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Outside the Black Heaven sect, there were mountains with lush forests that were full of life.

Two dragons that were five meters tall were rushing towards the Black Heaven sect.

These two people were the sect masters of the other two sects, which meant that they were the first-ranked experts on the Heaven rankings of their respective sects.

This showed how powerful the dragon race was.

The golden scales of these two men glistened under the sun, and their eyes were filled with dragons might.

They looked at the surrounding scenery casually.

The scenery looked incomparably magnificent in the eyes of others, but to them, it was like their backyard.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the Black Heaven sect.

After entering the Black Heaven sect, they went straight to the dazzling palace and kicked open the gates.

Their gaze fell on Long Fengyun.

“Hehe, isnt this our dear third brother Long time no see.”

One of the dragon men spoke up.

His name was Long Fengshan, while the other dragon man was Long Fengtian.

From the looks of it, they were Long Fengyuns brothers.

If they had been humans, three brothers seeing each other after some time would display joyous expressions.

However, these two dragon men had just walked up and kicked open the gates to Long Fengyuns palace, which was clearly an act of provocation.

It was as if the three of them were not related at all.

Long Fengshans words were clearly filled with indifference and pride.

However, this was also the personality of most dragon men in the dragon race.

Long Fengshans gaze then fell on Yuchi.

He could not understand why a noble dragon would mix around with a human, especially when this human did not seem to be very powerful.

As for Yuchi, he had no desire to stick around.

It was impossible for him to assume the identity of the sect master.

He had no interest in holding such a position at all.

As for the matters between Long Fengyun and these two, he had no interest in interfering at all.

He shot a glance at Long Fengyun and was about to leave.

“Unless he asks me to stay… ”

Yuchis gaze fell on Long Fengyuns elder brother, Long Fengtian.

As expected, Long Fengtian stood in front of Yuchi and looked at this ordinary-looking human youth.

“I can sense a strong aura within your body.

You should be very powerful, so dont leave yet.

Ill fight you later!”

When the third brother, Long Fengyun, heard this, his expression immediately turned nervous.

He did not want to drag Yuchi into the dragon races affairs, especially under the current circumstances.

Moreover, he did not know why his two brothers had come to this place.

However, just as Long Fengyun was about to speak up to help Yuchi out of this situation, Yuchi raised his head and glanced at his eldest brother, Long Fengtian.

“I was waiting for you to say that.” There was now a brilliant smile on Yuchis face.

After agreeing, he did not leave the palace.

Instead, he leaned against a rather luxurious pillar, calmly observing the three brothers in front of him.

Long Fengyun was shocked.

‘Senior actually agreed

‘Do humans love to fight more than us dragons

Long Fengtian also had a fierce expression on his face.

He nodded slowly and was quite satisfied with Yuchis reply.

“Please wait for a moment.

Ill come and find you after Im done with some matters regarding the race.”

It had been many years since he had met a decently strong human.

The human race only knew how to hide in the deep mountains and forests, behind walls of reinforced concrete.

They thought that they had hidden very well, but in fact, the other races were just too lazy to fight with the human race.

After all, they could not reap any benefits from conquering the human race.

Such small characters were best just left alone in some randomcorner to rot.

Now that a powerful human had appeared, would it not be a waste of a once-in-a-thousand-years chance if he did not fight this human

The second brother, Long Fengshan, felt a little strange.

He could not sense any power from Yuchi.

From his perspective, Yuchi was an ordinary human who was not worth his attention.

However, now that his big brother actually said that the other party was very strong, could it be…

‘Is he stronger than me!

This terrifying thought suddenly appeared in Long Fengshans mind.

However, it only appeared briefly for a short three seconds.

After three seconds, he cast this thought aside.

How could a human that was stronger than him suddenly appear out of nowhere Such a thing would never happen.

As for the justification of why his big brother would suddenly say this, it was probably because the other party was stronger than the average human.

It was like seeing a stronger dog, but a dog would still be a dog.

How could a human be compared to the dragons Therefore, he regarded Yuchi as a relatively larger dog.

What followed was quite interesting.

Yuchi stood on one side of the palace, looking indifferently at the three dragon brothers.

Very quickly, the eldest brother, Long Fengtian, explained the reason behind their visit.

There were two main reasons.

The White Goddess had been killed some years ago.

Although she was a vassal of the dragon race, and even a traitor among them, she was still a member of the dragon race.

Under such circumstances, they had to investigate who had killed the White Goddess.

Over the past few years, the two brothers had investigated many places and finally locked onto the Black Heaven sect as a lead on the Wihte Goddess case.

According to the investigations of this vassal family, after the White Goddess left the family, she created her own race.

She formed an unusually weak soul beast race with some other strange wild beasts, and in the end, had actually mixed with the human race.

How embarrassing was this

The other thing was that the statue of their ancestor had been shattered.

Every sect ruled by the dragon race would worship the statue of the Vast Sea Dragon King.

A few months ago, these ancestral statues had been shattered, causing a huge shock to the entire dragon race.

Right now, all of the sects led by the dragon race were investigating who had fought with their ancestor and killed him.

The two brothers had come to the Black hHeaven sect to inform Long Fengyun to participate in the investigation.

Long Fengyun had no idea what had happened to the White Goddess.

He only knew that the Vast Sea Dragon King had been killed by Yuchi, but he could not tell his two brothers that Yuchi had done this.

Otherwise, Yuchi would be instantly hunted down by the entire dragon race.

There were no two ways around it.

Long Fengyun wanted to avenge his ancestor personally!

He, Long Fengyun, needed to continuously increase his strength; to the point that he would one day tear Yuchis body into pieces.

Yuchi was his prey!

He definitely would not make Yuchi the target of the entire dragon race.

If Yuchi was surrounded and killed by all the dragons!

That would be a great blow to his own pride!

Just as the three brothers were conversing, Yuchi, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up.

A bright and pure smile was on his face.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have something to say.”


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