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Chapter 19: Su Meng Was Scolded

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Without waiting for Butler Zhous response, she continued, “The other way is for you to find a Qilin Mountain and Sea Town and hang it up. The qilin is the divine beast of the residence. It can attract wealth and turn away evil. After hanging for a long time, it will have spirituality and will protect its owner. As long as it is resolved, you and your wife will have no problems.”

Su Meng said it in a clear and reasonable manner. She did not seem to be spouting nonsense at all. Although Butler Zhou had doubts in his heart, he still believed more than half of it. He thanked her repeatedly. “Thank you, Young Madam. Youve helped me so much. I dont know how to thank you.” Regardless of whether it was useful or not, he was already extremely grateful for her kindness towards him.

Su Meng waved her hand. Her tone carried a hint of excitement as she sighed. “It feels great to return to my old profession. In the future, if any of your friends encounter such a problem, feel free to look for me. There will be a discount. Ill give you this first order for free as long as you can push more clients to me in the future.”

After settling everything, Su Meng rejected Butler Zhous suggestion to send her back to the Wei family so that Butler Zhou could deal with his familys problems first.

After Su Meng left, Butler Zhou made a copy of the surveillance footage of Su Mengs time in his home and sent it to Wei Ting. Although Su Meng did not care about the formalities, as a butler, he would take the initiative to avoid suspicion.

After leaving Butler Zhous residential area, Su Meng walked straight into a sales center.

She needed to prepare for her departure from the Wei family. She and Wei Ting were going to divorce at any time. Besides earning money, she also needed a place to stay. She did not need a good house. She just needed to live comfortably. Then, she would exchange them when she earned more money in the future.

Although she didnt have any money now, she still wanted to see how the houses were. Today, she wore a simple white casual suit with a high ponytail. She looked like a student.

She walked to a sales lady in a uniform and said politely, “Hello, can you introduce me to the houses in this neighborhood” Su Meng pointed to the smallest one among several sales tables. She glanced down at the work badge on the sales ladys chest. Her name was Zhao Chengcheng.

Zhao Chengcheng glanced at her from top to bottom. Seeing that Su Meng didnt have anything valuable on her, she said sarcastically, “Miss, did you choose the wrong one That building is in the Villa District. Each house is worth more than 100 million yuan. Can you afford it”

At this moment, a man walked into the sales office. When Zhao Chengcheng saw the man, she immediately adjusted her expression and greeted him with a sweet smile. She completely ignored Su Mengs existence.

Su Meng turned her head and saw the man in a designer suit, wearing a watch worth hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Although she couldnt afford it now, in order to blend into Wei Tings circle, she had learned the etiquette of nobility and the world-class luxury goods. In addition, Wei Ting had never mistreated her in life. The things that his assistant had bought for her were all designer goods. Therefore, she could also distinguish these things.

But one shouldnt judge a book by its cover. It was too one-sided to judge whether a person was rich or not just based on their appearance. She had never done this, but this sales lady named Zhao Chengcheng seemed to be very keen on this.

At this time, there were quite a lot of people in the sales office. Except for the sales lady just now, every staff member had their own customers. The receptionist saw Su Meng standing there alone, she walked over and said to her gently, “Miss, please follow me to have a cup of tea. In a little while, there will be staff members who will introduce you to the real estate here.”

The little girl was very cute. She had a babyface, a smile, and two dimples. Her big eyes blinked adorably. Su Meng observed her for a while and found that the little girl in front of her had a very good appearance. She was a person who would have great fortune. Even if she met with difficulties, she would also have the help of a noble.

It was really comfortable to talk to such a person. Su Meng smiled and said gently, “No, you dont have to care about me. Ill just take a look.”

The little girl nodded politely at Su Meng. “Then you can help yourself first. If you need anything, you can call me at any time.”

After the little girl left, Su Meng had been quietly watching Zhao Chengcheng, who was trying to curry favor with the rich man. Although the man was indeed rich, he had a wretched look on his face. When he was listening to Zhao Chengchengs introduction, he would touch her hand and then put his arm around her shoulder.


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