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The old monk and the red-crowned crane glanced at each other.

As expected, his speculation was right.

Yuchi only represented himself.

He would never represent the human race.

If the human race wanted to become stronger in the future, they could not depend on Yuchi, but had to rely on themselves to get stronger as a whole.

“Senior, wait for me.

Were going back too.”

The old monk immediately left with the red-crowned crane.

This time, the trip to the Black Heaven sect had taught the old monk the true meaning of terror.

However, to be honest…

He found Yuchi was gentler and kinder than he had imagined.

At the very least, in his daily conversations and interactions, he was no different from an ordinary person.

However, it was a completely different story when he fought.

The fighting spirit he displayed was utterly terrifying.

He faced each battle fully prepared to die.

His fighting spirit was not just talk.

One could really sense how much he craved battle.

Earlier, Prometheus fighting spirit had already been quite terrifying; he fought regardless of injuries, sacrificing parts of his body in an effort to wound Yuchi.

Though he had not been successful, at the very least, he had been able to obtain Yuchis recognition, which was why he was able to obtain the sect masters position.

Sometimes, ones efforts would pay off despite the insurmountable odds.


“Its time to go back,” the old monk muttered.

Ershanias was still kneeling on the ground.

She really wanted to catch up to Yuchi, but as she watched his figure fly further and further away, in the end, she failed to pluck up the courage to chase him.

His strength had far exceeded her imagination.

The fact that such a powerful existence was residing in this region was extremely shocking in itself.

To her, Prometheus was already incomparably powerful!

As the second-ranked person on the Heaven rankings, his strength was considered to be only slightly weaker than Long Fengyuns.

However, even such a powerful person was unable to make Yuchi display a single skill!

Even after he had unleashed every single skill he had mastered!

“Senior, youre too powerful.”

“Ive come to the realization that I dont even have the right to stand behind you and support you.”

Ershania stood there in a daze.

She bit her lips in frustration.

Everything had happened too quickly.

She had thought that Yuchi was only someone who was qualified to be on the Earth rankings, but he turned out to be the sect master.

“I was blind!”

Ershania felt bitter.

The news of the Black Heaven sect changing sect masters quickly spread throughout the region over the next few days.

When the 10 million members of the myriad races in the region learned of this news, they were unable to comprehend how or why things had turned out this way.

Still, they were able to accept Prometheus as their new sect master rather easily, despite his lowly origins.

He was already quite famous thanks to his placing on the Heaven rankings, but now he had also been acknowledged by Yuchi.

This was a badge of honor that far exceeded his other achievements.

In addition, the strength he had displayed far exceeded what it was a hundred years ago.

If Yuchi had not appeared out of the blue, Prometheus really had a good chance of defeating Long Fengyun.

It could only be said that this whole matter had been unpredictable.

Prometheus was standing in the main hall of the Black Heaven sect, staring down at the glorious palace in front of him with a pair of dull eyes.

More than once, he had imagined that the day he would once stand here and sit on the dragon throne, looking down at the tens of thousands of members of the Black Heaven sect kneeling and worshiping him.

Yet when the day finally arrived, he did not feel any joy in his heart.

Instead, he felt a sense of loss.

Prosia looked at her brother.

A smile appeared on her face.

“Big Brother, our people can finally leave that desolate area and live closer to the city.

This will improve their living environment significantly.

Prometheus nodded.

He did not pay much attention to Prosias words.

He just stared at the empty palace and sensed the emptiness within him.

He suddenly understood…

“So, Ive never been truly fighting for the pufferfish race.

All this while Ive been fighting for my own sake.”

Although the pufferfish blood that flowed through his veins was the driving force that kept him going, all that talk about the future of the pufferfish race were just shackles that he had forcefully put on himself to allow him to invoke the cause of righteousness.

However, righteousness alone could not make a person strong.

He needed to be selfish as well.

Prometheus stood motionless, his mind recalling Yuchis figure and actions.

To be honest, when he had been defeated by Yuchi, his heart suffered a great blow because he came to understand the great gap between them.

This was not something he could recover from so easily.

The difference was just too great.

Yuchi did not even fight back and just stood there, allowing him to attack as he pleased, to the point that he had defeated himself! What kind of terrifying power was this He had lost completely.

However, after that, his younger sister told him that Yuchi had passed the sect masters token to him directly, and announced the change of leadership in front of everyone.

At that moment, he felt dizzy.

He was excited.

He was delighted…

But also confused and in pain.

He was nervous.

One thought after another flashed through his mind.

He felt that everything was like a dream.

He had no way of understanding why Yuchi would give him the sect master position willingly.

Could it be that there was someone more suitable than Yuchi for the position of the sect master

The final answer was very simple.

No, there was not.

Out of the ten million members of the Black Heaven sect, none were as powerful as Yuchi.

His thoughts continued to run rampant over time.

He could not understand.

he really could not understand.

However, standing here now inside the main hall, he suddenly came to a realization.

“The reason why Senior passed the position of sect master to me might be related to my fighting spirit.

However, the main reason is that he doesnt care about this position at all!”

“Although I am no match for Senior, I can still vaguely sense it.”

“Is the identity of the sect master of the Black Heaven sect really that important to me”

“Not anymore.”

“The only important thing is having the strength to vie for this position.

The position itself is meaningless to my personal growth and strength.”

“This mentality is the biggest difference between me and Senior, other than strength.”

“However, I have now been enlightened.”

“Thank you, Senior, I will forever be grateful to you!”

Prometheus bowed deeply to the vacant throne, his eyes filled with admiration.

His younger sister, Prosia could not understand what was going on with her brother.

Why would he suddenly bow to an empty throne

He was the sect master and the most powerful person in this region, barring Yuchi.

There was no need to behave in such a subservient manner.

After all, he had achieved his objective.

The pufferfish race would finally be able to move out of that remote and desolate area and become stronger under his leadership.

They could finally rise up!


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