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A failed hero New planet : Gliese Family 2

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At the table , food was piping hot . Ana was always a great cook . Since both of her parents were heroes , they had to leave home frequently during their childhood. Even though they were rich and have numerous servants .

Ana knew her brother wasn very confident among people . Then she developed the hobby of cooking for herself and her brother .

Xavier - " That looks mouthwatering "

Looking at her brother , a bright smile was formed on her face . She always love when her brother can freely talk . She wished him to have a lot of friends .

But Xavier only have 2 to 3 friends. He rarely went out of his house in childhood.

Ana - " Someone is quite a chatterbox today "

" So , lets eat first "

Xavier - " Ok sis , thank you for the food "


Ana :" So your academy is Starting in 2 weeks " "So hows your preparation"

Xavier: " Well they

e coming along well "

Ana :" Hey don push yourself too hard . "

Xavier:" Sis , you were a top graduate from the Eros Academy. How was it "

Ana :" All I can say is its filled with monstrous talent . No amount of power can interfere in there . "

" So just don worry too much . You have me , to rely on always"

Seeing that face full of worry Xavier felt emotional.

But still the academy he is going to is the No.1 academy of human Kingdom .

It was named as Eros Academy to respect the hero which saved humanity from extinction. The academy was named after the last name of Richard Eros in honour of his service to humanity.

Will think about this later food comes first .

" Sis , are you going somewhere after this "

" Yeah , i have to run a dungeon. "

" Sis , Be careful"

" Hey , you know what i am called right "

"Yes , sis "

" Just focus on training. You are behind other students. "

Yep the house he is currently staying in Zenith City is his family property. Afterall coming from a background like this it was to be expected . I guess this is also a gift.


"Ok bye kiddo , take care "

" Ok bye sis , please be safe "

After Ana left the house he again went to organise the stuff . There was just too much information. So he divided it into these parts .

1 . The question he have no answer

2 . Current world history. He need to know the family in power and all the people to match them the various timeline story of Victor Swan.

3 . His next course of action .

Focusing on the 2 part after the humanity was saved and even pushed back some demons they started recovering from there trauma.

But still after the calamity whole of Planet Gliese topography changed . New mountains, island , Rivers and lakes were formed .

It felt like the rebirth of planet . With this the human mapped the new world .

{ More will be discussed about map of Kingdom later }

And currently Xavier is in Zenith City in his own home . The Eros Academy was also in this city . But still this is the 2nd largest city in human Kingdom with an area of 500km sq .

Xavier: " So now I have to bring this body in shape for my next action that is to get the ability of "God of Craft which is most important priority for me now "

" I have to get this ability under my hand otherwise without it my whole plan will be jeopardize"

Although he has seen 199 of the Victors life. But there is one thing that is bugging him .

" Victor Swans life never followed the same path. And in each of his life except the core skills he displayed different abilities. Also about half of the times he didn even cross the half story mark "

" It feels like Im moving in dark . I have a roadmap but I don know which way is right "

"But one thing is is still not clear ."


"Ok , training first . The academy will start in 2 months i have to get ready until then "

" Lets check my abilities first "



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