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Chapter 24: Su Meng Demonstrated Her Strength

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Fu Zes clubhouse had a serious problem. It was difficult to crack, but it wasnt too complicated. Su Meng had discovered it on the opening day, but in order to ensure that it was safe, she had to re-examine it.

When she arrived, Su Meng stood at the entrance of the clubhouse and looked inside. Above the clubhouse, there was a thick, gloomy aura. This was caused by someone setting up a formation to harm people.

She went in and looked around. She didnt miss a single corner. She even looked at the roof carefully. It was the same as on the opening day.

Su Meng found a piece of paper and drew out the most important points in her memory. Then, she marked a key point and looked again. This time, she wasnt looking at the clubhouse. Instead, she was looking at the things placed in various locations.

Finally, after her investigation, she locked onto something. It was an exquisitely-crafted carving. It was the size of a palm, and it was carved into a beautiful woman with her arms wide open. It was probably from a long time ago. The surface was slightly yellowish.

But even so, it didnt affect her life-like appearance. She looked very precious and was placed on the locker behind the front desk.

Fu Ze, who had been observing Su Meng, asked anxiously, “Did you find anything”

Su Meng pointed at the sculpture and said, “The culprit is that one. Where did you get that one”

Fu Ze frowned and said, “That feng shui master gave it to me the day before I opened my business. Because there were many people who gave me something that day, I didnt notice it at all. Besides, theres nothing wrong with just this carving work.”

Su Meng explained, “The house where the dead stay is called the yin house. The house where the living stay is called the yang house. The yang house. Do you know what that carving work is made of Its carved from the bones of the dead. It belongs to extreme yin. When the feng shui master was looking after your feng shui, he used a yin-yang conversion spell to turn the yang house into a yin house. Yin houses are meant for the dead, but there are so many living people in the clubhouse. Of course, accidents will happen.”

“Speaking of which, to be dealt with by a feng shui master with such a ruthless spell, you are one of those few people. Who did you offend Could it be that you have many brothers and sisters who want to kill you in order to fight for the family property”

“...Su Meng, I didnt realize that your thoughts were so dark. I have a very good relationship with my brothers and sisters. What if I throw that thing away” After Fu Ze heard Su Mengs words, he was about to go up and get the bone carving, but Su Meng stopped him.

“If you are not afraid of death, you can go and get it. However, I can see that there is a haze on your face. Not only are you not afraid of death, but you can also easily be killed by other people who are not afraid of death.”

Fu Ze was anxious. “Cant you speak properly”

Su Meng was helpless. “I am just telling the truth.”

Then, she continued, “This thing is placed here. It is obvious that it does not need to be moved very often. As long as no one touches it, then there will only be an accident in the club, and no one will be bothered too much. If Im not wrong, does something always happen to the people who move this thing in your clubhouse”

Although Fu Ze was angered to death by Su Mengs words, he looked at her with a hint of admiration in his eyes. He nodded and said, “Yes, there was a waiter who was injured by the chandelier. That chandelier was clearly reinforced.”

Su Meng understood. “Thats right. Its a piece of cake to resolve this matter.”

Fu Zes eyes lit up. He urged Su Meng, “Then hurry up and start!”

Unexpectedly, Su Meng rolled her eyes at him and stretched out her hand at him. “You pay the money and Ill solve it. Otherwise, theres no deal.”

“As expected of a wild girl. She only cares about money. She deserves to be despised by Wei Ting,” Fu Ze complained softly. Then, he went to his office to take out the contract and handed it to Su Meng. He then turned on his phone to pay Su Meng 108,000 yuan.

Unexpectedly, Su Meng was still not satisfied. She added, “Its not enough. You cant expect me to solve it for you empty-handed, right My materials fee is 20,000 yuan.”

Dont think that she didnt hear Fu Zes curse in a low voice. Originally, she wanted to help him for free. It was because she saw that Fu Ze didnt like her and wanted to cheat the bet. Then, why did she have to be that good personSince you think that my character is bad, then I should satisfy your wish.

Fu Ze “...!”

“Youre not a feng shui master. Youre clearly a black-hearted master! Why did you raise the price at the last minute! Dont forget, the profits of this club will affect you as well!” Fu Ze shouted.

Su Meng shrugged indifferently. “It doesnt matter to me anyway. If you dont want to settle it, I wont force you. Anyway, this is the price if you want me to do something.”


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