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Chapter 18: Crying to Attract a Funeral

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Fu Ze, who was on the other end of the phone, sensed that something was wrong with Wei Ting. He quickly asked, “Whats wrong What happened”

Wei Ting gritted his teeth and said word by word, “Su Meng! She actually gave me living expenses.”

In the folder were a bank card and a piece of paper with the wordsliving expenses written on it. Su Meng said that from yesterday onwards, she would give Wei Ting living expenses for every day she stayed in the Wei family. Before she got the divorce agreement, she would… She would keep doing this.

“Huh” Fu Ze didnt understand at the moment.

Wei Ting told Fu Ze that Su Meng wanted to divorce him. After hearing this, Fu Ze immediately laughed out loud. He said excitedly, “Isnt this a good thing! Su Meng is like a madwoman. Shes like a crazy and wild village girl. She always pestered you regardless of the occasion and caused you a lot of embarrassment. I asked you to get a divorce a long time ago, but you didnt listen. Now, you understand!”

“Pay attention to your words. Shes the Young Madam of the Wei family.” Hearing Fu Zes mockery of Su Meng, he felt a little uncomfortable. No matter what, Su Meng was still his wife. How could she be slandered like this by others

Fu Ze quickly changed his words. “Okay, okay, okay, your wife. But since she wants to get a divorce, then quickly agree to it. Get rid of this girl. In the future, there will be a lot of good girls for you to choose from. Any one of them will be better than her...”

Fu Ze was only halfway through his words when Wei Ting did not want to continue listening. He hung up the phone without any courtesy.

At this moment, a low pressure was lingering around his body. He sneered.Su Meng, you actually did it.

However, Su Meng, who had already arrived at Butler Zhous residential area, did not know about Wei Tings anger at this moment. If she knew, she would definitely be overjoyed.

She followed Butler Zhou along the way and observed. She found that this residential area had a wide field of vision and the situation was very good, especially the distribution of the buildings inside. It could be seen that the developer had a very good conscience. He had definitely asked for the help of a feng shui master.

Since there was no problem with the residential area, then the problem would appear at his home.

When she arrived at Butler Zhous home, Su Meng immediately discovered the problem.

“Young Madam, there is nothing good to entertain you at home. Please bear with it.” Butler Zhou had never thought that Su Meng could really help him solve the problem. In his heart, he wanted to properly entertain the Young Madam. Then, when she was done playing, they would leave.

He took out the best tea in the house and wanted to brew a cup for Su Meng.

However, Su Meng stopped him and said indifferently, “You dont have to be so polite. Can I go to every room to take a look”

“Of course, you can take a look.” Butler Zhou bowed slightly to Su Meng and stood two steps away from her. His attitude toward her was still the same as when he was in the Wei family, full of respect.

Su Meng was able to come because she knew Butler Zhous character, so she was not worried at all. She went to every room to check.

She checked every room carefully, including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and every other room. Other than the problem she found when she entered the room, everything else was normal. Even if the feng shui was not good, it was definitely not a big problem.

After everything was confirmed, Su Meng said to Butler Zhou, “The feng shui problem in your house is very serious, but it is very easy to solve.”

Butler Zhou was puzzled. He did not understand what Su Meng meant and asked tentatively, “Then what is Young Madams suggestion”

Su Meng pointed at the wall in front of her and said, “I didnt expect you to open two doors on one wall. Do you know what this is called in feng shui This is calledcrying to attract a funeral. There is an ancient saying that two tigers cannot coexist on one mountain, and there is a wall in feng shui that cannot allow two doors. Look at these two doors. Do they look like crying mouths This is considered a big threat in feng shui. At the very least, the money will be gone, and at the very worst, the person will be in danger.”

Su Meng glanced at Butler Zhou and continued, “Do you usually do good deeds, but your wife doesnt do it Does she try to stop you from doing good deeds”

“Yes, I often anonymously donate daily necessities to the orphanage. My wife thinks that Im spending money indiscriminately and has stopped me before.” Butler Zhou could not help but admire Su Meng. He did not expect Young Madam to be able to see through this. He had never told anyone else about this matter. Only he and his wife knew about it, but his wife had never been to the Wei family, let alone seen the Young Madam.

Su Meng continued, “So, you were only affected a little bit, but your wife was affected severely. There are two ways to solve this. The first is to leave a door that conforms to feng shui and seal the other door.”

She observed the positions of the two doors and chose the one with better feng shui. She pointed and said, “If you want to, seal that door and leave this door.”


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