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In the wilderness, it was still bright out.

In a place where no one could see, Yuchi had already arrived in a remote place together with the three dragon brothers.

He was standing at the highest point of a mountain not far from the three dragon brothers.

This place was extremely far from the Black Heaven sect.

Most importantly, it was a very suitable place for fighting.

“Senior,” Long Fengyun said.

“My original intention was to treat you as my prey, but since youve let the cat out of the bag, our dragon race has been forced to act.

Right now, us three brothers will do our best to kill you.

I hope you wont blame us for bullying you with numbers, because thats the kind of existence our dragon race is.

Were united when facing the outside world, but were filled with old grudges internally.”

Long Fengyun looked at the man in the distance with a rather helpless and emotional expression.

To be honest, this world was really tough.

Too many things happened everywhere everyday, and all sorts of problems and conflicts cropped up.

Under such circumstances, it was expected that these conflicts would get out of hand, which often meant the death of lives.

However, it was a pity.

Yuchi was a very powerful person.

Long Fengyun had truly regarded Yuchi as an opponent and target that would motivate him to continuously increase his strength.

Someday in the future, he would be able to kill Yuchi.

However, Yuchi was not satisfied with fighting him alone, and wanted to pit himself against the entire dragon race.

Long Fengyun had no way of understanding the thoughts of a lunatic.

Perhaps this human had some psychological problems.

Long Fengtian also said one last sentence to Yuchi.

His tone was rather deep, and he was obviously suppressing his restless emotions.

“Although I dont know your name, there are some things that I need to make clear to you before the battle.”

“This has nothing to do with any grudge between us.

This is just a grudge born out of our dragon race lineage.

Theres no right or wrong.”

“This is a matter that was decided by the blood that flows through our bodies, so whether you kill us or we kill you, I hope that all of us can accept this result calmly.

This is how this cruel world works.

There is no right or wrong, only the final result.

If you understand this, then we can start the battle.”

Yuchi gave them a very direct answer, “Good luck, young men.

I hope that you can completely destroy me.”

Long Fengtian gritted his teeth and nodded.

Long Fengshan looked at Yuchi as if he was already a dead man.

Long Fengyun could only shake his head and sigh.

The three of them then rushed toward Yuchi!

In an instant, the ground quaked and the mountains trembled.

Three huge waves of attacks rushed toward Yuchis body!

In response, Yuchi launched his own counterattack.

He instantly arrived in front of Long Fengyun.

The latters eyes were still filled with shock and regret, Yuchi could also see that the latter was somewhat apologetic.

“Ill start with you.”

He grabbed Long Fengyuns head with one hand and gently pressed his palm against Long Fengyuns body.

A huge hole immediately appeared in the latters body.

The entire lower half of his body was sent flying, while the upper half of his body instantly disintegrated, causing a cluster of brilliant bloody fireworks to bloom in the sky, tinged gold by the shattered golden dragon scales that scattered everywhere.

Long Fengyun had been instantly killed.

He did not even get to see Yuchis movements clearly!

Long Fengshan, who was behind him, missed with his palm strike.

Then, Yuchi appeared behind him and grabbed his head.

With a casual tug, his entire head, along with his spine, was pulled out of his body.

Yuchi then threw away his head.

Long Fengshan had also been killed in an instant.

The dragons head rolled down the mountain peak, and blood sprayed everywhere.

Yuchi was intoxicated by this scene.

The last one left was Long Fengtian.

Licking his lips, Yuchi dodged a palm strike!

As Long Fengtians pupils contracted, he instantly appeared in front of Long Fengtian, his palm easily pressing down on Long Fengtians neck.

As he exerted force with his fingers, one finger after another embedded themselves into Long Fengtians neck.

Blood spurted out from the holes his fingers had made.

Long Fengtian instantly sensed his impending death.

The battle had barely started 10 seconds ago, yet both Long Fengshan and Long Fengyun had already been annihilated without being able to touch Yuchi.

Yuchi had even dodged his attack in an incomparably strange manner, and was now clutching his neck!

It was as if he had grabbed a stray dog by the throat!

What terrifying strength!

On the other hand, Yuchis eyes were apologetic.

When his Dao aura had been weaker than the vast Sea Dragon King, he had been able to fight with his all, relying on his unparalleled perseverance to emerge victorious.

However, now that his Dao aura overwhelmed his opponents, he had mistakenly assumed that his opponents would display the same level of perseverance and grit.

This was the result.

“Youve really disappointed me.

You guys cant be compared to your ancestor at all.”

“Your dragon race has already lost its soul.”

“Dragons like these should just die.”

Long Fengtians eyes widened.

His eyes were no longer prideful and arrogant.

There was only guilt and self-loathing after being reprimanded like this.

He was about to say something, but Yuchi no longer wanted to hear anything.

This was how this world was like.

There was no right or wrong.

There were only fights and their results.

With one hand, he yanked his opponents throat out of his neck, along with his internal organs that were overflowing with blood.


In contrast to Long Fengtians fear and shock-filled eyes, Yuchis eyes were filled with calmness and indifference.

An extremely terrifying Dao aura condensed in his palm.

The surrounding world shook!

A huge hole with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers appeared!R

Right in the middle of that hole was Long Fengtian.

He was completely erased from this world!

Long Fengtian.

Long Fengyun.

Long Fengshan.

All dead!

After killing the three dragon brothers, Yuchis heart was rather calm.

He looked at the ground around him, which was still considered flat, and felt that his control over his strength was becoming better and better.

Then he mumbled, “It seems that the battle with the Vast Sea Dragon King made me think too highly of the dragon race.

In reality, or perhaps at present, they arent worth taking note of.”


Yuchi left.

He did not even get to ignite the passionate flames in his body.

It was getting harder and harder for him to enjoy this kind of battle.

Crushing the weak was boring.

The myriad races did not seem to be anything special.

It seemed that if he wanted to fight satisfying battles, he had to fight the ancient Netherworld monsters.

After all, even though the ancient Netherworld monsters had been dead for many years, their will to fight was something that the other races could not compare to.

“Hmm, I should go back to the city and talk to the old monk.”

“Then… Ill get back to fishing.”

As for his bodys attributes, they increased once again.

After killing the three dragons, all of his attributes reached a new level.

His constitution increased from 580,000 to 1.02 million.

His strength increased from 670,000 to 1.2 million.

His speed increased from 500,000 to 1.1 million.

Third-grade Dao aura (1%).

Without even being able to put up the slightest resistance, the three dragons were completely annihilated.


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