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The old man had not expected Yuchi to ever return!

Yuan Yuan, who was beside her grandfather, felt the same way.

They had originally thought that their thread of fate with Yuchi in this lifetime had been severed.

Some time ago, the old monk had visited them to catch up with the old man.

They had just had a casual chat, but the result of which was that Yuchi had actually rushed back from such a distant place.

Of course, they had also learned about what had happened to Yuchi recently from the old monk, including about what happened with the Vast Sea Dragon King, Long Fengyun, as well as Prometheus.

Every time the old monk opened his mouth and talked about Yuchi, it shocked the old man and Yuan Yuan!

What terrifying power!

His fight was able to change the entire landscape around the Vast Sea! He had stood up against the leader of ten million members of the myriad races, and even briefly took the position of sect master of the Black Heaven sect before handing it over to Prometheus.

His power far eclipsed their imagination.

His achievements were the stuff of legends!

In fact, any one of his achievements was enough for a person to brag for a lifetime!

Somehow, the protagonist of all these stories was in front of them again.

For a moment, they even felt like they were in a dream.

Of course, Yuchi was not bothered by any of this stuff.

He had returned to answer the old mans questions about martial arts and cultivation.

As for the other things, they were not within his scope of consideration.

“I think we can start now,” Yuchi said.

“Yes!” the old man replied immediately.

The streets of the human city were bustling with people.

Fengyi had heard the news that Yuchi was back.

It so happened that she was in the city doing some work, so she immediately rushed in the direction of the library.

She had exchanged her training gear for a beautiful dress that she had not worn for a long time.

The dress outlined her exquisite figure, and her face was filled with excitement and hope.

It had been many years since she last met Yuchi!

Yuchis sudden return made her overjoyed, even more so than her own progress in martial arts.

“The Department of Inspection is quite reliable nowadays.

They immediately informed me of Seniors return.”

Next to her was a rather handsome and dignified young man.

His name was Zhao Changsheng.

Zhao Changsheng could not understand Fengyis current actions, so he walked up beside her and asked in confusion, “Whats wrong Is something going on Why are you so nervous and excited all of a sudden”

“Didnt we agree to spend the new year together”

“Theres only two hours to go!”

“Ive already booked a place to eat.

Where are you going now If we arrive too late, there might not be any seats left.

This chef is from another city, and he has a pretty good grasp of many different cuisines.”

Walking off in a hurry, Fengyi replied exasperatedly, “First off, I never agreed to spend new years with you.”

“Second, who you eat with is your business, and none of mine.”

“Third, what I do has nothing to do with you.

We just happen to be practicing martial arts in the same dojo, thats all!”

Zhao Changsheng immediately became a little unhappy.

“But you didnt reject me.”

“Is there something wrong with your head”

“I simply couldnt be bothered answering you.

How did you take that for acceptance”

“Fine, Ill make it clear now then.

Please dont disturb me.

I dont have time to waste with you here.”

Zhao Changsheng felt resentful.

He had fancied Fengyi for a long time, but Fengyi had always turned a blind eye to his pursuit.

Two days ago, he had asked Fengyi if they could spend the new year together this year, which meant that they would have new years eve dinner together, and then go to the movies.

Fengyi had just looked at him speechlessly, which was her way of rejecting him nicely.

However, he did not take that as a no, but somehow convinced himself that Fengyi had tacitly agreed to go out with him.

He had, after all, encountered girls with such an attitude in the past; those who rejected him on the surface but still really wanted to go out and have fun with him.

However, he had never expected Fengyis rejection to be real.

By the time the conversation had reached this point, the pair had already arrived outside the martial arts library.

Before Zhao Changsheng could say another word, he was held back by two people from the Department of Inspection.

“Who are you”

Zhao Changsheng was shocked, but when he saw the badge on the other partys clothes, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Were on the same side.

My father also works for the Department of Inspection!”

“Dont disturb me now.

I still have things to do!”

After Zhao Changsheng finished speaking, he turned to leave the two people to chase Fengyi.

However, things did not go as planned.

“Come with me,” the person from the Department of Inspection said.

Zhao Changsheng was speechless, “I just told you that were on the same side.

My father works for the Department of Inspection and has a high position!”

“If you let me go right now, I can pretend that this matter never happened!”

His father was a man with a high position in the Department of Inspection.

How dare these two lackeys from the Department of Inspection keep him from approaching Fengyi!

It was simply unacceptable!

However, the man simply shook his head and looked at Zhao Changsheng with an exasperated expression.

“Although your father is a member of the Department of Inspection, he hasnt told you about the taboo!”

“From this, its obvious that your fathers position in the Department of Inspection is worthless.”

“There are too many trash-like existences like your father in the Department of Inspection.

Sadly, we cant kill them all.”

After he finished, and while Zhao Changsheng was dumbfounded, he forcibly twisted Zhao Changshengs arm and shoved him into the car next to him.

He was instantly handcuffed!

“Ill leave this place to you.

Ill take away this troublemaker.”


After communicating with the other people from the Department of Inspection over the radio, the person drove off with Zhao Changsheng in tow.

Zhao Changsheng, on the other hand, was stunned.

He could not understand what was happening.

His father was a person with authority within the Department of Inspection.

He was usually able to do what he wanted, wherever and whenever he wanted.

Yet, today, he was actually captured by the people from the Department of Inspection.

What was going on

Had the world turned upside-down


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