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“That girl is so pretty.”

“Yeah, and she looks very happy to see him too.”

“Man, I really envy that guy.”


When Yuchi heard their conversation, his expression also became slightly helpless.

He met Fengyi, and casually asked about her life and how she was doing.

Originally, if she was fine, he would just leave.

However, Fengyi forced him to stay for a meal before he left, stating that she had always wanted to thank him.

As such, Yuchi gave in and agreed to come to this restaurant with her.

He even went to a clothing store with her and bought a new set of clothes, and checked into a new room at the hotel next door.

He sat in the lobby of the hotel and waited for half an hour until she had washed up and changed into a new dress.

Fengyi was vivacious, lively, and cute.

One could not help but smile around her.

She was honestly just as happy as she looked now.

She had dreamt of being around Yuchi for years now, and it was finally happening!

She decided to freely enjoy and immerse herself in the moment.

While Fengyi was happily dragging Yuchi around to eat a lot of food, the supervisor in charge of the team secretly observing Yuchi had a different feeling.

One of the women from his team looked at Yuchi with a gaze that was filled with deep yearning.

“I dont know what this little girl has that attracts Senior.”

“If Senior could fall in love with me, then Id definitely be an untouchable existence within the human race.”


The woman could not understand why Yuchi allowed himself to be dragged around by Fengyi.

This restaurant was not even a high-class restaurant either.

In the end, when the clock struck twelve, the sky was filled with colorful and dazzling fireworks, and the streets and alleys were filled with cheers.

It was already New Years Day.

This was a tradition that had not been abandoned by the human race for many years, despite the hardships they faced.

Fengyi was now acting like a little girl as she gazed at the fireworks outside the glass window.

She did not feel any sadness in her heart, only peace.

Amidst the pitch-black night sky, the clusters of fireworks bloomed.

They were fleeting, but they left a lasting impression on those who saw them.

Three minutes passed.

Fengyi suddenly looked up from her phone and stood up mysteriously.

“Senior, please wait for me for a moment.

Ill be right back.”

Yuchi nodded.

Since he had already agreed to have dinner with Fengyi, there was no need to rush.

He briefly thought about how, despite having been in this world for more than ten years, he had never sat down and had a meal like this.

He looked at the city, which to him was like a small square box that was surrounded by iron walls.

Even though the small square box was filled with as many trees and plants as possible to prevent people from feeling that the space was cramped, for someone who lived in the wild all year round, the small square box was indeed a little oppressive, and actually felt more restrictive than the Netherworld Sea Prison back then.

Not far away, all kinds of fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

The dazzling fireworks contrasted nicely with the cold winter season.

“I guess humans are a little romantic.

This might be the most obvious difference between humans and other animals.”

Then, in the midst of the clamor, Fengyi walked over with a sweet smile on her face.

Beside her was a very familiar beauty, Qin Lanyu.

“Senior! Are you surprised Hehe! Fengyi smiled brightly.

After confirming that she had met Yuchi, she immediately sent a message to Qin Lanyu, who in turn immediately dropped everything she was doing.

Yuchi looked at the gentle-looking lady and smiled.

He finally said, “Its been a long time.”

Compared to the joyful reunion of old friends in the restaurant, the situation at the Department of Inspection was completely different.

Zhao Changsheng had only just met his father, Zhao Tiegang.

As for Zhao Tiegang, he had just been removed from his position.

He could not understand what was going on.

He looked at the people from the Department of Inspection who he had been working with in the past in disbelief.

“Why are you all doing this to me”

“Were in the same boat! Why are you pushing me off now Are you trying to force my hand”

Zhao Tiegang still had a lot of dirt on the Department of Inspection.

Even if he could not publish it on the internet, as long as it made it into the hands of the right people, it would still cause a lot of trouble for the Department of Inspection.

This was also one of the reasons why Zhao Tiegang was so confident.

Everyone here was in the same boat, and no one could say whose hands were cleaner.

He was now waiting for a clear answer from these people, and especially from the secretary of the Department of Inspection.

Zhao Changsheng was standing next to Zhao Tiegang with his head lowered.

He had just wanted to pursue and take advantage of Fengyi tonight.

How did he inexplicably get embroiled in this sort of situation

This should not have happened.

He had caused his father to lose his position in the Department of Inspection, and things did not seem like they were about to stop there either.

Then, while the two of them were absorbed in their different thoughts, the secretary of the Department of Inspection placed a laptop in front of them.

The two of them were confused.

They did not understand why he was doing this.

The secretary calmly tapped on the spacebar key, and a video started to play on the laptop.

He then walked off to chat with the other higher-ups of the Department of Inspection and watch the fireworks.

“How is Senior doing No one went to disturb him, right”

“No, weve kept that from happening.”

“Well, thats good.

After all, we cant afford to offend that person.”

“If we really ended up angering him, it wouldnt just be our heads on the chopping block.

Everyone related to the Department of Inspection would perish.”

“Thinking back, that guy fell from this floor, didnt he”

“A secretary of the Department of Inspection…”

“In the end, he couldnt accept this reality and even jumped off to commit suicide.

Its really sad.”

These people were obviously talking about the previous secretary of the Department of Inspection.

As for what his name was, it was no longer important.

Everyone had already forgotten about him.

However, they had to remember the lesson he had paid for with his life.

After all…

It was a matter of life and death for them!

After the three-and-a-half-minute video finished playing, the higher-ups of the Department of Inspection looked at Zhao Tiegang and Zhao Changsheng.

They two were so scared that their legs were shaking, and they could barely even breath.

“I think you now understand the gravity of your mistake,” the secretary of the Department of Inspection said.

“Fortunately, someone among us stopped you.”

“Otherwise, even if we cut the two of you into a thousand pieces, it wouldnt be enough to satisfy our hatred!”

The father and son pair did not dare to say a word.

Their backs were covered in cold sweat!

It turned out that Fengyi actually had such a powerful expert backing her!

That young man…

Was utterly terrifying!


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