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Chapter 10: Lets Get a Divorce

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From the very beginning, Wei Tings gaze had always been on Su Meng. Su Meng had changed too much. In the past, she would always act like a little bird in front of him. Although she spoke a lot, she was always soft and gentle. Only when a member of the opposite s*x appeared around him would she explode and continue to circle around him.

But now, in the face of Su Mengs cold words and the inexplicable hatred that appeared from time to time, an strange feeling arose in his heart. He wanted to catch it, but it disappeared without a trace. This kind of feeling was very uncomfortable.

“Ill transfer the money to you tomorrow. If its not enough, you can ask for more at any time.” Wei Ting said it in a way that would not allow her to refuse.

“No, no.” Su Meng quickly refused. She rolled her eyes, then continued, “However, I do have something I want from you. Lets get a divorce. Ill leave with nothing. I dont want a single cent from you. However, before we part, well give each other a gift as a memento. Dont worry, Ill give you something of equal value. I wont take advantage of you.”

Of course, as for what she would do with his gift, she couldnt guarantee it.

Su Meng knew that since she had decided to take revenge, she had to plan everything step by step. She couldnt leave any loopholes.

Wei Ting narrowed his eyes and stared at Su Meng with his deep eyes. What did he just hear


This woman had started to do some suspicious things again. He asked coldly, “The reason”

“Of course, I dont love you. Anyway, you dont love me. Whats the point of continuing a marriage without love Why dont you look after your lovely sister, and Ill look for a free and easy life In the future, we will not interfere with each other,” Su Meng said generously.

“Are you serious” Wei Ting stared into Su Mengs eyes, trying to find the hint of a joke in her eyes. After all, it was Su Meng who pestered him to marry her back then. She pestered him every day and even fought with the opposite s*x for him.

In order to be together with him, Su Meng was willing to go to any lengths. However, she, who was so crazy back then, had now proposed a divorce.

Could it be that she is playing hard to get

However, Su Mengs eyes were filled with sincerity, and did not seem like she was joking.

Su Meng replied, “A divorce isnt childs play. Who would joke about something like this Of course, Im serious. Why, could it be that you cant bear to part with me Have you fallen in love with me”

Wei Ting: “...”

As expected, Su Meng was completely different from before. Her temper and attitude had taken a 180-degree turn. Wei Ting didnt quite understand and thought that Su Meng was just throwing a tantrum.

Avoiding the topic of divorce, Wei Ting said, “I can give you a gift. What do you want” It turned out that she wanted to buy something but didnt have the money. That was why she wanted to sell the way to play dice to those people.

Just as Su Meng had said, divorce was not a childs game, especially for a wealthy family like the Wei family. It was not as simple as going to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a stamp. Getting a divorce required a series of cumbersome procedures. Although she was alone except for her teacher, who no one knew about, she still had to follow the procedures.

She was not in a hurry at this moment. She said, “Will you accompany me to go shopping”

Based on her understanding of Wei Ting in the past, he would definitely not accompany her. In the best-case scenario, he would send a subordinate to help her. However, she could not do it this time. She had to drag him along with her. She had already confirmed the location of the things she wanted to buy on the internet. It was not far from here and it would only take about ten minutes to walk.


She was already prepared to be rejected by him. When she was about to leave on her own, she heard an affirmative reply.

“Youre not waiting for Wei Xue Arent you going to take a look at her injuries” Su Meng asked.

“Its fine. Li Bing will follow her.”

Su Meng smiled, but there was a trace of coldness in her smile.Wei Xue, dont you like Wei Ting Arent you arrogant because of your status as the adopted daughter of the Wei family Then Ill destroy what you want in your heart and make it impossible for you to get what you want forever. Teacher, Im sorry. I know Im wrong and will go to look for you.

On the other side, in a private hospital ward.

The doctor was setting back Wei Xues arm. She had already woken up and was screaming in pain. Without Wei Ting by her side, the driver went to handle the formalities for her. Since her acquaintances were not around, she did not care about her image at all.

As she shouted, she scolded the doctor, “Be gentle! It hurts so much! Do you still want this job or not Believe it or not, I can remove you from this position so that you can never be a doctor in the future!”

The doctor knew that the young miss of the Wei family in front of him was someone he could not afford to offend. He was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. He was not doing any better than Wei Xue.

He would only touch Wei Xue lightly and she would interrupt him. However, he could not stand being scolded like this. He hardened his heart and grabbed Wei Xues arm with force. Her bones returned to their original position, and Wei Xue finally quieted down.


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