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Chapter 3: Change Yourself

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Su Meng smiled, but her smile did not reach her eyes.

She looked at Wei Xue with gratitude, just like she did in her previous life, and said, “My dearest sister-in-law is the best to me. Ill do as you say.”

Wei Xue pretended to be concerned and said to Su Meng, “Oh right, Sister-in-law, Brother Fu Zes clubhouse is opening today. He invited a lot of celebrities and beautiful women over. My brother has also been invited to attend the opening ceremony. Do you want to go and take a look”

“Opening ceremony” Su Meng looked at Wei Xue with a confused look.

“Thats right. Dont forget that many female celebrities like my brother since hes charming, rich, and handsome. They are all pursuing him. In particular, a few of them have gone overboard and keep pestering him. Sister-in-law, now is the time to publicize your status. Otherwise, what if those women get their way Wont it be too late” When it came to female celebrities pestering Wei Ting... Wei Xue kept gnashing her teeth. Although she was pretending to be calm, it didnt escape Su Mengs eyes.

Su Meng had already seen through Wei Xues little thoughts. She knew what Wei Xue meant when she said this because on this day in her previous life, Wei Xue had instigated her like this.

At that time, she and Wei Ting were already husband and wife, and her love for Wei Ting had been deep. When she heard Wei Xue say that there were other women pestering Wei Ting, she didnt think too much and directly followed Wei Xue to Fu Zes clubhouse. Of course… it was also because she had always believed Wei Xues words. After all, at that time, she had never doubted Wei Xues relationship with Wei Ting. Who would have thought that there would be an affair between siblings

Sure enough, there were many female celebrities in the clubhouse. All of them wore thick makeup and were extremely flirtatious. As for her, she didnt even put on any foundation. She had a plain face and looked like a maid. She had caused a big scene there and had quarreled with those women who were pestering Wei Ting. As the female celebrities were highly regarded, in the end, it caused quite a big stir. For the first time in history, Wei Ting threw a tantrum at her.

At that time, she didnt realize the seriousness of the problem. She felt that it was normal to claim her man in front of other women. After all, she had already gotten a marriage certificate with Wei Ting. They were husband and wife, and the female celebrities who were pestering him… To put it bluntly, they wanted to be a third party.

Now that she thought about it, from then on, her relationship with Wei Ting had already begun to step into an irreparable abyss.

Heh, in her previous life, she was really stupid to the end. She actually made herself so miserable for a man. Su Meng mocked herself in her heart. This time, she would also go to the clubhouse, but not to snatch Wei Ting.

She remembered that in her previous life, when she went to the clubhouse, Fu Ze was gambling with a bunch of rich kids. Heh heh, the opportunity to earn money had come.

“Then, Xiao Xue, can you accompany me” Su Meng asked Wei Xue with a pitiful look. After she finished speaking, she did not wait for Wei Xues reply before she pulled her into the house.

Wei Xue was puzzled. “Hey, Sister-in-law, arent we going to the clubhouse Why are you pulling me into the house Arent you afraid that those women will pester my brother again if youre late”

Su Meng smiled at her, pretending to be strong. Pointing at her pajamas, she said, “Im afraid, but I have to change my clothes at least. Otherwise, if I go there, Ill lose face for Wei Ting. Also, last night, Wei Ting was too cold to me. He didnt even look at me. Its better to clean myself up. I wont dare ask him to like me, but I hope he cares about me. As long as he can look at me a few more times, thats good enough.”

Su Meng knew what Wei Xue liked to hear. As long as Wei Ting had a problem with her, then Wei Xue would definitely be satisfied.

Sure enough, after Wei Xue heard it, she nodded and agreed. As she expected, Wei Xue didnt have to worry about this woman at all. She said in a relaxed manner, “Then, Sister-in-law, after you change your clothes, well hurry over. Dont forget to go bare-faced. My brother doesnt like makeup.”

In order to maintain herstupid image in Wei Xues heart, Su Meng did not put on any makeup. After changing her clothes, she simply pulled up her hair. She looked at herself in the mirror and was rather satisfied.

Wei Xue was right about one thing. Su Meng was very fair, and her facial features were exquisite. Even if she did not put on any makeup, as long as she rested well and changed into exquisite clothes, she would still be very eye-catching.

When she saw Su Meng looking like a different person after changing her clothes, Wei Xue gritted her teeth, but she could not show it.

In the VIP suite of a five-star hotel of the Fu family.

A tall and slender man with a cold and handsome face was sitting on the leather sofa in the guest room. The man was flipping through a document in his hand.

The man was sitting casually, but his eyes were as cold as ice.


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