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The old monk and the young monks were hiding in the temple.

Many of the temples rooms had already collapsed.

Currently, the old monk was using his power to protect the young monks in the center.

They could not stay in the temple any longer.

Feeling desperate, four red-crowned cranes appeared beside the monks.

The leading red-crowned crane said anxiously, “Hurry up! We have to leave now.

Those two are about to start fighting for real.

If we dont get out, well be turned to ashes from the shockwaves of their battle!”

The old monk was shocked.

He quickly placed the little monks on the cranes backs, there were a total of seven little monks, so including him, four red-crowned cranes were just right.

Yhen, the four red-crowned cranes carried the eight people to safety and far away from the temple.

When the old monk looked back toward the Vast Sea, he saw the huge fire tornado that seemed to connect Heaven and Earth.

It was terrifying!

The sky was black, and so was the ground!

Furthermore, between the sky and the ground were the roaring flames!

The wind howled, waves crashed and thunder rumbled.

He could even see hailstones the size of a human head falling everywhere.

It was complete chaos!

The speed of the four red-crowned cranes kept increasing as they fled in panic.

Despite the distance between them, they could still sense the shockwaves caused by the intense battle behind them.

The shockwaves had already spread so far that they covered half of the Vast Sea.

The trees surrounding the ocean were on the verge of being uprooted from the wind.

The leading red-crowned crane shouted in fear, “I can sense Seniors intentions.

He wants us to leave.

He doesnt want to be disturbed while fighting.

All of the creatures in this area have already received this notice.

You can see that all of the creatures in the surrounding area are running away.”

When the old monk heard that, he immediately looked down!

Just as the red-crowned crane had said, countless animals in the mountains surrounding the Vast Sea were fleeing.

Was the Vast Sea not a big enough battlefield for Senior

Oh my God!

Just how strong were these two

Also, was Senior still suppressing his strength at the moment

If he still was, and the battlefield already looked like this, then…

The old monk did not dare to make careless speculations.

Yuchis figure appeared in his mind, after which he shook off any distracting thoughts.

This was already a battle that surpassed his level of understanding.

“Senior is truly worthy of being called Senior!”

The old monk was now 100% sure that Yuchi had saved them twice.

Given the current situation, it was obvious that the young man fishing on the small island in the middle of the sea was their savior.


“Benefactor, you have to win.”

Although he did not know why the battle happened, he wanted Yuchi to win.

The old monk sat on the back of a red-crowned crane with a little monk in his arms.

He closed his eyes and placed his palms together in front of him.

He started to recite scriptures and pray for Yuchi.

“Damn it!”

“Why arent you intimidated by my dragon might Why arent you kneeling in front of me Why are you still able to stand up and fight me”

At the center of the Vast Sea, the situation could no longer be described with words.

It could only be described as a fight between immortals!

A 500-kilometer-wide hole had appeared at the center of the sea.

All of the seawater inside had been evaporated by the fire tornado!

The fire tornado sent the seawater from the edge of the hole spewing into the sky, which then mixed together with the falling rain.

It was like a scene from the end of the world.

Yuchis body was covered in blood as he held the trident!

His body had been torn to tatters by the Dragon Kings Dao aura, but his own Dao aura was constantly resisting and assimilating it!

At this moment, he was like a porcelain doll covered in cracks.

The surface of his skin was full of mottled cracks, as if it would break into pieces with a light touch.

Even so, he was still standing tall in an imposing manner!

He brandished the trident in his hand repeatedly.

Every violent swing and stab would force the Dragon King back more than ten kilometers.

every second, there were hundreds to thousands of attacks!

He felt as if the rumbling thunder and crashing waves were cheering for him.

This was his arena!


The Vast Sea Dragon King, who was enveloped by the power of lightning, slammed his palm onto the trident.

The trident broke in half with a violent snap!

Yuchi did not miss a beat.

He grabbed both ends of the broken trident and stabbed them into the Dragon Kings body!

The Dragon Kings scales shattered.

He was actually injured!

Even though his own Dao aura was suppressed by the Dragon Kings, his blood was boiling.

“Damn it!”

The Dragon King roared!

Yuchi ignored the Dragon Kings palm attacks and forcefully pushed the Dragon King into the fire tornado that blotted out the sky.

The Dragon King glanced at the fire tornado behind him.

The diameter of the fire tornado was already more than 200 kilometers!

The roaring fire tornado seemed like it would grind and burn anything that entered it to ashes.

“I cant let him push me into the fire tornado.

Otherwise, Ill be in trouble!”

The Vast Sea Dragon King had no idea how the Yuchi could still display such terrifying power under such suppression!

Yuchis fighting spirit was so strong that it terrified him, especially when Yuchi opened his mouth during the battle…

This human was actually laughing out loud!

On his face was a wide smile that unmistakably came from the depths of his heart!

This scene was disconcerting and terrifying at the same time.

It was as if he was not tied down by anything in this world, even his own life.

He was solely immersed in the joy of fighting with his life on the line.

“The difference between you and me is akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth!”

“Youre just an ordinary person.

How dare you display such an impudent expression to a member of the dragon race!”

The Dragon King reached out to grab something from the back of his neck.

After a strong tug, he pulled out the spine of his dragon armor.

With a violent shake of his wrist, it was like a divine whip that could strike the gods!

The spine whip suddenly flew toward Yuchis head!

The sky changed color, and the sea split open.

Yuchis head was instantly smashed open, and fragments of gray matter were scattered everywhere!

However, moments later, his head returned to its original state, except that his chin was not fully formed.

His long tongue hung down from his blooded face, and his smile looked even more ferocious and crazy.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha!”

He was laughing!

The laughter sounded weird because he was missing a chin.

Two of his four skills were currently ineffective.

Still, he was fine.

His determination to kill the other party was still unshaken.

As long as he was still alive, he would fight.

This was his creed!

“Hehe! Come on! Dragon King! Lets die together!”

His hands slammed into the Dragon Kings body.

The bones in his body were shattered, and the world seemed to be in the throes of destruction around him.

However, he was not afraid of the hailstones, nor was he afraid of the lightning, dragons might, or anything else happening around him.

By hook or by crook, he was going to push the Dragon King into the fire tornado!

They would dance amidst the flames of hell together!

“Youre a madman!”

The Dragon Kings expression gradually changed.

His dragons might continued to bombard Yuchis body.

Yuchis body kept shattering and reforming itself.

Every time it reformed, there would be a little less of it than before.

With each attack, his body became more and more broken.

However, it did not matter.

“I want to be cremated with you!”


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