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Within the Black Heaven sect.

No one knew what had happened to Long Fengyun and the others, and they were still enthusiastically holding the martial arts exhibition.

The old monk and the red-crowned crane were standing at the side of the arena.

They were looking at the fight in surprise.

The old monk said emotionally, “There are quite a number of experts in this years competition.

I cant believe that this person in front of us possesses such strength.

He actually managed to defeat several enemies in a row.”

Although the old monk said this, the battle was actually quite boring.

The old monk had seen bits and pieces of the battle between Yuchi and the Vast Sea Dragon King from afar.

That was a real battle.

The battle in front of him was like kids playfighting.

However, as a monk, he still had to be relatively reserved.

He could not just mutter at the side and say that these fighters were trash.

The red-crowned crane nodded, and Yuchis figure appeared in its mind.

“I wonder how Senior is doing.

I havent heard from him in quite a long time.

I wonder if he got into a conflict with the sect master.”

The old monk thought about it and said, “It should be fine.

I think Senior is easier to talk to than we thought.

Even if Senior went to see the sect master in person, there should not be too much friction between them.

They might even become friends.”

The red-crowned crane agreed with the old monk, “What youre saying is exactly what Im thinking.

After all, the sect master is still quite terrifying.

Senior really might not be able to defeat the sect master.

In any case, birds of a feather flock together.

Strong people will definitely appreciate each others strength.

Senior should have made a good first impression.

Its unlikely that a conflict will break out.

Perhaps Senior is still drinking and making merry with the sect master in the palace.”

The old monk agreed.

“Lets wait here for a while.

I think Senior will return sooner or later.

Once he does, we can go back together.”

The old monk felt helpless.

He really wanted Yuchi to participate in the martial arts exhibition and put on a good show in front of the myriad races.

The reason for this was easy to understand.

The old monk and Yuchi were both from the human race.

In the old monks eyes, Yuchi was also a member of the human race.

If someone from the human race displayed great strength in the Black Heaven sect, it would allow the entire human race to gain the respect of the other myriad races.

The other members of the human race would benefit from Yuchis achievements in the future too!

However, Yuchi had no intention of fighting like this and making a name for himself, so the old monk could only give up on the idea.

After all, this kind of thing could not be forced.

At this moment, Yuchi returned to the old monks side.

When the old monk saw Yuchi walking over, his gaze suddenly became more relaxed.

As expected, there was no conflict between him and the sect master.

The two of them had been having a good conversation!

“Senior, youre back!” the old monk said.

When Yuchi nodded, he continued, “Senior, have you met the sect master, Long Fengyun”

“Yes,” Yuchi replied.

“In that case, Senior must have had a good conversation with the sect master, right” the old monk asked with a smile.

Then, when Yuchi nodded, the old monk and the red-crowned crane looked at each other.

Their eyes filled with relief.

“Senior, why didnt the sect master come with you” he asked.

“Todays competition is about to end, and according to the rules, the sect master will have to accept challenges in the arena after the first day of the competition!”

The old monk was right.

Although there were three different rankings in this years competition, the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal rankings, everyone would have a chance to challenge Long Fengyun after the first day of the competition had ended.

This was the only chance in the entire tournament to skip the normal constraints of the tournament and directly challenge Long Fengyun.

This was especially true for those competing for the Heaven rankings.

They could choose not to participate in the competition and simply appear on the first day to challenge Long Fengyun.

If they defeated Long Fengyun in public, then they would become the sect master of the Black Heaven sect.

In reality, there were many people on the Heaven rankings who were eyeing Long Fengyuns position of sect master..

After all, after becoming a sect master, not only would one gain great fame, but one would be able to enjoy the support and resources of the entire sect.

This would not only be a good thing for the new sect master, but also that persons entire race.

It was also a hard-won opportunity given that the competition was only held once every hundred years.

“Ah Theres such a thing” Yuchi asked in confusion.

The old monk nodded.

“Oh no.”

Yuchi slapped his forehead.

He had not known about this at all.

If the old monk had told him this from the get-go, he would not have fought those three dragon brothers just now.

He would have waited until todays matter was over before fighting with them.

The current situation was rather awkward.

He had already killed Long Fengyun, as well as his brothers.

As such, there was no way Long Fengyun could accept any challenges.

If Long Fengyun did not accept the challenges, then the other party would definitely humiliate him in all sorts of ways.

If it had been someone else, Yuchi would not have cared, but he had conversed with Long Fengyun for sometime, and had even killed him personally.

He really could not allow anyone to insult Long Fengyun because of him.

Thinking this, he had a headache.

If he had known that things would turn out like this, he would have just continued fishing and not bothered about the Black Heaven sect or this competition.

That way, there would not have been so many troublesome things.


After that, Yuchi explained to the old monk and the red-crowned crane, “Ive already killed him, so Im going to have to go back and grab the sect masters token now.

Ill let them challenge me, then Ill leave the city.”

After he finished, he helplessly left the old monk and the crane behind.

He was going back to the palace to find the sect masters token that he had just thrown away.

He left the crane and the old monk standing where they were.

They looked at each other.

The atmosphere instantly turned deathly silent.

Anxiety filled the air.

Finally, after some time, the old monk asked the crane weakly, “Were my ears deceiving me Did Senior say that he has already killed the sect master”

The red-crowned cranes eyes flickered with fear.

“Yes! yes! You mustve heard him wrong!”

The old monk wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Yes, I think I was hearing things after all.”

The red-crowned crane was speechless.

The old monk was speechless.

Like hell he was wrong!!

The old monk could no longer keep calm.

The red-crowned crane also jumped up.

The two of them looked at each other.

Yuchi would never spout such nonsense.

He was just simply stating a fact!

Then, it was settled.

Yuchi had really killed the sect master!

But why, and how

How was he able to kill the powerful sect master without anyone noticing

This should not have happened.

The old monk had only wanted Yuchi to participate in the martial arts exhibition and help elevate the human races status.

That was all!

Yet now Long Fengyun had been killed

This man was too terrifying.

When did he do this The two of them did not even know what was going on anymore.

Then again, no one in the Black Heaven sect knew a thing either!

‘Senior is not a human at all! Hes not a human at all!

Even the sect master, a member of the mighty dragon race, was no match for him.


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