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At 2.00am, Yu Chi left, leaving Fengyi and Qin Lanyu to chat with each other in the restaurant.

The relationship between the two was actually very good.

Qin Lanyu looked at the Fengyi.

Her words were filled with gentleness.

“Sister Fengyi, thank you for inviting me here.”

Qin Lanyu and Fengyi could be considered as friends, but they were also love rivals.

After all, both of them had fallen for Yuchi deeply.

In that sense, Qin Lanyu was very grateful to Fengyi for giving her a chance to meet and talk to Yuchi today.

Fengyis answer was a little playful, but also straightforward, “Youre welcome, Sister Qin.

Were both on the same boat.

If one day, one of us manages to catch Seniors fancy, we should be happy for each other.

Still, the chances of that happening isnt too high.”

Qin Lanyu was somewhat shocked by Fengyis words.

When she regained her composure, she smiled brightly, though there was a trace of disappointment in her eyes.

“Thats true.

The likelihood of either of us ending up with Senior is slim, so it isnt too bad to have one another for company on this lonely journey.”

That was exactly what Fengyi was trying to get at.

She looked out at the city outside, and the expression on her face became a little melancholic.

It had started to snow outside the restaurant.

After a while, she suddenly asked, “Sister Qin, when do you think well be able to meet him again”

Qin Lanyu was speechless, but was also at a loss at this time.


When would she be able to meet Yuchi again

She did not know.

Yuchi was like a wandering traveler.

How could they wait for the traveler to return to his homeland If one wanted to pursue a traveler, the only choice was to follow him.

However, his strength was quite terrifying.

As for the Department of Inspection, after they learned that Yuchi had left, they finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

It was likely that no one in the entire human race knew better than them how terrifying Yuchi was.

The scene of him killing the White Goddess and her soul beast army was something that they would never forget!

The secretary of the Department of Inspection gazed at the night sky outside.

“I wonder if these two ladies would be afraid if they knew how terrifying the person they liked was”

The sky above the Vast Sea was shrouded in the glow of sunset.

Yuchi had made a round trip between the human city and the Vast Sea in just one day.

After returning to the small island, he sat down quietly and cast the fishing line into the sea calmly.

From his perspective, the Vast Sea was beautiful.

The clear sea reflected the blue sky and white clouds.

It was as if he was sitting atop a mirror.

Although the green forests and mountains were gone, one could still sense the budding vitality.

He gently breathed in the slightly moist air again.

When he exhaled, he could see the breath dancing on his fingertips.

“Ill be leaving this place in six months.

It already feels like home.”

He had arrived here three years ago, but would soon leave.

As for where he would end up on his travels, Yuchi was not sure, but it did not matter.

The road ahead was long, and even if the road was difficult and full of challenges, that was what life was all about.

In the blink of an eye, it was the third month.

Within the Black Heaven sect, Prometheus had just obtained his resources for the month.

As the Black Heaven sects new sect master, there were many people who were jealous of him.

After all, the pufferfish race did not even have the prestige that the dragon race had among the other races.

As a whole, the Black Heaven sect had gradually returned to its former state, and Long Fengyuns disappearance had been gradually forgotten by the members of the Black Heaven sect.

However, a new problem had arisen in its place, which was the leader of another sect.

His name was Fan Yuhe, and he was the emissary of the angel race, and the leader of the Sun sect.

The angels called themselves heavenly apostles.

They had the same body and facial features as humans, but they had a pair of beautiful wings on their backs.

In addition, from the words “heavenly apostle,” it could be seen that the angels were a rather proud race.

Fan Yuhes purpose in coming to the Black Heaven sect was simple.

When he heard that the sect master of the Black Heaven sect, Long Fengyun, had been defeated, he was very curious about the strength of the new sect master.

If the new sect master was more powerful than him, he would be willing to leave.

However, if the sect master was weaker, he would be more than happy to take over the Black Heaven sect and make the sect master his slave.

After all, no one would reject having more power and influence.

Currently, Fan Yuhe was standing in front of Prometheus, his proud golden eyes flashing with the mockery.

After confirming that the new sect master in front of him was from the pufferfish race, Fan Yuhe calmly said, “To think that the Black Heaven sect, which used to be rather powerful, would end up in such a state.

I cant believe the new sect master of the Black Heaven sect is someone from the pufferfish race!”

Prometheus looked at the angel in front of him.

An ax that was forged from rare metals appeared in his hand.

“May I know the purpose of the Sun sects leader in coming to our Black Heaven sect”

“Its very simple.

I wanted to help the 10 million members of the Black Heaven sect.

Ill test their new sect masters and see if he has the ability to protect the Black Heaven sect.”

He was about three meters tall, and wore gorgeous golden armor.

The pure white wings on his back seemed to have come alive as they gently flapped.

Fan Yuhe was gently wiping the dust off his wings as he spoke to Prometheus.

He seemed to disdain even being in the same room as Prometheus.

Prometheus did not speak, but his face was filled with anger.

Fan Yuhe paid no mind to him and unhurriedly said to him in an ear-piercing high-pitched voice that made people feel uncomfortable, “The myriad races all respect our noble angel race.

Pure and noble blood flows through our bodies.

If you submit to me now, I can take you in as my vassal and make your pufferfish race a vassal race of ours.

Perhaps that would purify your pufferfish blood somewhat, so that it isnt as disgusting as it is currently.”

After saying that, Fan Yuhe gently flapped his wings.

His majestic gaze landed on Prometheus.

“Give me an answer, lowly pufferfish race member.”

“Will you become a vassal of our angel race, or will you choose to become enemies with us”

“Its time for you to make your choice!”


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