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Chapter 4: Strange Incident

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The man looked at the document for a while before someone came to report. “President Wei, the person has already been brought over.” Behind the person, there were two tall and strong men carrying a fat man with a big belly. That fatty had his head lowered and was trembling, making the fat all over his body tremble as well. The few strands of long hair that were in the center of the fattys head hung down on his face, revealing a hairline that almost reached the back of his head. He looked very comical and awkward.

One of the brawny men said, “President Wei, this d*mn fatty actually wanted to escape and was caught by us.”

The brawny man loosened his grip, and the fatty fell down on the ground. Because the fall was a little fierce, he even had a nosebleed.

But it was also because of this fall that the fatty regained some consciousness. He raised his head and saw the man sitting on the sofa. As he crawled towards the man, he begged for mercy, “President Wei! President Wei, I was wrong! I was really wrong! I shouldnt have betrayed you. Im willing to tell you everything I know as long as you spare my wretched life!”

The fatty wanted to go forward and hug the mans thigh, but before he could touch him, the muscular man behind him quickly rushed forward and kicked him to the ground. After that, he used his foot to ruthlessly step on the fattys head, saying, “Be more obedient.”

Right at this moment, his cell phone rang. The man called President Wei took out his cell phone to answer it, only to hear a loud male voice, “Wei Ting, Im about to open for business. Havent you finished dealing with that If you still dont come, I wont wait for you anymore!”

Wei Ting calmly said, “Ive finished my business. Ill come over immediately.” After saying that, he did not care about the other partys reaction and directly hung up the phone.

He completely ignored the fattys pleas for mercy. He did not even bother to give him a glance. After closing the documents, he stood up and left. The fatty knew that once Wei Ting left, he would truly be finished.

Immediately, he cried out, “President Wei! Theres value in keeping me! Dont you want to know whos behind me”

Wei Ting finally reacted. He stopped and looked coldly at the fatty, saying, “Value”

The fattys heart immediately lit up with hope. He said, “Right, right! As long as you spare my life, I can also provide you with absolutely useful information!”

“Just a bunch of trash.” Wei Ting threw the information in his hands onto the fattys head.

Fatty struggled to get up to read the information. When he saw the familiar photos and personal information, he revealed a look of despair and no longer begged for mercy.

In the document, there was a detailed record of the mastermind behind him. There were even higher-ups that even he did not know about.

The brawny man walked to Wei Tings side and asked quietly, “Boss, how should we deal with him”

“Make him disappear.”


Wei Ting lightly said these words, and then walked out without turning back. There was no point in keeping such a traitor.

When Wei Ting arrived at the clubhouse, Fu Ze was chatting with a few beauties. They seemed to be chatting very happily.

When they saw Wei Ting, the few beauties gazes stuck to him. Fu Ze helplessly shrugged. With a bit of a wicked smile, he said, “Alright, now that this person is here, the main character today is no longer me. How is it, Wei Ting These beauties have been wanting to see you for a long time.”

Wei Ting was not interested in those beauties. His gaze swept past the beauties and landed on Fu Ze. He said coldly, “Boring.”

Others might not have noticed, but Fu Ze was with Wei Ting every day. He suddenly realized that Wei Tings condition was not right and shooed those beauties away. Only then did he ask worriedly, “Whats wrong Is it difficult to deal with traitors”

Wei Ting replied indifferently, “Nothing much. I just encountered some strange things last night and didnt rest well.”

Fu Zes curiosity was piqued. “What strange things”

Wei Ting thought for a moment. Last night, Su Meng came to his room to seduce him. In the end, just as he took off his clothes, a sinister cold air suddenly came from the room.

At that time, he had not turned on the air conditioner. After Su Meng woke up, the cold air also disappeared. What followed was a sudden change in Su Mengs attitude. That feeling was very strange, and he did not know how to describe it. Of course, he also knew no one would believe such a thing even if he said it.

When he was about to sleep, his arm had been hurting for a long time, but there was no injury. At the same time, he felt as if he was soaking in cold water. He only felt better in the wee hours of the morning.

“Im fine.” It was still the same indifferent tone.

Since he did not speak, Fu Ze could not press on, so he changed the topic and said, “Anyway, all the traitors that can be dealt with have been dealt with. Theres nothing much now. Lets do something interesting.”

Wei Ting glanced at Fu Ze and asked casually, “Whats interesting”


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