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A failed hero The gifts

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After the disappearance of Xavier a servant of God of time and space - Kala materialise from the clouds.

The servant asked " My Liege , this is the 200 cycle and 134 Candidate. The candidates who came before him were all talents . Some became powerful swordsmen , spearmasters , bow god or the mage king. "

" But this my Liege, is there anything special about that boy "

Kala smiled at his servant question. Then he thought about the qualities of boy. Even though the candidate looks like nothing special he isn someone who can be called simple .

The candidates before him were masters of their field . There very presence that the world required. Some were a very good alchemic masters while others were weapons masters who would help the saviour of this world Victor chosen by him (???).

Kala " This boy Xavier, its not wrong to say he is nothing special , or that he is average"

" He doesn have anything which entice anyone . No, he is nothing special"

" But there is only one thing about him that makes him very special. He knows how to get something done"

" The candidates before him were all superior in every class we compare to him "

" But this guy Xavier, he is ruthless. Knowing of his past life you can see he never one cares for something that will not benefit him . "

" He has lived that life where his family members his brother and sister on the surface looks too doting on him , but he knew how to distinguish the love thats forced or natural"

" We will know now whether this person is as good as he schemes "

" Don disappoint me , Xavier"

After getting an answer in poetic form , the servant thought to himself that his Liege will never do something so useless.

Nor he can ask his king to explain it to him . No one was allowed to research the candidates previous life . The one who will be found doing as such was punishable by death .

But this time the rules were little changed . The candidates who came before him were all given superior gifts for sword, spears , bows and magic. But this time , the gifts didn look anything special.

How will he survive this war . After pondering over such things the servant vanished.

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