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Ershania stood there in a daze.

Her body trembled slightly as she clutched her chest as she gulped down large breaths of air.

When she looked at the human youth standing on the arena platform now, her gaze was filled with an indescribable fear!

“Who can tell me what just happened”

“Senior, why did I sense the touch of death coming when you glanced at me”

“And why was everyone else annihilated in an instant”

“Dont tell me…”

“Senior, you defeated Long Fengyun and took the position of sect master from him”

Ershania was at a complete loss.

She knew that Yuchi was definitely very powerful, but she had never thought that it would be to this extent!

She had actually spoken to the new sect master of the Black Heaven sect in such a disbelieving tone!

Had it been the previous sect master, Long Fengyun, she would have been driven out of the city as punishment for having disrespected the sect master.

At this moment, Ershanias back was already drenched in sweat.

As for the remaining members of the myriad races, they no longer dared to say a word.

In reality, they had just not bothered to ridicule Yuchi earlier.

Inwardly, they had the same thoughts as the others, but had just not voiced out their dissatisfaction.

However, those thoughts had undergone a complete 180!

Now, they were convinced that Yuchi was way more powerful than Long Fengyun.

All it had taken was a single glance!

A single glance had wiped out tens of thousands of people, including some people from the Heaven rankings!

In fact, at this point, they were weaker than ants before Yuchi.

After all, crushing an ant required one to raise their foot and stomp on the ant!

Ruthless! Heartless!

This human youth was so terrifying that they felt suffocated.

As for the old monk, although he knew that Yuchi had killed Long Fengyun, this was the first time he had seen Yuchi display his strength.

Yuchis sudden release of power was absolutely terrifying, to the point that the old monk wondered if Yuchi was even human at all.

He understood something at this moment…

The young man in front of him did not represent the human race.

In fact, he did not represent any race.

He only represented himself.

In the arena…

From Yuchis actions just now, Prometheus had already come to the conclusion that he was definitely not Yuchis match!

Yuchi had just displayed his mastery and comprehension of the Heavenly Dao, which far surpassed his own.

In other words, if Yuchi really wanted to kill him, then the resistance he could put up was really quite limited.

However, would he choose to back down in such a situation

No, it was impossible!

There was already no room for retreat for the pufferfish race.

They had nothing left to lose! His battle intent gradually surged.

He wanted to fight Yuchi to the death!

Prometheus younger sister, Prosia, was so scared that she stood rooted to the ground!

She could already envision her big brother being killed by this human in front of her!

She also didnt know why such a terrifying human had suddenly appeared.

From her understanding, Long Fengyun was already an invincible existence, but this time, he was not here.

Instead this Yuchi person had suddenly appeared!

“Why does our pufferfish race always have to suffer such a terrible fate”

“Why is it that every time our pufferfish race tries to rise up, theres always someone who appears to stop us”

“Who is this human expert”

Prosia was frustrated to the point of tears.

The battle began!

In an instant, Prometheus roared and hurled the ax in Yuchis direction.

The force behind the ax was immense!

If this ax were to smash into a mountain, it would be the mountain that would be sent flying!

The mountain would be split in twain!

The ax arrived in front of Yuchi in the blink of an eye.

Yuchi stretched out a finger and easily flicked the ax away.

The moment the ax came into contact with his finger, it shattered into fragments.

He was smiling.

Now, even more than before, Prometheus could sense how terrifying Yuchi was!

He aroused his battle intent and then charged toward Yuchi!

He wanted to fight Yuchi in close combat.

As for Yuchi, he was only using one hand to continuously block the other partys attacks while admiring the fighting spirit and diehard manner in which Prometheus fought.

The entire city resounded with the sounds of battle!

Prometheuss fist hit Yuchis palm again and again.

However, it did not feel like he was hitting a living thing.

Rather, Yuchis palm felt like an indestructible shield!

His fists gradually began to bleed from the shock of the impact, to the point where bits of bone could be seen under the cracked skin.

His fingers were also broken from the repeated collisions.

Although the arena was intact, it was covered in Prometheus blood.

Prometheus knew that there was no way he could defeat the man in front of him.

However, even if he could not defeat him, he still wanted to give it his all!

He wanted to have a proper battle with the Yuchi in front of everyone!

Even if he was ridiculed by the other races, even if everyone thought that the pufferfish race was a weak race, he still had to firmly persevere and stay true to his martial path and beliefs! He had to face Yuchi head-on and preserve the dignity of the pufferfish race.

The qi and blood essence in his body were boiling!

Prometheus became more and more terrifying!

Every time he attacked, his strikes felt like they could destroy a city.






The audience did not dare to watch anymore.

Prometheus attacks were so fast that they could not keep up!

However, the person bearing the brunt of these attacks, Yuchi, displayed a calmness that sent shivers down their spines!

No matter what kind of power Prometheus displayed, Yuchis palm blocked it with ease!

Every time an attack was blocked, bloody mist would burst out from the point of contact between the two.

He did not give Prometheus the chance to land a single hit.

Ershania could not see Prometheus attacks, but she could see Yuchis face.

“Hes very happy.”

Ershania rubbed her beautiful eyes.

Yes, that was it.


“Senior is really happy!”

“Theres a crazy smile on his face, and his eyes are filled with affection!”

“He admires Prometheus!”

“Its like when a venerable expert meets a promising junior!”

Of course, the situation at the scene was quite tragic.

The entire arena was filled with Prometheus crazed screams.

Every attack he launched was imbued with his desire to fight Yuchi to the death!

His fists smashed into Yuchis palm again and again, but the result was that his fists kept shattering, and then reforming.

His blood was splattered everywhere!

The blood mist that covered the entire 100-meter wide arena made it look as bloody and brutal as the eighteen levels of hell.

Broken limbs and body parts flew everywhere, and the ground was covered in blood and flesh.

Then, a certain moment…

Prometheus fist hit Yuchis palm with the heaviest force yet, and his entire arm instantly exploded!

His battered body rolled a dozen times on the ground, and then smashed into the wall of a building on the side of the road.

His body smashed through a few more buildings before it finally landed in a pool with a loud splash.

The pool water immediately turned blood-red and sprayed into the air.

As the blood-red rain fell, Prometheus aura finally faded away.

His eyes turned gray, and he no longer moved.

There was only one sentence in his mind.

“Hes a man who Ill never be able to defeat in my lifetime.”


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