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A failed hero New planet: Gliese, Humanity's heros

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And they were "...

✓Richard Eros - the very 1st [Rank - SSS ] hunter . He was a magic swordsmen

✓Luna Clark - the very 1st [Rank - SS ] hunter. She was the strongest mage ever in human history.

✓Joe Silver - Strongest tanker or say the shield which protected these heroes of humanity,

[Rank - SS ]

✓Martin Lewis - Assassin or scout of the team or say twin dagger hero . He is like a biggest contributor as information gathering was the scouts work

[Rank - SS ]

✓Sia Edward - Bow queen . She has to protect the heros back .

✓ Robert Walker - Speargod . He was the strongest spear bearer. He always covered the heroes weak points.

[Rank - SS ]

✓ Allen Adams - Healer or many people say priest . Without her the whole mission was impossible

[Rank - SS ]

These were the heroes that protected Humanity and saved it from the very extinction.

" haaaaaaaaa"

" All this information is hearting my head . Im thirsty too ."

Turning around when Xavier looked into the glass door .

No words were coming out of his mouth . As at this moment he couldn process what he was seeing .

Looking into the mirror .

" Black hair , Black eyes , with beautiful face , around 510" height , a body that has little toned muscle features "

This face and body wait thats...... Whooo is this .

" Wait .... Is it my body "

Lifting his hand , legs and performing some weird movements to make sure that he is not imagining those things .

[ Talent in effect- Omniscience]

Xavier quickly returned to his rational side . This talent will always keeps his mind cool and rational so that he doesn fell into confusion.

Still it took him some time to accept the facts.

At this time the door opened :

And a beautiful lady with black hairs and obsidian black eyes entered into the house with face full of smiles.

Seeing her face unnaturally Xavier felt like calm see .

She was this bodys older sister - " Ana Varis"

She was a very beautiful lady . Her looks are compaired to the celebrities.

"Ana has very beautiful silky black hairs with obsidian black eyes looking like a pure black glass . She is 511" in a height . Wearing a beautiful gold Black dress elevates her beauty to next level . "

For a moment Xavier was stunned to see a Beauty like her with such a beautiful face .

But he felt she was worried about something.

[Omniscience in effect ]

Calming down he gathered himself.

Xavier " Sister,how are you here "

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