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“I dont want to be your enemy.

I have no grudges with you.

I wont even blame you for the deaths of the prisoners, so I dont think you need to fight me now.”

“You can just leave,” Yuchi said calmly.

In the eyes of the crocodile-man, the fact that he was taking a step back was a sign of cowardice.

Under normal circumstances, that would be true.

He was just a mortal without any soul beasts by his side.

There was no way he could fight the crocodile-man.


‘And you were in the wrong for disturbing me this time.

“Have you heard of the story of the dove occupying the magpies nest”

The crocodile-man had already walked in front of Yuchi, and its three claws were pressed on Yuchis shoulder.

Its tone was threatening!

“So I take it youre not leaving then” Yuchi raised his head and looked at the other party calmly.

“If you kneel down and beg, Ill leave!”

The crocodile-mans expression was full of ridicule, and the disdain in his eyes was apparent.

As a soul beast, you prisoners should be worshiping me!

You prisoners should be begging for my protection!


How dare you try to drive me away like this!

What a joke!

However, before it could say anything further, Yuchi pressed his hand on its wrist.


It was confused.

It instantly felt the world turn upside down.

By the time it woke up from its confusion, it was being pressed to the ground with one hand on its neck as its body twitched and trembled.

It raised its head and sensed that the youth was emitting a terrifying aura!

It instantly fell into a dazed state and was rendered immobile!

It was a C grade soul beast.

An existence that many beast tamers dreamed of!

The crocodile-man could have single-handedly killed all the prisoners here within a short period of time!

Yet its throat was currently being clutched and its body had been seemingly paralyzed by this demonic human!

In that case…

Who was he

An ancient martial artist


That was impossible! There were no ancient martial artists as powerful as this guy!

Ancient martial artists were dregs of the past that had already been eliminated!

The crocodile-man had been quite proud at first after seeing Yuchi.

He felt that Yuchi had come for him and wanted his help.

However, the other party had directly shattered its expectations right at the beginning.

It then believed Yuchi to be joking but, now, it looked like he was not a person who would joke about things at all!

It had originally thought that it was the one in-charge in this situation, but it now discovered that it was the follower instead.

This contrast between reality and expectations made it open its eyes wide in horror.

However, a soul beast was still a soul beast.

Its fear turned into anger within a short period of time!

This was impossible!

Im a C grade soul beast, so why should I be afraid of you


A burst of fury erupted from the depths of its heart, and the blood in its body churned violently.

Its body then gradually turned dark!

Its eyes were bloodshot, and it very clearly wanted to kill Yuchi!

“Hand over your life!”

Its hands went straight for Yuchis left and right ears.

Yuchi did not dodge.


The resulting impact shattered the helmet into fragments, which flew everywhere!

“Got him!”

The crocodile-man was pleasantly surprised.

The strength of its left and right arms was sufficient to smash a giant rock!

Its physical strength had been greatly enhanced by its fury, so if its left and right fists hit the opponents head, he would definitely die!


Instead of treating me like this, you should have kneeled in front of me and begged for my protection.

You wanted to chase me away

Feeling excited, it pulled back its fists, wanting to see how Yuchi had been smashed into meat paste.

It was immediately startled upon seeing a pair of extremely disappointed eyes staring at it.

How could this human be so young

“To be honest, I was going to let you go.

After all, Im not particularly interested in crocodile meat.”

“But you cant blame me for getting angry after you did that.”


“I just wanted to fish peacefully in this prison.”

Looking at the other partys dumbfounded appearance, Yuchi also inwardly laughed at himself,When did I become such a talkative person

Despite saying all that, he still felt quite regretful.

The crocodile-man was extremely shocked.

It was pressed to the ground, and no matter how hard it tried to break free, it was all in vain!

It now knew that it had kicked an iron plate today.

It had met a hidden master in the prison! A truly terrifying traditional martial artist!

Furthermore, this person seemed extremely young!

Was he a monstrous genius among the ancient martial artists Its all-out attack had no effect on him at all!

Also, why was this human talking about fishing

Fishing for what

He could not understand.

Could it be that a C grade soul beast like itself could not even be compared to fishing

“Youre insulting me by comparing my existence to something ridiculous like fishing.”

“Im not willing to accept this!”

It activated its ultimate skill after seeing its first attack fail.

All of the scales on its body were strengthened!

The raging blood essence and qi in its body churned fiercely, and its scales quickly turned red, resulting in the formation of a set of crimson armor around its body.

Dust flew and the ground trembled!

Yuchi looked at the helmet that was scattered on the ground and took a step back.

This was good too.

With the help of this guy, he would be able to get a proper grasp of his current strength.

He only hoped that the soul beasts performance would be able to satisfy him a little.

After the crocodile-man used its ultimate skill, its eyes were filled with strong killing intent.

“I want you dead!”

It took a big step forward as the ground shook!

A small pit was formed on the concrete floor, and dense spider web-like cracks could be seen all around the pit.

This seemingly huge crocodile-man was actually quite agile.

It arrived in front of Yuchi in an instant.

Its body spun and its tail swept directly toward Yuchis waist.

The power of this tail swipe could easily break an electric pole, much less the weak and frail human body in front of him!


However, just as it was starting to feel smug, it heard another sigh.

“Thats all”

The crocodile-man was confused.

Why could it clearly sense the exasperation in the other partys tone

It was as if he wanted to find an expert to spar with, only to find out that this expert only looked strong on the outside, but was weak on the inside.


Simply impossible!

Im a C grade soul beast!


Just as the crocodile-man was thinking this, its tail was caught by Yuchi with one hand!

A “boom” sound was heard shortly after!

After he caught it, Yuchi used one foot to press against its body, while his other hand calmly pulled hard in the other direction.

He directly yanked off its tail.

He threw its tail aside, but before the pain could even register on its face, Yuchi had already arrived in front of it.

With a fast and powerful strike, he punched its heart, instantly shattering it.

At the same time, another fist landed on its skull.

A bloody silhouette appeared on the underground wall, which just so happened to be lacking a head.


The moment before its consciousness dissipated, the crocodile-man had understood one thing: “He really is a traditional martial artist.

I should have listened to him and left.”

“I was wrong.”

The reddened scales quickly lost their luster, and the headless, tailless crocodile body fell to the ground.

The crocodile-man was dead.


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