he had used!

This meant that Yuchi had already broken down and summarized countless Heavenly Dao insights, so much so that he was able to deduce the elements of the Heavenly Dao contained within the skill.

On the outside, Yuchi was sitting on the island and fishing silently.

However, in truth, he was constantly studying the elements of the Heavenly Dao stored in his sea of consciousness after shattering all those skills.

Today, he had put his knowledge to good use.

“This is the level of strength that only a Dao essence realm expert can achieve!”

“Yet he has only reached the third-grade of the Dao realm!”

Fan Yuhe was extremely shocked.

Even though SSS grade and above were collectively known as the Dao realm, there were major differences above the Dao realm!

Dao realm experts could see the Heavenly Dao, while Dao essence realm experts could decipher the Heavenly Dao!

In almost every case, it was impossible for a cultivator to surpass the Dao realm and achieve something that could normally only be done by a Dao essence realm.

However, Yuchi had done it!

“Damn it!”

“I have to kill this man.

Otherwise, hell become a great threat to the angel race!”

Fan Yuhe could no longer remain calm!

Yuchis punch came immediately after!

Before Fan Yuhe could even react, Yuchis fist smashed into his chest!

The power behind that fist was immense.

It shredded Fan Yuhes armor and penetrated his chest.

Yuchi then grabbed Fan Yuhes spine and pulled it out!

Watching his spine being pulled out of his body, Fan Yuhes eyes were filled with shock and confusion.

He could not understand how the angel races Heavenly Dao skill had been deciphered and replicated by this human.

In fact, this human was even more proficient at the skill than he was!

“Curse him!”

“Damn it!”

Fan Yuhes body instantly reformed, but he was like a frightened rabbit as he rapidly retreated.

Yuchis body was expanding at an even faster rate.

1,000 meters was not his limit!

His body quickly grew to 2,000 meters!

Then, as Fan Yuhe watched, shell-shocked, he slowly pulled out his dragon spine from his back.

The dragon spine in his current form was huge, and exuded an overbearing aura.

As soon as the dragon spine appeared, the sky lost its color.

Dark clouds gathered above the Vast Sea, and lightning flashed everywhere.


As Yuchi brandished the dragon spine, the world around him seemed to howl.

Yuchis laughter grew even more manic.

Fan Yuhe stared at the approaching dragon spine…

It was as if the sky itself was pressing down on him.

He had no way to dodge and could only watch as his body was smashed into pieces by the dragon spine!

The power of the dragon spine did not decrease after hitting Fan Yuhe.

It slammed into the surface of the sea, causing a huge explosion, which shrouded the explosion of Fan Yuhes own body.

However, Fan Yuhe did not die.

He experienced a sudden epiphany in the face of danger and broke through from the third-grade to the second-grade!

He was wrapped in resplendent white light as he used his new power to strike Yuchis body.

Yuchis body exploded, and blood from his 2,000-meter tall body splattered everywhere!

He was like a fallen Buddha statue.

Fan Yuhe was elated.

“If I hadnt met you, I wouldnt have been able to advance from third-grade to second-grade so quickly!”

“Its a pity.”

“In the end, youre still destined to lose!”

Just as he finished speaking, Yuchis fallen body slowly turned his head, and his eyes, which were filled with madness, were fixed on Fan Yuhe.

Then, an earth-shattering palm strike descended from the heavens and landed on Fan Yuhes face!

“Damn it!”

“What kind of power is this Why are you not restrained by my second-grade Dao aura”

The difference between second-grade and third-grade was huge!

How could such a chasm be crossed


Fan Yuhes body was actually crushed by Yuchi and smashed into the Vast Sea, causing it to explode again!

Flames were burning everywhere on the surface of the Vast Sea, and Fan Yuhes body had been pushed 3,000 meters deep into the sea by Yuchis palm strike, despite the fact that he had put almost all of his power into blocking the attack.


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