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A failed hero Training: Status

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---- STATUS ----

Name - Xavier Varis

Level - F


Strength - F

Agility - F

Endurance - F

Perception - F-

Mana - F


Memory ( Ex)

Omniscience (Ex)

Omnipotence (Ex)


Hand to hand combat (Beginner level)


" What the hell are stats "

" It would be no wonder if i die even if i fall "

My stats are better than the average but with these stats i am the lowest ranker in food chain.

I have to atleast Level up to [Level - F ] rank . If i want to survive where I am planning to go.

But (Ex) rank talents. (Ex) rank talents hold immeasurable power. Since these talents doesn have rank bar . They provide power according to host level. Also talents are what you acquire by book , or Gods gift .

While skills are acquired by skill books or repetitive doing of the tasks . A person can have numerous skills but only few talents.

Lets read the description.


✓[Memory - Ex](Passive)

You can always remember even the minute details.

✓[Omniscience - Ex] (Passive)

Rational and cold mental state . Increase the processing power and thinking speed of brain. Prevent the host from mental curses and confusion.

✓[Omnipotence - Ex]

Heightens the body attributes. Increase body senses. Absolute power. (???)


Looking at these talents they are like tailored fit for me . I guess the candidates before me have talents to their type .

Looks like (Omniscience) keeps my mental state good so thats why I didn fall into confusion when I woke up. I guess it also let me adapt easily.

But why is there no weapon talent. How i am going to survive if i can fight.


"Lets go train first . If i want to survive right now I don need absolute attack or defence Power . What i need is power which can help me survive."

Xavier then walked in to the training room . He started doing some physical exercise like stretching, running and sword slashing.

"Shit..... Only 2 hr. And i am already tired"

"Lets do mana training."

He brought an (F ) rank mana crystal from his space ring. And started doing mana regulations.

"Atleast, i know the best mana training methods from one of Victors life. This method was known as the Elvens Mana Breathing. This is the method that is followed by the Royalty of Elves Kingdom"

"But this mana training methods is so hard . Even Victor wasn able to do it Fully. He also separated this method in 2 parts . Bringing its effect into half ."

" This method release and absorb the mana while at the same time the mana should circulate in body at the same time ."

"Lets start . If i want to survive i cannot only always depend on my family."

After starting the mana training .With combined effect of (Memory) and (Omniscience) he is confident to do it flawlessly. But after starting the training only 30 sec in blood started trickling from the side of mouth .

" Shit ..... My body is not able to follow the method a precisely. This body need to upgrade . Also my brain is overloaded due to all the information. "

" I am not some damn prodigy. I need to follow the rules of i want to live . "

"Calm the breathing and only do the 1 step of mana release and absorb. Lets just focus on increasing the mana quantity right now "

After the 1/4th of mana crystal was absorbed he stopped the training.

Now lets try this 3rd talent.


Suddenly the bodys senses were heightened. The reaction speed and all the attributes were increased. He started doing sword moves again which were taught to him by his father and sister.

"This it looks like the power of body is increased to next level "

"But i cannot develop on this . Currently the time limit is only 1 min . "

" If i go beyond 1 min the body couldn bear the consequences. Also it should be used like the hidden card . "

For the next whole month the same cycle of training was repeated again and again .


After one month finally the result is not that much i expected but it is better than before.


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