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Yuchi looked around him.

The small island was still there.

He was quite surprised by this.

The island had actually survived the waves of destruction of his fight with the Vast Sea Dragon King, though it had been destroyed beyond recognition.

It had not been a large island to begin with, and now it had been cut in half.

However, it was fine.

Yuchi had already made plans for the future.

He had only been here in the Vast Sea for about a year, yet he had already fought the Vast Sea Dragon King, so thenumber of powerful existences in the Vast Sea had definitely decreased.

He was prepared to spend another year in the Vast Sea.

After that, depending on how things were going, he would figure things out.

If no more powerful ancient creatures appeared in the Vast Sea, he would leave the Vast Sea and head to a new body of water.

His strength had increased significantly.

After some time, he would be able to break through from the fourth-grade to the third-grade!

He was not too far away from breaking through, and was inching closer and closer to the day he could resurrect Medusa.

When that time came, he would have a hearty battle with her.

The thought of it made him smile a lot.

When he was not fighting, Yuchi was quite an easy-going person.

However, because he had lived alone for so long, he began to ignore the people and things around him.

He gradually became cold and somewhat aloof, but his thought processes and mental functions were still in working order.

After that, as Yuchis body slowly recovered and he gradually returned to his peaceful daily life, the old monk and the others finally returned on the red-crowned cranes.

“In the blink of an eye, four months have passed.”

“Were it not for the flattened mountain range around the Vast Sea, it would be hard to see traces of that battle.”

The sky was clear and cloudless.

However, there was not a single mountain in sight around the Vast Sea.

It was as if someone had sliced off the mountains .This fantastical scene would stun anyone who saw it.

This had far exceeded the old monks imagination and his belief of how much destructive power a cultivator could possess.

The Vast Sea was now surrounded by flat land with only a few small ravines and trenches.

The old monk could not help but sigh.

The small and broken down temple that he had originally lived in had been completely erased by the aftermath of the previous battle.

Still, this was not the main point.

It was just a building, after all.

He could alway build a new one.

There was no lack of stones and trees around the Vast Sea.

The key point was that if Yuchi had not held back at that time, which gave the old monk and the red-crowned cranes time to leave with the young monks, they would have been killed by the shockwaves from the battle without even realizing it.

“Master, what level of strength do you think Senior has reached”

A young monk sat on the back of a red-crowned crane.

He asked the old monk the question with great curiosity.

After he asked this question, the other young monks also looked at the old monk nervously.

The young monks were not very clear about the division of strength.

Before Yuchi arrived, they had thought that the most powerful person in the world was their master.

However, after seeing the strength Yuchi displayed, their hearts were greatly shocked.

What terrifying power he had.

The old monk had never imagined such power, even in his dreams.

Yuchi seemed to be more powerful than the legendary immortals.

The old monk looked at the young monks anticipation, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

“At the very least, Senior should have reached the Dao realm.

Only those who have reached the Dao realm can possess such terrifying power.

Of course, there are also a small number of races who are born with considerable strength, but these are few and between.”

“A person with Dao realm strength can be considered to be among the top of the Black Heaven sects rankings.”

“The weakest ninth-grade Dao realm combatant is ranked 78th on the Heaven rankings!”

The young monks nodded their heads as they listened.

One of them asked in a questioning manner, “So Master, you arent able to properly estimate the other partys strength”

The old monk felt a little hurt by the young monks innocent words.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded.

He looked toward the Vast Sea and said, “I dont know.

Im not the most powerful person in the world.”

In his heart, he helplessly added, “If I could sense that Seniors strength, I would already have reached the Dao realm myself.”

“Its a pity that the Dao realm isnt something that ordinary people can achieve.”

“Even if some races are quite powerful, this is also at the cost of their reproductive numbers.”

“These kids are just newborn calves who arent afraid of tigers, or perhaps they might even think that tigers are the scariest creatures in the world.

I cant properly estimate Seniors strength, and even if I could, you would not be able to understand the full extent of his strength.”

On the other side, a few members of one of the myriad races of the Black Heaven sect happened to pass by the Vast Sea.

The Vast Sea was quite a distance away from the Black Heaven sect, and there were no treasures here.

Thus, no one was willing to come to this place to waste time.

This was also the main reason why the old monk chose to build a temple in this place.

Originally, they came here to copulate in the wild.

After all, theirs was a race that liked to mess around in the wild.

Each member had a sharp horn on their foreheads, and their eyes were not on their faces, but on their necks and chests.

There was a vertical pupil on their necks, and an even larger eyeball on their chests.

The eyeball seemed to have a glass-like structure, much like a fishs eye.

They had a pair of dragonfly-like wings on their backs, and they were not very big, only about 0.5 meters tall, and had sharp teeth.

The black spirit race!

“What happened here How did it get destroyed like this”

“Was it like this in the past”

“No way, the Vast Sea wasnt like this in the past.”

“Lets go and take a look.”

The four members of the black spirit race flapped their dragonfly wings and quickly flew over the sea.

They were now very curious about what had happened in the Vast Sea.

When they spotted Yuchi, who was fishing in the center of the sea, they became even more puzzled.

Why was there a human fishing on a small island in the Vast Sea Was there something wrong with this humans head Why was he fishing in the middle of the sea

Also, what was the point of fishing

In addition, Yuchis clothes were tattered, and he looked very much down and out.

The four of them communicated using their eyes for a moment, and then they all flew toward Yuchi.

They decided to ask Yuchi if he knew what had happened here.

In any case, what threat could a human pose

The black spirit race specialized in restraining the human race!

One minute later.

They had already circled around Yuchi.

The sound of their wings flapping was like a mosquitos.

One of the black spirit clansmen shouted, “Human, let me ask you something.

Do you know what happened in the Vast Sea”


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