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Chapter 25: Im Just A Wild Girl

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“Accumulate some virtue for yourself!” Although Fu Ze was very angry, he couldnt refute it. He couldnt force Su Meng to help, right Wei Ting was still here.

Unexpectedly, Su Meng glanced at him and said, “How can a person without virtue have the face to ask others to accumulate virtue Look at your overindulgent look. Be careful that one day, youll go straight to h*ll.”

“How can a little girl like you talk like that!”

“Because Im a wild girl.”

Fu Ze: “...”

He suddenly understood why Wei Ting was suddenly helpless towards Su Meng. This Su Meng was not afraid that her words would infuriate people to death. But he actually could not win against her! There was no other way. He could only grit his teeth and obediently pay the money.

Seeing another sum of money, Su Meng smiled in satisfaction. “Ill go back and make some preparations. Ill help you settle it in three days.”

Su Meng followed Wei Ting back to the villa. Just as she was about to go back to prepare, Wei Ting stopped her. “When did you learn to read feng shui”

“Im a feng shui master to begin with, but I stopped it ever since I got together with you.” Su Mengs voice was indifferent.

“Why” Wei Ting asked.

Su Meng shrugged and smiled self-deprecatingly. “You rich people are so noble. Im afraid that youll look down on me. Who can accept that the wife of a CEO is a feng shui master”

“I wont look down on you.” Wei Ting frowned and continued, “But you have to control the degree well. Can you really solve Fu Zes problem”

He did not know about feng shui, but he knew that the waters were very deep. Feng shui masters were not that easy to deal with. Otherwise, there would not only be a few of them. It was said that a problem like feng shui would suffer a backlash if it was not handled well. So many experienced feng shui masters would be cautious every time. However, Su Meng was only a little girl. No matter how powerful she was, could she be better than those masters

Moreover, Fu Zes background was not as simple as it seemed. If she did not handle it well and suffered a backlash, then she would offend the Fu family.

However, Su Meng did not understand what he meant. She only thought that Wei Ting looked down on her.

She immediately sneered and looked at Wei Ting with a heavy gaze as she asked, “Im really curious now. What kind of person am I in your heart You look down on me everywhere and dont even look at me properly.”

Wei Ting frowned. “Im not looking down on you.”

“Okay, I dont want to talk about this anymore. Im able to live on my own now, so Ill move out as soon as possible. You should also sign the agreement as soon as possible so that we wont hate each other.” After saying that, she went upstairs.

Wei Ting looked at Su Mengs determined back. His face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping water. He only wanted to care about Su Meng, but he did not expect to receive such a big reaction. What was Su Meng holding a grudge for


Su Meng locked herself in her room for three whole days. Other than going downstairs for a meal, she basically did not leave her room. Even when Wei Xue came to look for her, she was not in the mood to pay attention to her.

After two days of busywork, she finally prepared all the things she needed. Then, she relaxed and rested for another day. Finally, on the fourth morning, she was ready to set off.

When she left, she did not tell Wei Ting and secretly left with a big bag on her back.

Todays weather was exceptionally good. The sky was blue and there were no clouds. Without Wei Ting by her side, Su Meng felt that the air was fresher and the plants by the roadside were greener. When she saw the green color, she suddenly thought of what Wei Xue had told her before she died that she liked Wei Ting. Su Meng shook her head and sighed. What a waste of such a beautiful green color.

When she arrived at the clubhouse, she was dumbfounded. At the entrance of the clubhouse, there were several people dressed in Taoist robes. One look and one could tell that they were traditional feng shui masters. They all stood respectfully beside Fu Ze. The few of them even discussed a few things from time to time.

Feng shui masters were forbidden to let unfamiliar feng shui masters see them when they were working because this would involve many problems. However, Su Meng did not know about this rule. She just hated being surrounded by so many peers. She felt that it was strange.

Forget it. She did not need to communicate with these people anyway. It was not a big deal. If there were people watching, then there would be people watching.

Fu Ze also saw Su Meng. He came up with a provocative smile. He asked Su Meng in an unquestionable tone, “I hired them all with money. They dont collect much money, so I asked them to help you pay attention to the problems that you missed. You wont mind, right”

Su Meng shrugged. “It doesnt matter. Anyway, Im paid to do things. Im happy to have someone to help me.” But in her heart, she was scolding Fu Ze. This guy was deliberately provoking her, taking revenge on her for taking more money, but doing things with money... She didnt have a strong reason to retort.


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