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There were thousands of races living within the city, and they felt aggrieved.

Not long ago, they had looked down on the pufferfish race.

However, now, they were being looked down upon by the angel race.

Karma was indeed swift!

Right now, they felt powerless!

They did not know what kind of dispute there was between Prometheus and this angel, but he had been defeated by the latter.

They could see that Prometheus was trying to use his Dao aura to treat the wounds on his body.

However, as soon as his body recovered slightly, it was then destroyed again by Fan Yuhes Dao aura.

This was the absolute difference in their Dao aura.

“This angel doesnt care about the rules!”

“The rules forbid any faction leader from attacking another leader! ”

“This angel disobeyed the rules and attacked our sect master!”

“Damn it!”

“He should be punished!”

The matter was just as the angry people had said.

These factions were how peace was maintained in this world.

Once a problem occurred with a faction, and it was driven to the verge of collapse, the surrounding myriad races would no longer be shackled by the authority of the sect.

At that time, there would be chaos and wars everywhere in the region, and the number of casualties would rise to a shocking number.

This was something that every member of the myriad races had witnessed before.

Fan Yuhe looked down at the Black Heaven sect and sneered inwardly, “The weak expect the strong to pity them.

This in itself is the most laughable joke among the myriad races.

If our angel race has mercy on you, then be grateful, but if we dont… Well, that doesnt matter anyway.”

“Theyre still communicating and grumbling with each other.

As expected of the Black Heaven sect, a weak sect thats hidden in the deep mountains and forests.”

“Compared to our angel race, you are a joke! ”

After that, Fan Yuhe turned to leave Black Heaven sect.

He did not want to waste time here, nor was he in a hurry to kill Prometheus.

He just wanted the latter to be his lackey.

Even though Prometheus had said that he would never become a vassal of the angel race, Fan Yuhe was not bothered by his words.

Did he have the guts to directly ignore the safety of the entire pufferfish race

Could he represent the entire pufferfish race

If Prometheus refused to listen to his orders, he would have the pufferfish race attacked!

Threats were a normal practice in this world.

However, before he left, Fan Yuhe suddenly remembered something.

Why did Long Fengyun suddenly leave the Black Heaven sect, resulting in the sect master position falling to this lowly pufferfish race member ”

After pondering this matter for a while, Fan Yuhe failed to find a reasonable explanation for this.


With a flap of his wings, he arrived beside Prometheus.

The gust of wind generated by his flapping wings caused the palace to collapse, and many people were blown back by the force of the wind..

He asked Prometheus about Long Fengyun, but the latter would not tell him about Yuchi.

It was not that he was afraid that Yuchi could not defeat Fan Yuhe, but rather that he did not want to disturb Yuchi.

Yuchi no longer had any relationship with the Black Heaven sect.

He could not just put Yuchi on the spot and make him an enemy of the angel race.

“You angels are nothing but dogs in my eyes.”

“Actually, you guys are worse than dogs.”

Blood was still flowing out of his body, and a pool of blood had formed at the bottom of the crater.

“Alright, then you can die.”

Fan Yuhes brows were furrowed after several failed attempts to get the truth out of Prometheus.

With a wave of his hand, Prometheus body turned into ashes.

However, at the point of death, there was no anger in Prometheus.

He only felt a little regret.

The pufferfish race was just about to rise up, yet now they were going to be pushed back to the brink of oblivion.

Indeed, the power of any race was not tied to a single persons strength.

It was a pity.

This was the way of this world.

This was how the various races behaved.

Everyone said that they would live together in peace but, in reality, they would repay kindness with evil, and stop at nothing to scheme and deceive their so-called friends.

Still, any scheme was useless in the face of absolute power.

“Everyone in the Black Heaven sect, heed my words!”

Fan Yuhes figure appeared in the sky above the Black Heaven sect.

His tone was cold and determined.

“Ill give you five minutes.

After these five minutes are up, I want to know who defeated Long Fengyun! If you cant give me any useful information in five minutes, I will annihilate the entire Black Heaven sect and leave no one alive!”

Fan Yuhe was not joking at all.

This was exactly what he was planning to do.

His enemy was indeed Long Fengyun, but behind Long Fengyun was the dragon race.

Long Fengyuns current whereabouts were unknown.

He wanted to know who exactly had chased Long Fengyun away, leaving the Black Heaven sect in the hands of a pufferfish race member.

This was simply the biggest joke in the world.

If the other partys race was not strong, then Yu He wanted to destroy them!

“Wouldnt that be the same as defeating Long Fengyun”

“Wouldnt that be proof that the angel race is stronger than the dragon race”


Thinking this, Fan Yuhe laughed out loud.

He was already envisioning how he would prove the strength of the angel race.

Within the city, there were sounds of anger and pain.

Before today, no one in the Black Heaven sect would have thought that the angel race would suddenly appear and oppress them like this! This angel was even holding the lives of ten million people hostage.

“What do we do now”

“I dont know.

This angel must be a lunatic.”

“Theyre way too powerful.

Theyre one of the races that can fight against the dragon race, to a certain extent.”

“Are we just going to wait for death”

“No, I dont want to die in this place.”

As Ershania listened to the nervous conversation around her, she stood there in a daze, Yuchis figure had already appeared in her mind.

She did not want to tell this angel about Yuchi.

She had not fought with Prometheus, nor had she fought with Long Fengyun, so she had no concept of how strong Yuchi was.

He was definitely stronger than Prometheus, but so was this angel.

In addition, this angel had the backing of their entire race.

However, Ershania was alone.

Her thoughts did not represent the thoughts of the rest of the members of the Black Heaven sect.

The angel had said five minutes!

He would definitely not back down on this matter!

Therefore, within the next five minutes, if they did not tell the angel about Yuchi and his whereabouts, then all ten million of them would die.

Furthermore, they could not defeat him even if they joined forces.

Most of the members of the Black Heaven sect were below the SSS-grade.

Only a few of them had reached the Dao realm.

Even if they had reached the Dao realm, they clearly understood the gap between them and this angel.

Trying to resist him was a waste of time and, more importantly, a waste of their lives!

As a result, many of them started to rush toward Fan Yuhe.

Ershania stood there in a daze.

She was certain that he would find out about Yuchi from these people.

Ershania really did not want to see them fight.

“Senior is just one person, and this guy has the entire angel race behind him.”

However, it was already too late.

Many people had already told the angel about Yuchi.

This was especially true for many of the humans from the Black Heaven sect.

These humans knew about the old monk.

They had seen the old monk and Yuchi come and leave together.

They speculated that the old monk and Yuchi were living with each other, or close by.

In this situation, they chose to protect themselves.

As for the fact that they had been showing off to the other races, saying that the human race had the most powerful existence…

That was now in the past.

Their own lives were the most important.

Who cared about the human race anyway

After all, the human race had no future to speak of.

“Lord of the angel race, that human is called Yuchi!”

“He should be around the Vast Sea now!”

“If you dont know the way, we can bring you there.

Please dont kill us.”

A nervous human knelt in front of Fan Yuhe and kowtowed repeatedly.

“Good dog.”

“I cant believe youre more eager than the other races to see your human expert being slaughtered by me.”



Fan Yuhe smiled and touched the humans head.

He could sense the humans kneeling on the ground and trying to please him.

A strange smile appeared on his face.


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